How can you use Instagram to Drive Traffic to your Website

This article is about how to use Instagram for website traffic,Is it possible to direct Instagram traffic to your website? Lots of people have been using use Instagram for website traffic as it has steadily grown more and more popular in the past year, and especially since it has been taken over (bought, but also managed) by Facebook.

There is a initial hesitation with many to use Instagram for business since it has a artsy connotation for many and they love the creative and friendly aspects of it. But business is business, as Instagram itself has realized by asking people to pay for boosts. There are accounts for sites, side projects, art selling, etc. Some artists post (pre)views of their art and accept bids directly on Instagram too.

use Instagram for website Traffic

However in this article we are going to see how to direct traffic to your business or blog with Instagram. To do this you need to understand how to business on Instagram? Any social media site is different and similar in a multitude of ways.

The photos you share will get a lot of encouragement and a lot of hate, but overcome that as it just reaction and presence is traffic.To use Instagram for website traffic, you can meet potential customers and converse with them in the same way that you do on Facebook or even twitter. Engagement levels run higher on Instagram than any other site today, after Facebook.

Facebook is a event-master in a way that Instagram hasn’t tapped into. But it is Instagram that connects you with your real audience and helps you get the word out.Now we will discuss about how to use Instagram for website traffic.

These are ways to use Instagram for website traffic:

  1. Add a Website Link to Your Bio.

The most common way to lead Instagram followers to your website is to use the “link in bio” tactic. A bio is a way introduce yourself. Remember to update it every few weeks with your current link on word, any contacts that you have updated, or about your business. Use hashtags wisely. Use keywords to get yourself noticed, and do it unashamedly.Today, many people use Instagram for website traffic,

Instagram lets you include only one clickable link in your bio, use it well. To add a link, go to Edit Profile and type it in the Website text box. You can also track your clicks on Instagram, which will increase the money you make and the amount of people who subscribe to your content which can be in many forms. Make sure that the link is short, use or an image, which brings us to the next point.

  1. Create an Instagram Landing Page.

In digital marketing, a landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for the purposes of a marketing or advertising campaign. It’s where a visitor “lands” when they have clicked on a Google AdWords ad or similar.

This is something that capturing email addresses through downloadable content like an ebook. The landing page design should mirror the look of your Instagram feed so there’s a visual connection for the user.

  1. Include URLS in photos and videos.

Design Instagram photos that convert. This is like hiding a call-to-action inside those images. Clickable images will help send the viewer to your site.

Instagram video brings digital storytelling to life. In fact, videos on Instagram generate three times more inbound links than image posts, so it’s definitely worthwhile to invest in a 15-second narrative.

  1. Repost.

Don’t post anything once and stop. One single post at this point is a drop in the ocean. Can you even imagine how many posts must be shared every second, let alone every moment? And with Instagram ads and people paying for boosts, you are especially at risk.

Clickable links in Instagram ads give you an opportunity not only to be creative, but also let your followers learn more about your digital campaigns or attribute direct revenue from Instagram.

  1. Invest in Instagram Ads.

I’m sure you have heard of Instagram’s recently announcement that it was opening its API to all companies and brands. This means simply that by investing in the platform, you can target the right audience demographic through people’s interests. With an ad spend alongside your Instagram strategy, you’re likely to see an increase in website visits and ecommerce conversions.

Advertising on Instagram, ie. one sort of marketing, with which you can create attention in and make a broader audience more aware of you and what you do. And you can also promote your own campaigns that prioritize conversions by tracking sales and views to your website.

  1. Publicise with recognizable faces.

Brand marketing will only get you to a certain point in your digital marketing scope and plan. With social media, you have the chance to do something extra. Sometimes you need that push online to build a stronger awareness of your brand and to extend your reach.

You can choose to work with someone recognizable from your end of the business, who is sometimes called a “Influencer” and you can uses them to sound out your message and amplify it. You can easy use instagram to connect with these people from your industry, find niche people to collaborate with and create good and effective Instagram content.

These people capture the attention of not only your followers but they also facilitate their own followers and fans to come over to your page and check out your stuff. As they are so recognizable and trusted for what they can and they are relied upon for their product advice, when they review your product, your clicks will inevitably increase and it will be a profit for you.

Instagram is a revenue-based social channel, fast out-performing its rivals. Use it wisely and to your own profit by following the simple tips given above. What has your experience with Instagram been like? Tell us in the comments below. I hope you have learned much bout how to use Instagram for website traffic.

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