30 Types of Content Marketing that Sell

Content marketing is a broad term with many definitions. We cannot give a single definition of content marketing.

Content marketing is widely used by businesses to promote their brand and some use it for creating awareness among users. It is not about writing contents and publishing it. Blogging is not the only type of content available for marketing.  

Every marketer who wants to get more response from their content marketing efforts will think of a wide variety of options other than blogs. There are a lot of content types which can be chosen from depends on your business goal.

With a clear marketing strategy and good choice of content type, every business can make their brand popular among its competitors.

Marketing strategies are developing to make the product stand out among competitors. Content marketing strategy is considered as one of the most effective digital marketing strategies nowadays.

Long back blogs where the only type of content used to promote business. Now that concept got changed and marketers are trying new types of content such as infographics, whitepapers, eBooks, videos, webinars and many more. The choice of content type depends on your marketing goals.  

This article deals with various types of contents that can be used based on the marketing goals of your business. Check out more to know which type of content is suitable for your business.

Buyers Journey Stages

Buyers journey contains various stages a buyer is going through before becoming a customer. There are various stages in buyer’s journey and each marketer divides it according to their product type. Here we are dividing it into 4 stages

  1. Awareness
  2. Interest
  3. Evaluate
  4. Purchase

You can see more about these four stages from this article. Know more about buyer’s journey stages and content types that can be used for each stage. If you can use contents appropriately it can help you to make progress in your business.

Content that can create Awareness

Types of Content Marketing that Sells

Every business tries to produce contents that can create awareness about the product. This can help the to make them users more aware of the product and its quality. Brand awareness is not about creating a brand name among the audience. It should help the users to know more about your brand quality and specialty of it among all other brands.  

Businesses can use content marketing to solve the user’s problem and resolve their issues. To sully understand awareness stage for a buyer you need to know the answers of some questions such as

  1. How do buyers explain their goals or challenges?
  2. How to prioritize the goal for the buyer?
  3. How you can educate buyers on your goals and challenges?
  4. What are the consequences of inaction by the buyers?

Various types of content marketing that can use to create brand awareness among the audience are

1. Articles

Articles are a very useful type of content for brands to use. Many brands publish articles based on their business and new things going on in their industries to create awareness in users. Articles that features businesses is considered as a very trustable source of content among consumers.

When someone features your business in an article it can increase your business credibility. Many users follow business articles to get latest updates about an industry. This is one of the most innovative and useful idea for businesses to use content marketing in an effective way.


  • More than 60% of businesses includes articles on their website as a part of the content marketing strategy
  • 72% of marketers say that including articles as part of their content marketing strategy can increase their ROI

2. Blog posts

Blogging is a very popular content marketing strategy for businesses. It can help in driving more traffic and improve SEO to your website.  Business site with blog post has a chance to get more quality links than websites without blogs. An important point to keep in your mind is that while writing blogs you can include relevant keywords and follow some SEO tactics to make it to the top position of search engine result page. This can make your brand more popular as more users find blog posts related to your brand.

In addition to improving search engine optimization blogging have the power to build a good relationship with your customers. Blogs are very popular short-form content that can help businesses to increases their business revenue. Audience always admire valuable contents and they trust in a brand that can help brands to get answers to their doubts. Do some research while creating a blog and publish valuable contents on your website.


  • 82% of marketers say that blogging can help to get better ROI
  • 62% of US consumers make purchases based on recommendations
  • Marketers who give priority to blogging are likely to get 13 times ROI than using other promotions

3. Infographics

Infographics are a different type of content marketing with the graphical representation of information. Images are more powerful than written content. A human brain can remember images better than other types of content marketing. Business can use infographics to represent data such as statistics which can help users to understand better.

To explain complex business data easily infographics is one of the best available options available as of now.   An important thing to consider before choosing this type of content is the type of business you want to promote. Each content type is suitable for a particular type of business. If your data can easily represent using infographics try this option.


