Writer.com Review – Best Tool for Content Writers

Are you looking for a tool that can create quality content? Writer.com is one such tool that can help you to generate error-free content. When it comes to content marketing, a writing tool is essential to avoid mistakes in your content. Grammarly is a popular tool in this genre. But new proofreading tools are getting introduced in the market every day. Writer.com is a proofreading tool that got introduced in the market recently. Writer.com is a tool that helps writers to craft the best novels, screenplay, script, and any other content. It comes with similar features as Grammarly. There are fewer resources to know about this tool. This article will help you to learn more about this tool.

What is the use of Writer.com Tool?

Writer.com is a tool that can handle any content and craft your writing in a better way. Errors in your content can spoil the whole meaning of creating it. It can also damage your brand and ruin the customer experience.

This tool can handle contents such as

  • Website content
  • Email and social media messages
  • Branding projects
  • Product copy
  • Resources and educational contents
  • Customer support portals
  • Contract and legal documents
  • Training materials
  • Employee comms and benefit packages

You can use Writer tool for free by signing up for a free trial of 14 days. After that, you need to pay monthly charges to make use of all the features offered by this tool. The best features of this tool include spell checking, grammar and punctuation, writing style, and punctuation.

 Features of Writer Tool

Writer.com is a tool that can help you to polish your content from any errors. This tool is a freemium tool that offers every feature as the popular proofreading tool Grammarly. You can check the accuracy of your content using Writer tool without much difficulty. Writer.com is developed with artificial intelligence that can help you to know the accuracy of your content. It offers the following features such as

A style guide-: When you are using Writer, the tool offers you an option to choose the type of style you want for the content. They are using software that allows you to create the kind of content you want by picking the right options. Once you set the style guide, the tool will check for content accuracy. The style guide has the following options-:

Inline feedback-: Give correction to your content. You can copy and paste the content you want to check and will show you an alternative suggestion automatically in case required.

Spelling and Grammar check-:Writer has software that checks the spelling and grammar accuracy of your content. The tool will give you the right recommendations that can add to your content for better accuracy.

Plagiarism Checker-: When you copy and paste content to this tool, it has a good plagiarism checker. The originality of your content is an essential factor when it comes to your website ranking. It will match your content with thousands of similar content online and see whether yours is original or not.

Writing style options-: Writer offers you an option to choose the writing style. Mainly it has the Chicago Manual of Style, AP stylebook, or any other style you want.

Language usage-: Writer will also help you to make your content simple and easily understandable. If your sentence is complicated and long that can affect the engagement of the audience. You can avoid this by checking your content using this tool. Writer.com will help you to remove any duplicate words or long sentences that may impact your content accuracy.

Autosave features-: When you copy and paste your content on this tool, it will save your information in its database. Writer will protect sensitive user information, and you can check back your content any time you want.

Custom pages-: You can create custom pages to give any additional writing guidelines for your content.

Automatic sharing-: You can create a list of words related to your company and share it with other writers directly from the tool.

Security-: Writer tool protects your sensitive data safely using the latest technology. It uses 256-bit TLS and AES256 encryption to protect the data transfer. In addition to this, Writer uses a three-tier firewall such as district data layer, service layer, and presentation layer.

Writing style-: You will also get the readability score for your content based on your sentence length. By setting up the writing style, you will be able to create content that is suitable for your niche.

Who can use This Tool?

Writer.com is a proofreading tool that can use for content quality evaluation. You can use this tool for-:

  • Work
  • Personal writing
  • School and so on

Writer.com is useful for native and non-native English speakers. Writer can be used by

  • Bloggers
  • Content marketers
  • Authors
  • Copywriters
  • Academics
  • Business professionals
  • Students

How does Writer.com Tool Work?

You can create Writer.com for the first 14 days. First, you need to create an account on Writer. When you create an account using your email address, it will take you to the main page. Before the tool dashboard, you need to set up the type of use and documents you are going to evaluate using Writer.

Writer.com Review - Best Tool for Content Writers

Before starting to use this tool, you can set up the style guide for your content. When you click on the Style guide icon, this window will appear. Here you can set up the style guide you want for your content like

Writing style-: It will let you know the issues based on the writing style you set up before you start to check your content for any issues with writers.

Writer.com Review - Best Tool for Content Writers

Clarity-: Using this tab is used to set the clarity of your content. Here you can choose the type of your target audience, and the tool will evaluate your content based on that.

Writer.com Review - Best Tool for Content Writers

Brand Voice-: If you are using your content for business purposes, then you can choose a formal voice and informal voice to make your content friendly and conversational.

Writer.com Review - Best Tool for Content Writers

Inclusivity-: You can choose the relevancy of your content and choose options from any of the below. The tool will evaluate the content based on that, and Writer tool will show you the results.

Writer.com Review - Best Tool for Content Writers

Plagiarism-: If you want to check the plagiarism of your content, you need to turn it on. Writer will review your content with thousands of other contents from the internet and will show if that is original or not.

