Strategies That Make You Rethink Mobile App Marketing

Mobile apps are going through a revolutionary phase. Most mobile platforms have started to build their own app nowadays. So, it is very difficult to market the apps and ensure maximum reach. Users are also getting choosier nowadays. Just by uploading apps onto app stores, you cannot market your apps well. It is not the only place to reach users. Explore every place where your targeted audience can reach and make them see your app. Nobody can promote an app within the app store and improve maximum reach.

Many apps are releasing every day and only 1 of the 4 apps is getting noticed by users. To make your app a hit you have to implement new strategies, rewards, updates, and new features. They have to see something unique in an app to download. There are many apps for the same purpose. But only the app which offers something special to users is getting popular among them. Many people download apps from the play store. But, it is important to make them use that app by offering something interesting.

Strategies you have to Rethink for your Mobile App Marketing

  • Don’t treat your mobile as a desktop

Mobile apps are entirely different when compares to desktop versions of the app. It is like a small smaller version of the desktop with the same functionality. Mobile users want a different experience from these mobile apps and they are expecting unique experiences from them. When you design apps for mobile devices make it more comfortable to use.

Here is what you can do while creating a mobile app for your users.

  1. Create apps that can make people’s life easy
  2. Get your customers to involve in creating features of the app. Take opinions from them and know what they really want to see in the mobile version

Build apps based on user’s choice so that it will get more popular within the App Market

  • Developing App without Marketing Plans

App development is a very simple process. But, the complex part is to make it popular among users. There is no use if your app not gets enough downloads. To ensure that you should develop a good marketing plan along with app development. If you have a website and you are developing a mobile app for your customers highlight your mobile app on the website itself. When customers visit your website, they should know about the mobile app availability. This will help to increase the number of downloads of your app from the app store.

You can see so many websites where they highlighted their mobile app on their official page. Nordstrom, Sephora are some of them. CPI (Cost per Install) campaigns are a good way to increase the number of downloads. Here you can advertise your app on various platforms and you need to pay for each installation for the ad network. There are many ad networks that offer you this facility such as Appnext, YeahMobi, NativeX, etc. are some of the popular platforms.

Optimize your apps using keywords and engage your customers to add reviews about your app. Reviews are very important in the app market. Most people download an app after reading reviews about it. Make your customers happy and remind them to leave their reviews through in-app prompts.

  • Avoid concentrating on multiple platforms

When you develop an app make sure to concentrate on a single platform. There are more than 750,000 apps all over the app stores. So, when you launch an app it is better to concentrate on that platform more compared to publishing on multiple platforms. This will help you to get more updates about what works and whatnot. You can create new strategies accordingly. If you have to release apps on multiple platforms, then concentrate on the cross platforming programming language that assists in the delivery of the app to multiple platforms.

  • Make people come back to your app

Many people download an app and some of them use it and some others won’t use it. Just by building an app your job isn’t done. You have to make all your app users come back it by employing suitable strategies. Customer engagement is very important for every app. Offer them exciting rewards, offers, and incentives to make them come back to your app. Mobile app engagement ads via deep linking will also be helpful to make them come back to your app.

These are some best options you can try

  • Know more about your customers and give them what they want through your app. Research well to know what your targeted audience needs and offer them what they want.
  • Create an innovative engagement mechanism to remind your app’s presence. It could be by offering exciting offers, coupons, or discounts that can make them come back to your app and use it
  • Send frequent updates about the app and show them that you are trying to improve it. Give them what they want through each update and encourage them to open the app

Customize ads to target the range of users. Research well about your customer’s nature and give ads to users according to their needs.

  • Communication with customers

Customers are very important for all business. Like that every app needs a strong customer base to grow. To get strong support from customers you need to invest some time in communicating with them. There may be questions, comments, and suggestions from customers regarding your app. create a two-way communication channel to directly interact with them. This will help you to know their feedback on time and act accordingly on your app.

Don’t ignore their concerns and question regarding your app. You can build an in-app communication tool that can help you in communication with your app users. if you cannot build it inside the app look for external services that can help you with it. To get a better ROI it is important to improve reviews, ratings, retention, and research. These 4 Rs are very important for every business. If you can spend some time to value your customer’s opinion it will be beneficial to your market growth. So, concentrate on making apps that can engage customers by listening to them, develop the relationship and find your loyal fan following from them.

  • Stop selling the App

Customers became brilliant nowadays. Long back developers promoted it as an app across various platforms. But now it will not work. Customers concentrate on a better experience from any app they download. If you can sell the experience instead of selling the app it will work well.  They use apps that can give them a superior experience to any other apps. Customers now concentrate on the experience each app can offer to them by making their life simple.

Final Words

These are some important Mobile app marketing strategies to rethink. Don’t think that both desktop and mobile versions of apps are the same in all features. Consider both platforms differently. Users are more concentrated on mobile apps. So, it is useful for developers to concentrate on mobile apps as per their user’s needs. Mobile users always use apps to make their work easy. If an app can provide such a good experience for its users, it will succeed.

Apps are the best channel to connect with users. in order to be successful market an app, a strong business plan is essential, and concentrate on building a loyal audience for your app. they can support your app in all situations. Ratings, reviews, app optimization, advertisements, etc are essential to ensure its reach. Build awareness among the audience and promote the number of downloads and usability of your app. Avoid the above common mistakes while marketing your app and concentrate on making your app a powerful tool to reach your customers.

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