  • Infographics are 3 times likely to be shared on various social media platforms
  • Infographics are likely to be read by users than articles and blog post

4. Podcasts

Everyone is busy nowadays and everyone love to listen to quality contents while driving or during their free time. Podcasts need to be compelling with a clear story. Audience wants to listen to something interesting and brands can use this as the best way to promote their business. If you can create a place in your audience mind through quality content through podcast it can drive your business and help to gain more profit out of it. Tools such as SoundCloud, Podbean, Audacity, Lybsyn etc are some popular tool for this purpose.


  • More than 85% of podcast listeners who subscribes to your podcast will likely to listen to all episodes
  • 65% of consumers are likely to buy something the host promotes
  • Most Americans are using the podcast as a part of their daily life

5. Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is a type of content marketing which uses your expertise to promote your business. A thought leader is someone who can be a brand expert in their field and consumers can reach out to these people to clarify any doubts in that field. This is a very good business strategy to spread your knowledge about your business field.  People like to follow thought leaders and believe in their words. A thought leader should have a good influential power among users.

If you have a good knowledge about the industry you work to spread your knowledge to the world. If you can express your knowledge in an effective way this will be beneficial t your business


  • 50% of marketers believe that thought leadership can help to build trust among customers.
  • 35% of B2B buyers looks for thought leadership contents once in every 3 weeks
  • Authenticity of a brand that can help to create trust among consumers towards a brand.

6. Videos

Videos are one of the most effective content type businesses can use to promote their brand. Most online users spend most of their time to watch videos. So, if your business can produce quality content about your product that can create a great impact on your business. To engage your target customers, reach out to them through useful videos and improve your business.

Spend as many times on your website to engage the audience and see the improvement in ROI. Short and attention gripping videos can help to create an interest in your audience than long videos. The attention span of users is very less and keep that point in your mind while creating videos. You can create how-to videos and product demos to influence your customers to purchase decisions.


  • After seeing a branded video more than 65% of consumers are likely to visit a website
  • Mobile video consumption has increased by 100% yearly
  • Brands that use videos can expect an increase in their organic traffic from search engine by 157%

7. eBooks

eBooks is another way of expressing contents on your website. When it comes to monetizing a blog, eBooks are one of the best options. Like this when you want to give something useful for your audience eBooks are a good option. Include useful information that can help the audience to know about your industry and include it on your business website. eBooks can be a long-form content which contains detailed information about a topic.

This is not about selling your brand and increasing business. eBooks are very useful to create a relationship with your customers and build a strong trust with your brand. Make your eBook available to users to download for free. Your book should contain useful information that can help your audience to get a deep insight into their needs.


  • 36% of businesses say that it is very effective to have a documented content marketing strategy
  • More than 75% of users are willing to share their information in exchange for eBooks
  • eBook can be used to increase the number of followers

Content Types that can Create Interest

Types of Content Marketing that Sells

Contents can be of various types and creating interest in customers is the primary aim of content marketers. When someone creates content as a part of their business promotion it should be very unique so that users can get attracted to the quality of it. When users buy the brand, they may have a lot of questions in their mind. As a part of the business promotion that content that creates should be very interesting and can answer various queries related to your brand.

  1. Why is your goal by creating interest?
  2. How do you want to present your product?
  3. What are the results you are expecting in this stage?

See some popular type of content that can be useful in creating interest in your product in buyers

8. Training videos

Training videos are a very useful type of content for business promotion. If you are selling a product that is very complex to operate a training video can help customers to use it easily. Businesses create training video on the product about how to use it or various ways to use the products can increase your credibility among the audience.  While creating training videos make it simple and easy to understand by all type of users. If someone wants to know more about the product, they will look for training videos that can help them in using the product.


  • Helps to answer difficult questions
  • Enable customers to use the product effectively and help to build trust

9. Presentation

Do you want to showcase your business expertise to your customers? The presentation is a very good idea to try. The presentation is one of the most versatile communication tools for businesses. You can create and publish power point presentation about your business and publish it on platforms like SlideShare. You can also publish important information related to your business in these presentations and create an impact among users.

 Businesses use the presentation to create a clear idea about the product with suitable images and powerful words. It can help you to create a good image of your product and services among the audience and make them as your customers.


