How to do Keyword Research for ASO

App stores are filled with millions of mobile apps. It is not easy to get the response you want unless you start working on app store optimization. App store optimization is the process of optimizing your mobile app’s various app stores. By doing this, developers can improve the visibility of their mobile apps. App store algorithms are more complex. It keeps changing more often to improve the quality of results. When this happens, old tricks and tips might not work always. Even at this point, keyword optimization is a well-known app store optimization strategy.

Keyword optimization starts with building a list of keywords that are relevant to your mobile app. You might have to do research and work hard to find the best keywords suitable for your mobile app. It includes reading your competitor’s app description, brainstorming, analyzing auto pop-ups, using the best keyword research tools, and so on. There are more ways to find out the best keywords that can help to rank your mobile app on various app stores. Here are some best ways for you to do keyword research effectively. Before that, you need to understand the concept of app store optimization. 

What is App store optimization?

App store optimization is the process of adding relevant keywords to your mobile app for better app store performance. The higher the rank of your mobile app, the better will its performance. Better visibility always helps to improve the conversion of your mobile app. 

Prepare for your Keyword Research for ASO

You can create a framework for your research. Take an excel sheet and choose keywords from below six categories.

Problem keywords are words users prefer to search for an app. You can narrow down the user’s problem and find keywords that can solve a problem.

User keywords are words that target user characteristics, profession, demographics, and roles they take while using the app. 

Action keywords are words that a user wants to do with your app.

Feature keywords are specific keywords that describe the essential function of your mobile app. 

Location keywords are words that specifically use to indicate a location. It can be the name of a country or city to improve the geo-targeting of your mobile app. 

List out main features and benefits: You can find relevant keywords that can be added to your app by listing out its features and benefits. It will indicate what is unique about the app. Also, it will answer the question of the customers. These are the most relevant keywords about your app and works well in the app store. 

Explore your competitor app

You can use competitor apps to find out the keywords that perform better. Your competitors are also using ASO to find out the most relevant keywords that work better. It will help you to find the keywords that perform well in the app store. There are keyword research tools that will show you competitor keywords report where you will see how keywords are ranked, their current rank, and keyword insights for a better understanding.

Find out relevant keywords.

You need to spend some time to find out the most relevant keywords that can help to improve the visibility of your mobile app. Keywords research is known as one of the essential aspects of app store optimization. You need to do your research, analyze the words and place it right on your app description for better results. 67% of app downloads happen through the organic search result. You can find your keywords ideas from

Competitor app description to find out the keywords they used

Read reviews and feedback from real users to find out the specific words they use to describe your app

Discuss this with your friends and families to know what words they use to search for an app in your niche

Use the keyword suggestion feature of any tools you are aware of. Even Google shows frequently used search term to describe your app

Use any popular keyword research tools like Keyword planner to find out the popular keywords in your niche. It will show you the popularity of each word and how frequently people use these terms while searching on Google. 

Find keywords not used by your competitors

Another way to perform well on the app store is to choose keywords that are not used by your competitors. For that,  you need to do your research on any keyword research tool to find out the relevant keywords that are not targeted by your competitors. Those keywords have more potential to improve the reach of your content. It will give more opportunities for your app to reach the top of search results. 

Explore suggestions

You will keyword suggestions while using any keyword research tool. It will give you a better idea about the type of keyword that can perform better on the app store. Find out the detailed report and see how the suggested keyword is performing. This idea will help you to use best performing keywords in your mobile app for better output.

Know which words work and which not

While adding keywords, you will be able to understand what works and what not through performance analysis. It shows how your app ranks for a keyword. Whether it improves your app performance or declines the performance. Based on this performance, you can find out the keywords that perform well and incorporate them within your optimization strategy. It is a continuous process that lets you find the best way to do app store optimization by adding suitable keywords to your content. 


Keyword optimization is a time-consuming process. You might not be able to ensure better visibility while releasing the app directly to the app store for the first time. It depends on so many factors. But when you do it at the right time, it can bring you interesting opportunities for your mobile app. Take your time and do your research to find suitable keywords for your mobile app to improve its visibility and number of downloads. Have patience in what you do, and you will reach that point someday.

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