Writer.com Review - Best Tool for Content Writers

Using This Tool

Writer.com offers you a lot of impressive features other than the features mentioned above. There is no need have technical knowledge to use this tool.

Option 1-: You can copy and paste the content to Writers to check the grammar, spell check, proofreading, and plagiarism of your content.

Option 2-: You can directly start writing to Writer, and as you write content, it will show you issues associated with your writing. You can see the errors connected with your content on the right side of the tool.

Option 3-: Writer extension can be installed for Word, Chrome, and google docs. If you can do that, the tool will help you to correct all issues whenever you write instantly.

Writer.com Corrections

After you copy and paste any content to Writer, it will show you correction that needs to be made to make it more accurate. This tool can be used to deliver high-quality content for any purpose. You will see red underlined below words that need correction in your content. The tool will show you any issues like

  • Grammar correction tool that checks punctuation, wordiness, and punctuation
  • Spelling checker
  • Readability score
  • Average sentence length
  • Sentence structure checking

Is it easy to use Writer.com?

The answer will be Yes. Writer.com is a tool that can be used by anyone with basic computer knowledge. It won’t take much time to check your content accuracy. Use Chrome, word, or Google Doc extension as per your requirement to operate the tool.

How Much Does Writer Cost?

Writer.com is a paid tool that can be available for the free use of 14 days. You can sign up for a free trial and start using Writer before spending money on it. If you are satisfied with this tool, then go for the premium version. You don’t have to register with your card while signing up for a free trial. There are two plans available from Writer. One is the starter, and the other one is the Enterprise version.

Starter –($11/month)

  • $11/month/additional user
  • One style guide
  • One workspace
  • Add 200 custom terms
  • Content security
  • Chrome extension

Starter version can use for

  • Standard writing guidelines
  • Plain language
  • Grammar and spelling
  • Readability

Enterprise- (Price not disclosed)

  • Multiple workspaces for more than one team
  • Different style guides
  • Options to add unlimited custom terms
  • Chrome extension
  • Content security
  • API access
  • Chrome, Google, and Google Doc extension
  • SSO
  • Style guide branding and sharing

Enterprise version can use for-:

  • Custom writing guidelines
  • Readability
  • Grammar and Spelling
  • Plain language
  • Brand Voice
  • Plagiarism
  • Inclusivity
  • Compliance

Pros and Cons of using Writer.com Tool

For any proofreading tool, there will be advantages and disadvantages. Writer.com is a useful tool for businesses that need to create the perfect content for their users. Here are the pros and cons of using Writer tool.


  • Real-time grammar checking
  • Easy explanation of errors
  • Style guide for brands to set the expectation for your content
  • Easy to use
  • Quality Plagiarism checker
  • Accurate suggestions
  • Readability score and average sentence length
  • Shows the repetition of issues and can correct them from one place
  • Knowledge base to know more about this tool
  • Good customer support
  • Better security of your content


  • Users need to pay to use the tool after 14 days of the free trial
  • Not suitable to use on all devices
  • Less clarity in issue explanation
  • Lack of availability of various English language version
  • Out of context synonym suggestion

How accurate is Writer.com Tool?

Writer tool shows the accurate result. It s a new tool in the market, and that’s why it’s hard to find out resources that help to understand the usage. Writer.com will help you to identify the following factors in your content such as

  • Confused preposition
  • Passive voice overuse
  • Repetitive words
  • Sentence length that needs to edit
  • Spelling errors
  • Punctuation
  • Wordy sentences

Writer Vs Human Proofreader

When we compare the accuracy of Writer tool and human proofreading, the best choice will be human proofreading. We cannot trust Writer with every kind of content. If you are doing creative writing, then any proofreading tool cannot help you to correct the content delivery. Online proofreading tools can evaluate spelling and grammar accuracy, not content delivery.

Human proofreaders are more accurate when it comes to creative writing. If you are writing an eBook or any creative document, then go for human proofreaders. For short texts, blogs, and other forms of business content, you can use Writer tool. These proofreading tools cannot evaluate the context of content and cannot offer any feedback on it.

Final Words

Writer.com is a useful tool for professionals to create quality content for their business purpose. As Writer is new to the marketer, there are many flaws to this right now. The results shown by the content is not as accurate as other proofreading tools. When there are free tools for proofreading, you need not have to pay for this tool to create any personal content. Personal account users need to pay $11/month to use this costly tool.

Tools like Grammarly will offer you basic proofreading features for free. When you can ensure the quality using a free tool, nobody will be ready to pay for this tool. But, for businesses, this is a good option with multiple account access. You can contact customer service to know more about this plan. If you want to experience this tool, then sign up for 14 days free trial. It is always good to try new tools to know which one works for you better.  You have an option to check the tool quality before spending money on it by using 14 days free offer.

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