  • Presentation can create more engagement to your audience
  • Standard presentations help to ensure better communication of information

10. Whitepaper

Whitepapers are more similar to eBooks. But the difference between eBooks and whitepaper is that the content of whitepaper will be very long. So, we can call whitepapers are long-form content with more information and data useful for your customers. We can say that whitepapers are one of the most popular types of content marketing for business users which can also help you to build a thought leadership among the audience.

White papers can help you to build integrity among your competitors and is one of the useful ways to create thought leadership. Businesses also use whitepapers to collect information about users which they can later use for their promotions.


  • Whitepaper helps to create a trust towards the brand and build expertise
  • High conversion rate and a powerful content marketing tool that can generate more leads

11. Solution pages

Solution pages are very useful for any business website. The expectation of users also large nowadays. If you can include a solution page that explains various answers to your user’s question it can help to grow your business. It can help to solve specific problems and can add a lot of value to your website. Research well about your customer needs and create a page based on that to create a long-term relationship with your customers. This long-term relationship can help in growing your business also.


  • Solution pages can help customers to analyze the product quality
  • It can answer all user’s question and give them an accurate solution

12. Educational worksheet

The educational worksheet is another format of content. It helps business to include useful information about the business you are dealing with. It should be about the product you are selling, various areas related to your business and more.  Make sure to include some useful information about your industry to educate users.

Many businesses started to include these types of contents on their website in order to increases their organic traffic. It can attract more users to your business and make them follow your website. If they get some knowledge from your website, they will be your long-term customers.


  • Create a long-term relationship with customers using the educational worksheet
  • Help to develop more credibility about your business
  • Educate customers about your business and create a connection with them

Types of content marketing that can help to Evaluate

Types of content that can help to Evaluate

Content marketing is of various types and there are contents that can help your audience to evaluate a product. Such contents will help the audience to decide which is best while buying a product. Many websites provide pages that can help customers to know various factors to check while looking for a product.

This information can help to create trust towards your brand. If you can include these types of content as a part of your marketing strategy many users will follow you. These types of content are some sort of buying a guide for users. Here are some top content marketing types that can be useful for customers to evaluate of your product.

13. Product webinars

Businesses usually conduct product webinars as part of their product promotion. Webinars can position your company to a top position among the audience. Customers will love such webinars from which they can get an abundance of knowledge about your product. This technique can be used to capture new leads and turn them as your customers.  

Webinars are very useful to build a relationship with customers and the format is very interesting where customers can interact with more dynamic Q&A format. Make it more creative and build some quality links for your website too.


  • Webinars are the second most effective content marketing type in which most marketers believe
  • More than 60% of marketers use this as part of their content marketing strategy
  • 20-40% of webinar attendees may change into qualifies leads

14. Sample

Sample is another type of content that can help to improve your business returns. Many businesses will now be started to send sample products to consumers. Most consumers will use those products and will be your customer if they like the product. Samples can help you to prove your product quality among your customers and build trust among them. Make sure to define your targeted audience and start sending them product samples.


  • Can help to get direct feedback and reviews from users
  • Average sales from sample campaigns can be between 71-600%
  • 81% of consumers are likely to use the product after getting samples

15. FAQ

FAQ is a better way to give a clear idea about your business and product nowadays. Most consumers check internet if they want to get an answer regarding a product or service. If the brand can provide such a solution in its website itself it will help to provide a better service to your customers. Give them a better solution about your business and help them to use it effectively using FAQ page. Include common questions that can arise about your product or service in your FAQ page.  

 Businesses with FAQ pages on their own website is very useful. Users will come to your website when they have any question regarding the product. Businesses and brands are including this as a part of their business marketing strategy.


  • Help to build trust among your customers
  • Customers can find answers to all their questions in one place
  • Boost your sales and website traffic

16. Demo Video

Demo videos are a very popular type of content marketing that can improve the sale. You can make an animated video to explain the features of the products and service that you offer. You can use animated characters, text, graphics and other types of narratives to explain about your business. Use a professional voice to explain things while creating videos. Customers will be interested to watch such type of contents on your website and it will help them to handle your product or service easily.

Demo videos can be included in your website to explain a complex step by step process or else to convey a particular message to your audience.  It can be in included in your website’s landing page with a relevant call to action.


