10 Good Qualities of a Unicorn Marketer

Are you planning to start a new business and want to know how to become an Unicorn Marketer?

There are a lot of processes involved in the business from planning, creating a marketing strategy, developing a sale plan, finding the right team, and investing to fund your business. You need to invest a lot of time in planning and executing business processes and making them successful. From all the above business processes we can say that proper strategy is very important for your business to be successful.  Without a proper business strategy, no business can withstand this competitive world. To implement a winning business strategy, you have to work a lot and be aware of the change that happens in the marketing world.

If you are new to this world of entrepreneurship there are many words and terminologies you have to be familiar with. ‘Unicorn’ is one such term. Unicorn is a specific term for businesses that can reach 1 Billion marks. It is very hard to be a unicorn. If you aim to work to be a Unicorn you are in the right place. Here we are going to discuss some interesting marketing strategies you can follow to reach the Unicorn status. A unicorn marketer should be someone who has the potential to drive the sale in a positive way. There should be qualities to be a unicorn marketer. These qualities of the person can make him successful in business. Check those qualities and see what are the qualities you have from the given list?

  • Good Analytical skill

Good analytical power is the key to success for every marketer. If you want to compete against top-most businesses then you need to analyze the marketing trends well. A marketer should always be aware of the trends that are happening in the market. It will help them to build new strategies accordingly. There are many tools that can be used for marketing analysis. Someone with a quest for new information, and have a lot of question about current marketing trends can be a successful analyzer. Without knowing data, a marketer cannot do anything. The most popular way to collect data is to analyze various businesses and find how they try to make their customers happy. After collecting data from various sources, you should also know to use the data effectively to be more successful.

  • Great storytelling ability

A good marketer should also have the ability to be a good storyteller. All the marketing campaigns and promotions and inspired by the old existing campaigns. But the way they bring it will be a new way. If you know to convince your audience by telling an interesting story you can be successful easily. Customers are getting smarter day by day. So, in order to be a unicorn marketer, you need to approach the product differently. Try to convince your audience in some new exciting manner. Break your product and present in a way that can attract your audience and at the same time, they should get excited about it.

  • Utmost Sincerity

Sincerity is very important in marketing. When you try to market a product to people out there don’t try to make it sell by lying. Customers are fed with an advertisement that lies to them. They are afraid of trusting a product right now. To avoid such a situation, you need to be more careful while creating marketing strategies and campaigns. Try to be honest with your customers and build trust in the product among them. Once a trust is created, they won’t go anywhere.  So, a unicorn marketer should be very sincere when they communicate with customers about their product

  • Be Resourceful

A unicorn marketer should be a good problem solver. He should be trendy to face anything that comes across them while running a business. They must have a handy solution for any marketing problems that can happen at any time. The problems should be solved quickly and efficiently. It is very hard to be a cool person when a lot of problems come like budget issues, employee issues, etc. But, to be successful in a business you need to be very patient and have the ability to solve all the problems in a calm and composed way. This can take you a long way in your business

  • Stay relevant

Another quality a unicorn marketer should possess is the awareness of current trends. A marketer should have an update about everything that happens around him. Today the marketing world is frequently changing. He should know where can he find a suitable audience to publish the campaigns and advertisement in advance. All of these comes from analytic skills. If you want to be a good marketer you need to stay relevant about everything that happens in the marketing world. It can also help them to build new strategies according to changing marketing needs.

  •  Be clear about your objective

There are a lot of people who work without any special objectives. They cannot be successful in the long run. Without a clear objective, no marketers can be successful. Every marketer work towards achieving their goal. There could be many objectives when someone starts a new business. But he needs to prioritize the tasks based on its importance and urgency and work to achieve each objective one by one. It may take a lot of time and effort of yours but will pay you well

  • Driven and motivated

If you are working for your start-up it is very hard to feel motivated every day. You may have to face a lot of issues every day. But this where you need to be strong and be motivated. Every day is new learning. Try to use the things you learned in your marketing and make it successful. Mistakes can happen to anyone. Someone who learns from their past mistakes wins. This applies to the market also. Someone who is motivated and ready to grow by learning new things can be successful in marketing. Try to be a better person from your mistakes and go forward. NO one can stop you from being a successful businessman

  • Humble and open-minded

A unicorn marketer should always be open-minded. He should always have the patience to listen to others and taking their feedback in a positive way. Open-mindedness can take you to new heights in business. Don’t feel superior when you run a business alone. There are talented people out there to work with you. Get their suggestions when they implement something new. Think about it and apply if you feel it worthy of your business. By accepting feedbacks and taking it in a good can help you to improve your service always So, always be open to suggestions of other people and accept if it can be beneficial for you and your business.

  • Keep your audience in mind

A marketer should always consider their customers while building their product. Know what they want from your product and build it as they want. The user-centric approach is the best to make your business successful. Always focus on your customers and research well what they want from a product. All successful businesses value their customers and create marketing strategies for their customers. Consider the audience’s need and give them what they want through your product and service.

  • Focus on SEO

Search Engine Optimization is another important term a unicorn marketer should care about. Every business creates its own website to advertise its product. But without optimizing the website for search engines no one can see the website. If you are new to online marketing you should know the power of SEO. In order to get more leads and improve sales SEO is very essential. You need to check various search engine SEO tactics and implement them in your content. It can be beneficial to get it listed under the top search engine result and get more site traffic at the same time.

SEO is the first thing every marketer will do to make their brand popular. It is a very simple process that can be beneficial to your business growth. Spend some time creating new strategies and implementing them on your website content. Increase the online visibility of your brand by concentrating on SEO and get a better ROI.


To be a unicorn marketer you need to have all the above qualities.  A marketer should have a lot of qualities to be successful in this competitive world. Lots of brands are out there and all of them are trying to offer better service to their customers. In this constantly changing marketing field, someone with new ideas can be successful.  It is not easy to be a unicorn marketer. But through experience and hard work, anyone can be successful in business and be a unicorn marketer.  Businesses are looking for someone who has all these qualities. If you can find such a person then he will be perfect to lead your marketing team.

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