8 Common ASO Mistakes To Avoid in Store Optimisation

Are you an App Developer or Mobile App Marketer looking to learn the ASO mistakes that most beginners make in their App Store Optimization process so that you can avoid it and have a proper ASO which can drive organic downloads for your App?  Then read ahead and know those 8 common ASO mistakes which you can avoid now

ASO can bring a lot of organic downloads to your mobile app. Most app developers spend their time implementing app store optimization strategies like adding keywords, changing apps name, and so on. Every scenario will not work for all apps out there. You need to find out the best one that can change the number of app downloads.

Many beginners think that ASO is a one-time process. But that is not true. It is a continuous process that needs a lot of time to work. Here are some common ASO mistakes beginners make while optimizing their App for the Play stores & App Stores.

Most Common ASO Mistakes To Avoid By Beginners:

Beginners will have a lot of misconceptions about app store optimization. They will make some mistakes initially before realizing the result it can cause. There are a few common ASO mistakes that beginners make while working on their ASO like

  1. Ignoring keywords in name and subtitle

Most developers want to put a simple name that relates to their mobile app. Apple and Google give more weightage to relevant keywords on the app name and subtitle. You need to add strategic keywords to your mobile app so that the search engine algorithm can show it whenever someone searches with that keyword. The subtitle is also the best place where you can do many related keywords that can be useful to improve your mobile app ranking. 

  1. Keyword list optimization

Apple and Google play store gives you space to add keywords. It will help the search engine algorithm to can find out the most relevant keywords to your mobile app. Apple store allows you to add 100 keywords. But nobody adds those many keywords to their mobile app. Apple algorithm gives importance to keywords, and you are missing a chance to increase the number of downloads by ignoring it.

  1. Not evaluating keywords

Not all keywords that you see will not work while doing app store optimization. Some keywords might work, and some won’t. So spend some time analyzing the best keywords that can be used in your app store to perform better. Use keywords that can give search traffic with the highest popularity and keywords that give you more downloads. 

  1. Using irrelevant words

There is no point in including irrelevant keywords in your content. Many developers try to fit in the random keywords that are not related to the niche. It is not easy to find the most relevant keywords based on the popularity count. The best way to do this is to use popular and relevant keywords to attract more people to your app. Many useless relevant keywords cannot increase the number of downloads in any way. Keyword optimization may take some time. But if you can invest your time in it. It is something that can give you a better result than you expect.

  1. One-time ASO

Some developers do one-time ASO and complain it is not working. It is not the right way to do app store optimization. You might have to implement different strategies and see it affects your number of downloads. The simple way to iterate keyword optimization is to plan three different keyword sets and try each of the lists in a four-week interval. Use the keywords that worked and remove the others for better performance.

  1. Not paying attention to competitors

An app cannot be successful without tracking its competitor strategies. Watch how your competitors are using keywords and implementing ASO. Following your competitors will give you a better idea of what works and whatnot for them. Competitor analysis might give you a better idea about the best strategies that you can implement for your app store optimization. You can observe the following factors while observing your competitors like

  • Keywords they use and how they are ranked for these words.
  • How they change their metadata and how those changes affect their ranking
  • Find the related keywords to get new keyword ideas
  1. Following the same strategy for apple store and Google play store

Some developers use the same strategy for Google and Apple stores. That is not a good idea. Both these app stores use different algorithms to rank their apps. Apple gives you a space to add keywords, whereas Google play store lets you add a description about the app. They use different factors to determine the app ranking. So do your keyword research for ASO by keeping a specific app store in your mind. Copying keywords from one store to another won’t give you the result you want. 

  1. Not tracking after implementing strategies

It is essential to track the performance of each strategy after implementing it. App store optimization is a never-ending task. As the marketing trends change, developers need to make new changes to their marketing strategies to make their app perform better on the app store. Just following the current trend can’t help your app to attract as many organic downloads as you want. Add keywords and track the performance and how it ranks your app in the app store to get a better idea of the success of your marketing strategies.


Top apps get hundreds of downloads every day. They are using effective ASO strategies for better performance of their app. App stores are changing their algorithm frequently for better efficiency. Developers need to track the latest marketing trends and algorithm changes while implementing app store marketing strategies. Try to avoid the above mistakes if you are new to ASO.

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