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Marketing is a very important part of a business. To handle it effectively you need to have some useful tools. We are discussing some free tools you can use for marketing. In this part, we are discussing tools that can be used to schedule social media post in advance.

Social media is very important to build an audience nowadays.  Social media scheduling tools will help you to manage multiple social media platforms at the same time. These tools will help you to schedule social media post in advance, track campaign results, run contests and many more. If you are a beginner to marketing these tools can help you to automate social media posting effectively without wasting your time.

Schedule post for social media platforms

There are many tools available to manage social media. But without knowing the purpose of each tool you cannot use it successfully. This article mainly deals with best social media managing apps anyone can use to efficiently manage social media promotions.  

Here are some popular tools you can use to schedule social media posts

#1. Buffer

Buffer is a popular tool which helps you to schedule social media posts in advance and manage multiple platforms at the same time effectively. Schedule social media posts, track performance, analyze the best time for posting, manage more than one platform at the same time and more. Buffer offers a free plan which enables you to manage three platforms at the same time, schedule up to ten posts at a time and also use their browser extension and mobile app features.

By subscribing to its paid plan, you can get more features like RSS feed, link shortening, tracking etc. Paid plan ranges from $10-$399/month. You can choose a plan based on your business size and requirements. The app is available to use from your Android as well as IOS platforms.

#2. Later

Are you looking for an Instagram scheduler? Then choose Later, the number#1 marketing platform for Instagram management. Use this tool to manage visual contents to Instagram by importing media from anywhere easily by dragging and dropping. You can plan Instagram post for a week within 20 minutes. Increase your Instagram fan following by using this tool well.

Upload images directly from your device, manage multiple Instagram account at the same time, support multiple users, save your time by planning and scheduling are some of the interesting features you can expect from this app. You can use this app from any device and make it easier to use.

#3. Tweetdeck

If you are using Twitter as a platform to promote your brand use Tweetdeck. This is a real-time tracking tool which you can use to organize your tweets and promote better user’s engagement. Initially, it was an independent platform but later Twitter.Inc. acquired it. Users can use this tool to manage multiple accounts at the same time without any issues.

TweetDeck is free for Twitter users. It may not be suitable to manage multiple social media platforms. But, you can manage multiple Twitter accounts using this tool without any interference. Create customer timelines, manage and create Twitter searches and list, add multiple ream account etc. using Tweetdeck.

#4. SocialOomph

Boost your social media productivity using SocaiOomph by managing multiple social media platforms at the same time. Popular platforms include Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and more. Free plan only offers to Twitter account management.  Manage up to five Twitter accounts using its free plan. To access another social media platform, you need to subscribe to its plan.  To delete Tweets manually you need to work a lot. But, make this process easy by using this tool. Schedule posts, track performance, shorten URLs, manage multiple accounts and many features are available from SocialOomph

#5. Friends+ Me

Friends+ Me is a popular tool that supports Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler etc. It offers many plans according to each business type. Link shortening, multiple platforms support, integration with Zapier, supports multiple browser extension such as IOS and Android etc. The free plan is effective to manage some platforms well. You can add two queues and three posts per queue using a free plan.

Pinterest and Instagram management are only available for paid plan users. Paid plan ranges from $7.50-$299 depending on the plan you choose. The app is very simple and easy to use without any difficulties. Try Friends+Me and make your social media management easy.

#6. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a simple tool any marketer can use to manage their social media well. It helps you to discover and schedule content and manage multiple social media platforms in one platform. It supports all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Curate content from your own blogs and share it on your social media platforms easily using Crowdfire. Manage everything well using this tool effectively and increase your follower base.

#7. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a good tool for this purpose with many users all over the world. It lets you schedule post for multiple social media management without much effort. There are various plans available for you to choose from. The free plan offers you a chance to manage three social media platforms in one place, Schedule 30 post in advance and provides you general lead with social contests. Also, free plan offers you a chance to track followers, two feed RSS integration, content statistics etc. Try Hootsuite to manage any platform you need and improve your business and followers.


Scoopit is a content curation tool. Use this tool to choose content from any platform and curate it as you like to post into your social media platforms. It can boost credibility with readers and build brand awareness, strengthen influencer connection, and improve your follower base.  It allows you to scoop more than 50 contents for a topic and links it faster to any browser extension easily.

More than 4 million people use this app all over the world. All you have to do is to discover the contents, curate it and share it across various social media platforms directly from website.  Many popular websites used this tool to curate content and improve their brand visibility all over the internet.  Sign up for free and explore various possibilities using this tool.


Above tools are very useful for beginners as well as experienced marketers. You can choose a suitable tool after considering their features and your requirements. Choose a tool and manage everything well. Save your time by automating everything related to social media promotions and improve your business. We can discuss the next set of tools to organize your works in the next part. To know more about managing your work automatically with the help of some best tools you can check the next part.

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