10 Tips To Increase Your Blog Post SEO

Most people start a blog to improve business visibility. Blogging is known as one of the most powerful tools for marketing. How to get more traffic to your website?

This is the most common question every webmaster has when they start a website. Initially, it’s not easy to get traffic to a website. Even though the content quality is good sometimes nobody will see your website. As the competition increases its hard to get much visibility among the audience.

So, what is the solution for that? This article will help you to learn more about SEO and the benefits of applying this on your website

The concept of SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the technique that can be used to optimize your web pages to get more visibility. Search engine like Google changes its algorithm frequently. They do this to improve the quality of content they provide for their audience.  These algorithms make sure that the content you upload contains useful information to the audience. There are various steps through which you can optimize your website. 

Just make certain changes to your website and improve website visibility. Sound easy right? But if you want to be a successful blogger always be up to date about any changes happening in the algorithm. Make changes to your optimization based on algorithm change to get the result you want.

Why SEO is important to blogs?

The search engine ranks a website based on its content quality. They have programs to crawl into a website and verify the contents it. Search engines want to provide relevant results to their audience. So, they try to find keywords form your website so that when someone searches for a topic they can present your website. Users always want the exact answer to their query and if the search engine can provide that on the first page itself nobody will go to the next page of search results. This is what simply SEO does. It helps to improve the ranking of your website and bring it to the top position among search results.

More people have to see the result to get the conversion you want. So, by optimizing your website you will see many benefits like

  • More visibility-: SEO can help your website to get a good ranking. This can help to get your site to feature among top search results. As a result, your website traffic will increase 
  • More conversion-: when the website traffic improves the conversion will also be higher. Many businesses start their website to expand their business. If you can engage more people, they can be your potential customers too
  • Return on investment-: There are many ways to earn money through blogging. When your website traffic increases earn money by including ads on your page
  • Boost credibility-: As your website gets featured the credibility of your business will improve. This can help your business to grow and get a better response from the audience.

Now you know that there are certain benefits to improving the SEO of your website. The process is simple if you can follow the below tips. You can change the future of your website Just by adding a few additional features. You don’t have to be an expert techie to do all these. Anyone with simple observation ability can make their website visible to as many people as possible by implementing SEO.

10 tips to increases your blog post SEO

10 Tips To Increase Your Blog Post SEO

There are many aspects of SEO. Nobody can teach you everything that can help to bring the change. You will learn most of them by yourself. When someone starts to implement changes to their website, they will learn many things based on the response they get. Here are few important points you can concentrate to boost SEO.

  1. Focus on adding long-tail keywords

Keywords are a very important aspect of SEO. Keywords are those words that a user can look for while they search for something. Many people think that adding so many keywords to a blog it can get more visibility. But the fact is that overstuffing keywords cannot help your website in any way. When a search engine ranks a website they consider such websites as spammy sites. So, it is better to stay away from the overstuffing of keywords.

There are tools like Google keyword planner to help you find keywords related to a topic. When you get the most popular keywords related to your blog include them wisely in your content. Use keywords in an optimizing manner without hurting the content quality. Nowadays long-tail keywords are very popular compared to short keywords. Users are most likely to read blogs that provide them a good solution. If you can include long-tail keywords in your blogs in the right way the chance of getting more views are high.

For example, if your topic is about optimizing a blog then the long tail keyword like how to optimize a blog is better than the short keyword optimization. Using a long-tail keyword will help to take your blog in the right direction and get the response you want. users are likely to read posts with long-tail keywords than with short keywords. They believe that content with long-tail keywords can give them the answer to what they are looking for. So, better concentrate on adding long-tail keywords to your content without lowering its quality

  1. Mobile-friendly design

Mobile-friendly websites are most likely to get listed among top search results than other websites. Most people search from their mobile device and if your website is not designed with the mobile-friendly version the chance of getting it featured is very low. Google changed its algorithm in 2015 and give preference to mobile-friendly websites. They only show such websites when a user searches for something from their mobile device.

