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Welcome to Online Business Bay


Welcome to Online Business Bay. This is the first post I’m going to post on this Blog to tell little about myself like Who am I, why I started this Blog named Online Business Bay and also the contents, topics which I would be covering in this Blog

Online Business Bay

Okay. Let’s Begin.

I’m Shathyan and I have around 7 years of experience in Digital Marketing working and growing various startups from Zero to millions.

I started my blogging career in 2010, where I use to write content on other blogs and earn money through Adsense Revenue Share system. I usually write on Gadgets and I still remember the articles I wrote on Aakash Tablets that time gained me huge traffic and instantly turned to be by month revenue of 100$-200$ per month from Adsense.

Also during that time, other blogs use to have lots of contests for content writing and they give away prices like mobile Phones and other gadgets. So in of those, I participated and also won my first Smartphone – Samsung Galaxy S2.

With that, I got the motivation to start my blog instead of writing on others’ blogs. So with the leaning from previous websites where I use to write content, I got to know that writing about gadgets can help to generate good revenue and thus I planned to start a niche website that was related to mobile phones.

My first blog was about Samsung Galaxy S3 which was the next upcoming smartphone in the market by Samsung. I wrote lots of articles related to that smartphone before launch and also had the live streaming of the launch event on my blog which generated me the highest visitors of 53,000 and generated $350+ on a Single Day. it went very well for a couple of months and then dropped by the Google Algorithm and I lost everything.

So again next year, I started working on the Samsung Galaxy S4 hoping for the same results. But it was not the same and it was a total failure.

But in all these years, I learned a lot in Blogging, right from how to do keyword research, write content that can help users, SEO, social media marketing, etc which were are the basic foundation that is needed for Digital Marketing which helped me to groom well in this Digital Marketing space.

With that knowledge, I got an opportunity to start a startup. Yes, I was in my MBA and my college picked up 4 students to join together and work on a startup idea that was invested by him. That Startup was into Ecommerce to sell furniture online which we started just 6 months later when UrbanLadder was launched. Then we started and did few orders but we also faced issues and got it shut down like most startups get into the closing phase.

Then, I started working with startups in Digital Marketing in various Internet & eCommerce industries starting from SEO, Lead Generation, Performance Marketing and Growth Marketing. And also in all the startups which I have been part of are, as initial and core employee where I have witnessed and been part of their growth from Zero to One which is the very existing journey and lots of learnings.

To mention a few, I worked Viva Video which is the world’s best video editing app with 800+ Million users. and Vidstatus which I grew from Zero users to 50+ Million users in India in 1.5 years. This growth of the Vidstatus App was mainly due to Paid performance marketing which we focused on where we used to manage a daily budget of $10,000+ per day on Facebook and Google for User Acquisitions.

So far the journey has been with lots of learnings and experiences and that’s why I’m looking forward to sharing those in this Online Business Bay Blog which can help you to learn from my mistakes and also learn my strategies on How to Start an Online Business and Do Digital Marketing for the Online Business to Make Money Online.

Now, you should have got an idea of who I’m and what you can get from this blog. So if you are interested to start reading our articles and also subscribe to our blog so that you don’t miss any of it as I will reach your email inbox with all articles for you to read.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for updates!