How to Plan a Brand Strategy with ASO

App store optimization is not an easy task. And also building your App as a Brand would be more difficult than among the millions of App in the Stores. So building a Brand strategy with ASO would help you to gain organic installs and also create a brand positioning among your target users.

Over the last year, marketers found out that customers used brand keywords for 70% of their searches. But they are now looking for the remaining 30% low to mid competitive keywords with the potential to bring their app to the top of search results.

ASO managers design suitable brand marketing strategies to make their apps perform well in the market. Apps need to have a brand to have better visibility on the app store. Once your app has a brand, you can improve its visibility by implementing ASO techniques. Three reasons that show why you cannot ignore app store optimization for a solid brand strategy.

Here are the three reasons that show you the importance of ASO

To improve your app’s visibility, the main factors you need to consider are app title, description, and subtitle. You have to choose the right keyword and reviews to improve your app store optimization.

Increase your app visibility

If your app is not ranking, then what could be the reason behind that? You can focus on various marketing channels like emails, websites, social media channels, and paid media. 70% of people use mobile app searches to find out a suitable mobile app for them. If your app doesn’t pop up, that means you haven’t done your ASO properly. Having a solid app store optimization strategy can help you with that.

Increases organic installs

Just ranking your mobile app can’t save it from the competition that happens in the app market. Having a good app marketing strategy can help you to improve your matrix. You have to write compelling titles, descriptions and include attractive screenshots within your mobile app page. Adding videos to your page also helps you to increase the organic downloads and installs of your app.

Increases your app’s revenue and installs

Make your app distraction-free and provide a better user experience to get the result you want. The best way to do that is to include interactive ads without disrupting user attention. Use rewards advertisement where users can get a reward for watching an app advertisement. Another option is to provide interactive ads which encourage users to upgrade to premium options. 

How can ASO help you to build your brand strategy?

If your mobile app is in a pre-launching stage or live, there are a few things to follow to build its visibility. These ASO stages can help to improve the visibility of your mobile app and increase the downloads thereby. 

Start optimizing your essential areas, such as the title, icon, and subtitle of your mobile app. These features are the primary areas where you can include keywords. App icons and titles are the first few features you can see if someone tries to open your mobile app. Optimizing these three areas is essential to attract organic as well as inorganic traffic towards your app. It is also known as one of the most impactful App store optimization strategies from the conversion optimization point of view. 

A brand logo design should be done with extra care. It is something that gives the first impression about the brand. App icons are one of the most rigid assets to a brand, and many established companies use their brand logo as their app icon. 

Do your keyword research at an early stage of app launch. ASO is something that keeps going on as long as the app is there in the app store. Developers need to optimize their marketing strategy with changing marketing trends. Find out the best organic keywords that can provide a better opportunity for your brand to grow.

Use subtitle within 30 characters and make it optimized for keywords. Use high-volume keywords in your app description or subtitle to achieve consistency across the touchpoints. You can ensure brand consistency and strength by using relevancy keywords in your app description. 


App store optimization is one of the most beneficial steps you can take to improve your branding. If a brand creates a name for itself, there will be a demand to download its mobile app. But it is not easy to create a brand name for a new mobile app. It takes a lot of time and analysis to make your app visible online. Continuous monitoring and constant updates can bring a better name to your mobile app.

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