  • 91% of customers watch demo videos to get a clear idea about a product or service
  • Demo videos are beneficial for small businesses and companies who sell complex technology
  • It makes easy for customers to understand more about a product/service

17. Data Sheet

Datasheet is a type of content marketing with specification details about a product. It will help the users to know the specification about the product they are busying. Most customers won’t check data sheet while buying anything. But technology users will know the terminologies included in the data sheet. It will help them to buy the product with the correct specification also. Include data sheet about your product with the product image in case anyone wants to know about the product specification.


  • Business users will always look for data sheet before buying a product
  • It will give a clear idea about the contents and its specification about the product.

18. Comparisons

Comparison websites are very useful for online shoppers. They are going to any comparison website to know the goods and bad things about a product. This will make them clearer while buying a product and more about the quality of the product. Many businesses run comparison websites to show the customers about the quality of the products they are making. Or else business can pay to get listed under some top products which can also help customers to know about the product. It can also help to increases your business sale.  


  • Comparison site can help small business to get a lot of information about the latest marketing trends
  • Businesses can be on the top of trend, know customer preference about your industry, and price changes
  • Comparison websites will aid customers to avoid confusion while choosing a product

19. Product Marketing

Product marketing is another type of content where the product is introducing to the market and work for its overall success. There will be a team behind marketing who needs to oversee the development of product, promotion, analyzing competition and enable marketing team to ensure that everything is working well to aid the product promotion. Product marketing can only be successful with a deep understanding of customers and market. It can definitely drive the sale of the product also.


  • It will help to place your product visible to customers
  • Create loyalty and trust towards your brand
  • Helps you to build credibility about your brand among the audience

20. Virtual Classrooms

A virtual classroom is also a sort of content marketing that can help the customers to learn about your products. A virtual classroom is one of the most advanced types of marketing any marketers can try.  Here participants can communicate with each other, view presentations, videos and engage the participates.

It can help to give real-time learning to customers and business users which can give you a better service to your customers. Various software’s are available for you to incorporate virtual classroom within your website like Google Hangout, Adobe Connect etc.


  • Real-time interaction with customers can make your business more credible
  • Can help to get real-time feedback from their customers
  • Very convenient and economical option to promote your business

21. Buying Guides

The buying guide is a very useful type of content marketing purposes. Many businesses are trying to implement buying guides on their website. Customers should know the type of product they should choose based on their requirement. Businesses should research well about the requirements of their customers and implement it in creating a buying guide. Such guides are very popular in increasing the sale of a business.


  • Useful for guiding customers while they want to buy a product
  • Improve your business authority
  • Buying guides can help to brand your product effectively

22. Free Trials

Free trails are offered to customers to check the quality of the product. This is offered by most businesses to make more customers. Most users love to see how the product works before buying the product. Free trails can help them to experience the product features and know the value they are getting from the product. Are you confident about the quality of your product? Start selling it using free trails and see an increase in your revenue


  • Free trials will help to get trust in your product/ service among users
  • These free trial users may change as your long-term customers
  • Can help the users to get used to the latest technologies and products through free trails

The content type that helps in Purchasing

Content type that helps in Purchasing

It is very hard to convince a customer about a product and make them buy it. There are different types of content that can aid you with that process. Such contents are created to show the economic value of the product and make people buy it. To convert a lead into an opportunity you may have to convince them about the quality of the product you are selling.

It can help your business to create a connection with your customers also. It is very essential to use some strategies to make users purchase a product. There are contents that can help marketers to persuade users to buy your product. See various types of content that can help in making purchasing decision of customers

23. Live Demo

Live Demo videos are useful when it comes to marketing a product. Business websites include inviting to live demo videos so that their customers can watch the live demo video of the product. It is very useful for customers to know the actual usage of the product. To inform your customers about your live demos it is very important to advertise about it. You can use social media campaigns to let them know about every update happening on your website. An experienced product expert should lead the campaign so that he can explain the usage of the product in an effective way.


  • Can explain product benefits and key features effectively
  • Best economical way to market your product

24. Consultation

Consultation is the process of getting advice from experts. Many companies offer consultation services for their clients. It is a very effective marketing option that can make more business.  For consolation businesses will hire experts who can explain well about a business and product. With good marketing skill and deep knowledge, they should be able to make leads to opportunities easily.