What you can do is make your website responsive to mobile devices as well as desktop. Both versions will help you to get more traffic from any kind of user. Our main aim is to improve the inbound traffic, and this is one of the simplest things you can do to ensure that.  Google itself offers you a chance to find out whether your website is mobile-friendly or not. Go to their search console and there you can -friendly find mobile-friendly test option where you can enter your website URL to find out the result

  1. Be mindful of topic selection

Many webmasters try to post all topics that they see related to their niche. But every blog won’t get the attention they want. so, the best advice is to write viral content. This is not as easy as it sounds. Many popular contents are not because the author chose a popular topic. When someone posts content that chance of being viral is very rare. It depends on the relevancy and quality of the content. How can someone post viral content? This will be your next question. You can write viral contents by concentrating on a few points like

  • Headlines-: Writing content with great headlines can help you to make your post viral. If you can create a curiosity among the audience through a title, then it can save your content from getting disappeared among thousands of similar contents. Many research that the audience loves the headlines that play with their emotions. You can be truthful to your blog content and find a clickable headline for it. 

Length of content-: Nowadays the audience doesn’t have a long attention span. So, when you write blogs make sure to limit the words to 2000-3000. If you want to write lengthy content you can do that too. A recent survey shows that longer contents are more shareable than shorter ones. No one even read content with 500 or fewer words. Someone can’t even explain a concept with that many words. There is a chance of getting more backlinks when you write a longer post and if you explain the concept well audience don’t have to go anywhere in search of concepts related to your topic

Better research on content-: The next important point is to have a good understanding of the audience. Know what they want from your website and write for them. You can use social media platforms and other tools like the topic generator to find out popular topics at any time. Also, get suggestions from your audience and write based on their suggestions. All these ideas can help you to write better content that the audience wants. when you start to post what they want the traffic to your website will be higher automatically.

  1. Post evergreen content

Reposting evergreen content is proven as a successful strategy to boost SEO. There can be many topics that can be interesting to your audience. Find out some posts that can be reused at this point of time. You can change the headline of the topic and make some updates if needed. the best way is to find some topic that got more appreciation on your website and repurpose them. Now you might be thinking about the ways to find evergreen content. For that follow the below steps-:

  1. Find out content that is interesting to the public. If you are handling a Marketing topic search for some specific keyword and find out the number of posts related to that topic. If you see many websites listed with the topic then make sure that it is a demanding one
  2. Find out the list of topics that your audience enjoyed the most which have the potential of reposting. For example,

10 tips to increases your website traffic to 3 times

50 ways you can write interesting contents for better traffic

Both these titles are very interesting and can be reused because it has something to offer for its audience. You can change the wording of the headline and repost them so that it can increase the number of audiences to your website. You can search this topic on Google and see whether you can find results based on that. If you can’t find the results that means no competition. Other ways to find evergreen topics are

Research -: There are many ways to find out topics that can create a good impact. Look for evergreen posts on magazines, social media, newsletters, blogs etc.

Brainstorm-: You can think about some topics you might search for related to your niche. Such topics can be useful to your audience too

Listen-: Listen to your audience. Know what they want to know to form your website. Write about those topics and post them. You can also be a part of discussion forms and groups to find out popular topics that can be used as evergreen content

Promote-: once after posting evergreen content on your website alert your followers. You can share these posts on Facebook, or any other related social media platforms to ensure better reach.

  1. Link internally

Inbound links are very helpful in creating more traffic. Many webmasters do that whenever they want to show the audience content related to a topic. They can add a hyperlink where the audience can go and know more about that topic. This is a very interesting way to keep the audience entertained for a long time. Also. It will help to improve the relevancy of your content.  You can also link pages internally. If you have another blog with a similar topic or something mentioning a concept in detail add the link of that page in your contents. The audience can go to that page if they want to know more about the concept.

