Practical Tips to Make your Article Stand Out

Almost everyone is trying blogging these days. When there are ten articles already on the internet on the same topic that you are writing about, how do you make your article stand out?

How can you give the readers sufficient reasons to click on and read your article instead of the others? Read on to get the best practical Article Writing Tips and know-how to write a refreshingly thorough article on any topic.

Article Writing Tips to make Article Stand Out

There are Article Writing Tips to make your article Stand Out.

#1. Use Title Space.

You should use the title to show the reader what they can benefit from reading your article. Use words like “unique, useful, practical”. You can also try adding a subtitle that draws people’s attention. Since the internet has a lot of articles on the same topic, you can use a quirky subtitle to show how you are different from the rest.

#2. The Importance of the Introduction.

The basic Article Writing Tips that, you should have the killing intro that shows the users that you understand their problem and you have what it takes to get them out of the problem. You need a powerful introduction that will hook them and convince them that’s it is in their best interest to read the entire article.

If you have even written an essay for college you know that there are three important parts of the introduction, the statement to hook the reader, a transition statement, and a thesis statement. You can even use a story for the first part, then transition into a summary (in one sentence) of how you think you will help the reader in your article.

#3. Pay attention to Paragraphs.

There is a lot to say about paragraphs. Firstly, you need to use subheadings in order to break up your long post into easily digested parts. Try to make these subheadings apt and attractive, but not self-apparent. The titles should be such that they motivate the readers to read each section.

Make good use of HTML (H1, H2, and H3) to format your article like a pro. This definitely helps if you indeed to print out your article in hard copy. People will just not be able to resist reading it. It changes from article to article, of course, but numbering the subheadings looks very professional.

These paragraphs should not be too long. I believe that every paragraph should be three to four sentences, and definitely not more than six. The key here to keep the reader’s attention without being curt, simply professional and concise.  

#4. Quotes from the Experts.

We have Collected some Article Writing Tips and Quotes from the experts impress anyone, especially the layman reader. They are inspiring, even if they are not directly related to your article. My personal advice to embed tweets from the experts.

After you have chosen your topic, research the best names in the field and link to their tweets in the article. It gives your article a reputation beyond question. You can use Twitter Search to find these tweets. However, you can also put a more general quote in all of your articles.

#5. Importance of Audio-visual content.

This Article Writing Tips is About Image and Videos in your Article.We are living in the audio-visual world and it simply makes sense to use images (of people, statistics, screenshots, etc) as well as videos and GIFs. The reader doesn’t want to read a long, boring tomb.

That’s why he’s reading your article. Let the paragraphs hold the tough content, but make sure the images and videos tell the story as well. The average reader will probably be more attentive to them.

You can easily use Free for Screenshots, free GIF recorder, free for video recording. Personally, I use Camtasia 2018.

#6. Infographics to the Rescue.

What about the statistics and other details you simply cannot show in images? You are literally rescued by infographics, that are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge.

They present information quickly and clearly and get things across to the reader without forcing them to read long sentences full of complicated statistics and unattractive details.

Expert speak?  They can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends.

Make infographics with, 5+ templates free.

#7. Bullet points.

Advantages of using bullet points are :

    • Easier to understand
    • Easier to read
    • Easier to write
    • Easier to find important information
  • Play well with SEO

#8. Plugin Logic.

Make use of free plugins with some easy programming. They are many advantages of using plug-ins, they help you measure your analytics, get more readers and subscribers.

You can make sure that readers are having a positive experience as well as link them to your social media pages. So use the ShortCode Ultimate plugin to make the content appealing to users.

#9. When to use a table of content.

A table of content is a must have if your article exceeds a thousand words, however, it is not necessary for a smaller article that is well structured. You can place the table of content at the beginning of the article, helping the reader to pinpoint the location of the particular paragraphs he wants to read without having to skim through the entire article.

Include hyperlinks in the table so that merely clicking on the item takes the reader to the intended part.

#10. The relevance of Imaging.

As we all know, we use images to illustrate our article and get our point across to readers. However, if we use images arbitrarily, they might do more harm than good. Featured images should be chosen according to the culture of the country.

Instead of blindly choosing the overused image of the young American model, we can try to pick other images while writing for a diverse readership. The stock image of the USA girl will give an unpleasant impression to Indian people.

Use to pick the pictures without any credit issue.

#11. Ask for feedback.

Asking for the reader’s feedback is a must. At the end of the article, make sure that you ask the user to comment on what they liked about the article. You can also end by summarizing for them a “take-away” from the article that lists the important benefits to the reader. Alternatively, pertinent to the article, you can also include a checklist.

In conclusion, It is important to think outside the box while choosing your topic, as well as while working on it. Make sure you choose the right article structure for the topic that you have chosen. Try and cover each and every angle to the article by brainstorming on it.

Speak from the heart and don’t use hard language unnecessarily. Make sure that your post is an easy read, by evaluating its readability very carefully. And then, you are set to publish!

Use this Article Writing Tips to make your article outstanding.

I hope my tips about writing an excellent and distinct article helped you. What did you think about them? What are your go-to tips for writing? Please do tell us by commenting below!

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