 Consultation can be of various types such as online consulting and direct consulting. Both are very useful in increasing company revenue as these consultants can convince customers about the quality and benefits of the product they are selling.


  • The consultation will help the company to connect with its customers
  • Can help them by offering a proper solution which can be beneficial to your business

25. Estimation

Estimation is another content type which contains a rough calculation of a value or a product. It can help the customers to get a clear idea about the cost that may come when they want to use that particular product. Business website makes sure to include the estimation cost for their various plans with the features they offer with each plan.

It can help the customers to figure out the features they need and the expense to get those features. Sometimes the value in the estimate will not be accurate while purchasing the product. Including estimation in your business website will help your customers to get an estimated cost while looking for a purchase.


  • Including estimation within your website can help to build trust among your audience.
  • Customers can pick the right product from a business according to their budget by evaluating the estimate

26. Coupons

Coupons are a very popular type of content that can be included in a website to increases sale. Customers always like to get deals and is also an expensive form of marketing. The main aim of including coupons and offers on the website is to increase the sale.  As a part of increasing the customers base, most businesses will incorporate coupons and offers with their marketing program. But the important thing to be noted while coupons as a part of marketing make sure to create an outstanding offer which can make your standout among other competitors.


  • Help to increase the number of new customers
  • Coupons are the highly measurable form of marketing

27. Tailored Workshop

Tailored workshops are mainly using the customer needs and requirements to create a program. Customers are now preferring a business that offers them exclusive offers and products. Businesses need to do some intensive research about their customer needs and develop offers and programs specifically for them. This customized workshop is one such type.  

If you want to get some real returns on your investment tailored workshop is a good option. You can provide a special workshop for customers to get to know your business and make them as your long-term customers. A business that can give tailored workshop will have a better image among customers.


  • Best for creating trust in customers
  • Make your brand trustworthy
  • Increases your customer base

28. ROI Tools

Every business needs to measure their ROI when they invest money in marketing their product. Measuring ROI will help them to analyze the effectiveness of their marketing campaign. While calculating ROI you need to have the following factors such as

  • Number of monthly website visitors
  • Average monthly leads
  • Prequalified leads
  • Percentage of close rate
  • Customer lifetime value

You will get to know the conversation rate, gross profit, average customer/month and much more information while calculating ROI. There are many tools available to measure the ROI of your marketing effort. Hotjar, Google Analytics, website grader, Hubspot, Hootsuite etc are some of the best tools available in the market. Try using those tools to see the effectiveness of your marketing strategies and be successful.


  • ROI tools can help to build effective marketing strategies
  • Help to set a realistic and realizable goal
  • Can build an effective budget

29. ROI Case Studies

Using ROI case studies can help business users to get a deep insight into your business strategies. Case studies are a detailed report where business users research on a various aspect of their marketing strategies. This report can be very interesting that can help to know what your customers want and create marketing strategies based on it.

Other than measuring ROI you can also create detailed case studies which can help to improve the outcome of your business marketing efforts. You can find various ROI case studies online for reference and create one for your business to improve your service


  • Can help to understand your customers well
  • Can tailor suitable strategies according to customer nature
  • Help your business Outcome with appropriate improvements

30. Exclusive Presentation

Exclusive presentations are also a type of content which can help businesses to impress their customers and improve the sale. They use exclusive slides to introduce the product for such presentations. A team of experts will be working to make presentation exclusive for the audience. To make it more acceptable marketers will incorporate many interesting facts about the product in presentation slides. Here marketers can use the power of their words and images to convince their audience into buying their product.


  • Presentations can help the audience to know more about the product
  • It can use to engage the audience and make them buy a product


You can use a suitable content type according to your marketing needs. In various stages of a buyer’s journey, the type of content varies. You cannot use contents that can help to create awareness to make them purchase the product. If you can choose the type of content wisely it is very useful for your business. While creating content make sure to concentrate on its quality. It should stand out among all other content types your competitors are using.

Each type of content has its own role in the buyers’ journey. Give value to your buyers and create contents that can make them attracted to your business. What type of content do you use to promote your business? You can tell us more about the strategy you use to win customers heart in the comment section below.

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