When you start to add internal links to your content other blogs will also get more views. This can help to improve your website ranking too. The number of backlinks of a website is the main indicator of its ranking. Google algorithms consider this fact when they decide the quality of a website. So be sure to add genuine backlinks without spamming your website. There are chances where you will get more requests from unauthorized sites. This cannot help your website in any way. Google only considers the quality of backlinks than quantity. So, be sure to add relevant backlinks to your website to get better output

  1. Optimize website URL

The structure of the URL is a very important part of SEO. If you want to attract the audience to your website, make sure to structure it well. If your website handles topics related to marketing, then the URL could be link https:// www.yourwebsitename.com/marketing . This is a larger section that is the main topic of your website. But this doesn’t help readers understand the topic they are searching for.   if you are discussing “10 tips to earn profit” then the URL can be https://www.yourwebsitename.com/marketing/10 tips to earn profit

In this way, if you can categorize the URL in an organized manner the response of the audience will be great. They know what they are going to find from the URL itself which is very good to improve traffic. You might have noticed some website URL shows some random number or letter when we click on a topic. Nobody believes in such URLs and that can also negatively impact your website traffic.

The search engine promotes websites with an optimized URL because they want to give exact results to their audience. By doing this you can improve website ranking and the number of traffic to your website at the same time. The search engine always favors websites with optimized URLs with keywords that can help the audience to understand the content easily.

  1. Optimize meta description

The meta description is the small description part you see below the URL. This describes the topic briefly. If you cab adds keywords related to your topic in this description part the chance of getting featured under top search results will be high. This meta description helps the audience to understand the topic and they can decide to click on it or not. Your job is to make them click on the topic by writing accurate meta descriptions with keywords. Do not overuse keywords in your meta description. Just add them as required.

You can add up to 300 words here. Make use of this chance and explain what you are discussing in a blog through the meta description. Include long-tail keywords in your meta description to get featured in SERP. It can’t always help you if your blog is discussing something different than meta description. There is also a chance of getting it featured as a snippet. Google shows the relevant meta description as snippets on SERP. Creating a reader-friendly description can help your website to prove the relevance to the topic and it can improve the ranking too.

  1. Optimize images with alt text

Many blog posts contain images other than text. You need to optimize images with alt text to get them featured under top results. Many users look for images too on Google. Images can also increase the number of traffic to a website. You can add alt text by explaining the image to improve your SEO. Simply explain what the image is about and that can improve the ranking of your website.

Images have the power to make a concept understand easily to the audience. Pictures are also easy to remember than words. Adding images also improve the user experience of your website. When you add image tags to HTML it looks like

<img class=”wt-blog__normal-image” src=”image.jpg” alt=”image-description” title=”image tooltip”>

Describe what the image is about and give a title to the image while you optimize images. Use keywords specific to the topic to get a better ranking for the image.

  1. Improve website speed

You need to make sure that your website loading speed is better. When it comes to loading speed, nobody waits more than 3 secs to load a page. The audience will go to other websites if your site is not loading fast. So, make sure that the website loading speed is good. You can check on the PageSpeed insight tool to find out the speed of the website. If you find it slow you can optimize the page and improve speed. The main factors that decide the loading speed of a website are image resolution, plugins, third-party codes, etc. optimize these factors to make your page load faster.

  1. Google Insights

There are ways to find out the engagement of your audience from the Google Search console. This is a tool that analyzes audience responses on a website. You will get a detailed analytic report from the Google analytic reports section of the Google search console. Using this data you can improve the result by making suitable changes to your blog posts. 

This is how a detailed analytic report looks like. The number of clicks and the position of your website will be shown there, and you can get a more detailed result by clicking on the arrow. This data is very important that helps you to keep growing and learn the changes that need to be made to get the response you want.


Now you know how to boost the SEO of your blog post. There are many additional steps you need to check like improving the title, quality of content. Regular content posting, communication with the audience, etc. The main point is to know every change associated with Google algorithm change.

Then only you can optimize the content as per algorithm changes. They implement these changes to improve the quality of their search results. 

If you can write content on a fresh topic in an informative manner and concentrate on these points mentioned above, then you will see the immediate result for sure. Once you know what your readers want it will easier to get their attention to all your blog posts.

Know your audience and search engine at the same time. You need to satisfy both to get a better result.

Are you ready to start implementing SEO on your website? Or have you already implemented a few of the tips before?

If yes, share your experience with us here.

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