How to Get Users from Medium for your Online Business

Medium is a very popular blogging platform that got introduced into the market in 2012. Unlike all other blogging platforms, Medium tries to stay unique in selecting and publishing blogs. They don’t follow the strategy of others in choosing a good blog.

Medium gives importance to the content each writer has to tell rather than their popularity or number of followers. These specialties made them a popular platform where anyone can publish something interesting about a topic. 

Other than using it for personal purposes it is a very beneficial platform for marketers to associate brands with great content. Any brand can be popular if they use this platform effectively. The main condition with Medium is that it wants to give good stuff to its readers.

Like search engines, Medium also works using algorithms where the most popular article goes to the top position and others to the bottom. It considers the number of readers who read the article other than just clicking on it. So, we can say that the algorithm mainly focuses on quality rather than the date of posting or other minute factors. 

Benefits of using Medium for Online Business 

Every business needs promotion to ensure its reach to as many people as possible. There are many platforms online to make it happen. Medium is one such platform where marketers can post content about their business. The main benefits of using Medium as a promotional tool are

The huge number of visitors-:  Medium is a platform that has more than 726K users all over the world. Introducing your business into such a platform can bring many benefits to it.

Ease of use-: You can import content from anywhere to Medium simply by using its import tool. It will help you to edit or format the content as you want and publish it on this platform

Take your followers with you-: While you create your Medium account it automatically links with Facebook and Twitter accounts. Thereby you can take your followers from there to Medium

Get a new audience-: This platform makes your business very popular. It has many followers and as your post get more hearts you are being introduced to a new audience base which is very useful for your business

Hybrid platform-: Medium acts as a platform where people can publish their content and at the same time it acts as a medium that produces and curates contents. Many companies spend so much money to bring their content to the front end. Here you can get it by producing good quality relevant content for free.

So, we can say that Medium is a suitable platform where marketers can find new organic traffic to their business site. That’s why the most business uses it as a promotional tool. 

The medium as a Marketing Channel

Most marketers are very doubtful when they know about using Medium as a marketing platform. They won’t even research its potential to attract traffic towards their business website. Many people think of it as a blogging platform for people to express their views.

But, that is a wrong concept. Marketers should try to use Medium for promoting their business. Here are some important results that can help you to use Medium well for business promotions

Traffic that can expect from Medium

Medium accepts any content that is useful for its readers. This is the reason for its popularity. You can get a good response just after 24hrs of posting your content. Here is a good statistic that shows you the response after posting business-related content In the Medium platform.

What do you think after seeing this data? Just try out by posting your business-related content in your Medium account to see the amazing result. 

Good Title

As we all know the title of a post is very important to increase click baits. A good title can hold anybody’s attention and make them click on your post. Also, in Medium SEO titles are less common. As a rule, we can say that

  • Limit the average length of the title to 42 characters
  • Concentrate on the first three and last three words of the title

The average length of the most read story

This is another result you must know about while writing brand stories. The average length of the most read story is around 7.25 minutes.

This is the result calculated after considering the top 100 stories in Medium. It is very important to consider the time readers take to read your story and its performance. 

How to Get Users from Medium for your Online Business

Best Strategies to attract more Users from Medium

Just posting content related to business is not enough to attract more traffic to your website. You must implement some marketing strategies too. This is a guide that tells about various ways brands can try to integrate their marketing efforts through Medium. 

  • Re-publish contents

This is a very good strategy to get as many followers as possible on your website. When you publish your existing content from your website on your Medium account it will get introduced to a new audience. If they like your brand they will check back your website for sure.

This can increase the chance of getting more traffic from Medium. Some marketers create new content to publish on Medium. This is a good strategy if you can do it. Quality content will always come to the top position. If readers like the content you post it will come to the topmost position and its popularity will increase automatically.

  • Link contents with your website

When someone publishes business-related content on Medium it is always better to link it back to your website. This is a very good feature from Medium. You can include the website/blog address of your business and tell your readers to visit the website for more details.

It can help to get more traffic to your website from Medium content. Another option is to add Call To Action (CTA) like “follow us ‘ or ‘Join our email list’ etc at the end of your post

  • Include visual contents

Visual elements are more powerful than words. They can easily be in the human brain than those written contents. If you can tell your brand story through compelling visual content it will help you more.

Try to include interesting visual elements with your content that can communicate with your audience well. It could be anything from a small video, image, cartoons, or an infographic relevant to your business. 

  • Create content based on a theme

You can arrange your Medium account content in various ways. One of the suitable ways is to create a theme related to your business and arrange contents that are relevant to the theme under it. The contents could be from your website or original work.

Also, encourage your followers to submit content based on that particular theme other than creating content all by yourself. Genuine user stories can take your business to the next level easily. 

  • Publish content under your brand name

When you use Medium for business promotion it is always good to publish content under your brand name. This will help to establish your business name on that platform. People will identify your brand easily and the contents of your brand as your brand’s voice.

Producing genuine contents that can engage more readers can take your Medium account to the topmost position and this will help to improve the organic traffic towards your website

  • Recommends related post

As a business, you can recommend content related to your business to your readers. Your followers can see the posts that you recommend. They will visit the post as per your recommendation. If they like it and gain trust among them it is very useful for your business future. It is not easy to be an influential person.  By gaining their trust your business will improve and your brand will be known as a source that leads people to interesting contents 

  •  Analyze well

While using Medium as a business promotional platform make sure to track responses from the audience. UTM parameters are good for this purpose. These are tags that you can add to a URL to measure the performance of it. When someone clicks on this link this tag will send back to Google Analytics and helps you to track your URL performance. Use UTM parameters to track the best performing content

  • Tell interesting brand stories

Rather than using it as a platform to tell about the excellence of your brand use it to tell brand stories that can interest your readers. Add values to your reader’s life by telling something interesting about your brand. You have many other platforms to promote your brand.

Use this unique platform to get a place in your reader’s mind if you are looking for great visibility. As a result of large visibility, the number of traffic to your website can also improve.  If readers cannot connect with you all your efforts will be of no use.  

Final words

Experiments are essential to growing every business. As a part of it, marketers try new platforms to make their business promotions. Medium is one such platform. This is an emerging business platform and people started to experiment with it for their business promotions.

As it links to all your social media accounts your followers will also know about this new space. Link your website with content to attract more traffic and implement all the above strategies well.

Make an identity to your brand in Medium by creating excellent content and win people’s hearts.

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