What are the Best Instagram Analytics Tools ?

Instagram Analytics. It has become a game-changing entrant into the world of social media.In this Article we have described the top best instagram analytics tools that will help to become social media star, 8 best social media tools are described.

Such is the popularity of Instagram that incorporating your business on it is a must! It is simple to understand why Instagram has become such a big hit. People love stories and Instagram is created around stories. And from a business perspective, telling an interesting story is a great way to create an emotional connection with your audience.

What helps you go Instagramming is Instagram Analytics. They are the Best Instagram analytics tools that help you get your business on Instagram.

best Instagram analytics tools

Quick look at the Instagram Analytics Tools:

1. Sprout Social.

Sprout social is a comprehensive Social Media management solution for businesses and agencies of all sizes. Sprout Social’s Instagram analytics give your brand the data you need to monitor your performance. Whether you want to see which post got the most engagement or by how many have your audience increased, you can find that on Sprout Social.

You also get easy to read reports so you wouldn’t have to waste time telling your clients or shareholders what you are showing. In addition to analyzing your own brand, Sprout also provides an Instagram competitor analysis report. This is perfect when you want to benchmark your efforts against other brands in your industry.

2. Simply Measured.

Simply Measured provides even deeper insights with advanced analytics—including Instagram Stories analytics. Reporting for integral stories within the app is a limited affair. What Simply Measured does is that it gives you information about Instagram Stories metrics such as post saves, story replies, taps forward, taps back and exits.

You can see daily and total audience growth, the reach of your Instagram hashtag campaigns, video views, competitive analysis and more. One of the unique features of Simply Measured is the ability to track the ROI of Instagram campaigns. With the conversion tracking report, you can finally put a value on your Instagram marketing efforts by tracking the amount of revenue your followers are bringing in.

3. Instagram Insights.

Instagram Insights is something that comes free inside the Instagram app. It does its job only for business profile so you’ll have to switch if your business still runs on private one.

There are quite a few advantages of Instagram Insights. Instagram Insights allows you to see impressions, engagement, reach, top posts and other important metrics. The data can be broken down from the span of a few months or even years, which is great for historical performance.

You’ll also get access to audience demographics so you can find out what percentage of your followers are male/female, age groups and even where the bulk of your followers are from.
Instagram Insights is a great source of data if you’re just getting started or simply looking for a free Instagram analytics tools.

4. Hootsuite Analytics.

Hootsuite’s in-house analytics are viewable in the HootSuite dashboard. The analytics are in two visual interfaces, overviews and boards. Overviews provide common metrics such as audience growth, website traffic, and total posts.

Boards are customizable and shareable and provide an unlimited number of real-time reports. Insights include reactions to posts according to language or gender, actions taken by followers, and clicks on bio URLs. Line charts, tables and tree maps allow for quick and easy identification of trends and growth.

5. Squarelovin.

Squarelovin is a free tool that lets you view important instagram analytics such as growth, engagement and followers. You can see the best and the worst times of post and the kind of hashtags that you are using. Squarelovin provides weekly or monthly analytics for your account, as well as for individual posts.

6. Websta.

Websta is an entirely free Instagram analytics tools. It’s pretty similar to Squarelovin’s Instagram Insights tool (explained above), but it offers a few more
Through the Websta application, you can set up Custom Feeds organized by theme or keyword, explore new trends and topics, manage all your Instagram activity (from posting to replying to comments), and get analytics on your posts, engagement, and social relationships.

7. Social Bakers.

The Socialbakers application is multi-faceted. They offer a free Instagram analytics tools that gives you an overview of your, most-liked and top-commented posts, most-liked and most-tagged users, hashtags, distribution of monthly posts, and top filters. These high-level stats mirror the Instagram Insights tool but still provide a decent understanding of your activity – for free.
Depending on how in-depth you want your analytics, the Socialbakers suite comes at a variety of prices. And if you simply want to see how it works before you buy, you can try it for free.

8. Keyhole.

Keyhole provides two primary services: hashtag and keyword tracking and account tracking and reporting. The application measures real-time and historical data and spits out these metrics in easy-to-read graphs. They make it simple to analyze, report, and apply your findings to your strategy.
Keyhole is a paid service, but they provide a free tracking tool as well as a 3-day free trial.

For a business looking to use Instagram as a leading tool in their strategy (including influencer marketing), Keyhole could be a worthy investment. Otherwise, their free trial provides insights up to a year prior – a good preview for brands researching Instagram analytics tools.

Sounds good, but why use Instagram analytical tools?

Great marketing extends beyond creating and sharing content – and great marketers take it a step further to ensure their strategy is working. They do this (in part) through Instagram analytics tools. These tools also help you learn extensively about your audience.

This will make you understand their likes and dislikes and will help you to prioritise your posts accordingly. Instagram Analytical tools help you to set goals and objectives and give you a new direction in Social Media marketing. They help you to foster growth and have a competitive edge over your rivals.

Do you have a Instagram? Which tool is your favourite and helps you out the most? Be sure to tell us in the comments below.

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