How Far Can Social Media Take Your Ecommerce Sales?


Nowadays everyone is active on social media. As per the latest prediction, there will be 4.1 billion active social media users by 2025. So, the best way for a brand to reach its customers is through social media channels. Experts say that 90% of business is going to use social media channels as their primary marketing medium in next two years. Customers prefer to spend time with their favorite brand on social media than being active on it nowadays.

There are no age ranges for social media users. Companies used to believe that they can ignore social media if there are not targeting young audience in their twenties. But that is not the case now. People of all ages are active on social media channels and ignoring social media can impact your business very badly. 

An average person spends 2 hours 15 minutes on social media which is one-third of their total online time. Customers don’t just create social media account; they actively use them a lot. An ideal customer is spending twice as much as time they spend on browsing a website or shopping. Here are some interesting facts about social media that might be useful for your business.

  • 1.47 billion users are active on Facebook users 
  • 60% of Instagram users are finding new products on Instagram.
  • 30% of customers are more likely to make a purchase if they see a product on any of the social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter
  • Social media messenger is outperforming current in email marketing in ROI.

How can you drive traffic through social media?

Social media can be used to make connections, engagement, and relationships with people. A brand can use social media to generate more traffic towards your website and make more sales through it. Brands can use social media platforms to interact with customers and to get feedback about the products.

Research shows that customers who experience positive interactions with a brand on social media are more likely to get recommended from their customers. It is the best way for a brand to impress their customers and encourage them to take any action on your website. If you haven’t already tried social media advertisement till now you are wasting your time.

When someone says about your business on social media, it is more beneficial to grow the reach of it rather than mentioning it to a friend offline. Brands are finding social media platforms as the best channels to interact with their customers. If you can answer the questions and concerns of customers on social media, they are more likely to buy from you again and again. 78% of customers think that social media is the future of customer service.  More than 70% of customers improved their perception of a brand after interacting with it on social media channels. 

The best way to engage customers through social media is by adding content that is useful to your target audience. It can be written content, links to your website, images, and videos. Video content is known as one of the most popular promoting tools for the brand on social media. Video content has the potential to increase the number of shares by 80%.

Organic content can be successfully promoted through social media if you are ready to spend enough time on it. Otherwise, it is better to depend on paid advertisements and sponsored posts for a better response.  More than 65% of businesses increased their social media budget this year due to the RO it can give to a brand. Here are some ways to increase your brand reach on social media 

Facebook contents-: Facebook contents are the best way to engage your customers on social media. You can write the content of 2000-2500 words and post it on Facebook. If you are posting video content on Facebook, be sure to limit the length in between 4-4.30 minutes for better reception. Length is a small factor that you can keep your audience engaged to the video. The main factor you need to concentrate on while you create a video is the quality of content. Choose fresh and unique video content that can reflect your brand messages to the customers.

Live videos-: Live videos are more engaging on social media. YouTube is the largest video streaming platform with 1 billion hours of content per day. People of all ages enjoy watching videos from their favorite brands. 80% of customers prefer to watch live streaming videos over any other type of social media post. Viewers respond to social media videos due to their engagement and immediacy. If you can create informative and engaging live videos it will help you to build a better relationship with the audience. 

Instant messaging-:  instant messaging is another option for eCommerce sites to interact with their customers. Customers don’t want to wait to get an answer to their questions. They prefer a brand that can give instant replies to their queries. WhatsApp, Facebook, and WeChat are the three main apps with billions of users. Using artificial intelligence and chat robots you can improve the engagement within the audience and provide them instant solutions. More than 50% of businesses would prefer messages rather than email, phone, and online chat in the current day scenario. Use instant messaging as a part of your social media strategy and see how you can improve the followers.

Instagram stories-: Instagram stories can also help a brand to convey its message to its customers. Instagram is a platform with over 250 million regular users. 50% of businesses on Instagram posts one story per month. Brands can post stories that last 24 hours and generate better ROI from Instagram. You can engage your audience by creating simple polls that can be used to collect customer data. Make Instagram a part of your strategy to entertain your target audience from that platform. 

How can you sell on social media?

Social media is the best way to target the audience and to create a better brand awareness for brands. There are various ways you can use social media to make a sale. Your success will depend on your target customer and which platform they use. Here are some social media selling strategies you can implement in your business to make a sale.

Paid advertising

Paid advertisement is the best way to showcase your brand on social media platforms. This will ensure better brand visibility and an increase in the number of sales. Use Facebook ads to encourage showcase your products to your target customers. Make it customized based on the nature of your target audience for better results. There are different social media platforms where you can invest in paid ads. But be sure to invest in a platform where your target audience is most active. 


Remarketing is another strategy that lets you make more conversions. You can continuously target customers across various platforms in remarketing. Provide customized remarketing option by filtering out the recent browsing history, interest and demographic data of your customers fir better result. You might now think that it will affect your brand in a negative way. But that is not true. As per research remarketing is the best way to increase conversion by 4 times and it also increases the number of clicks by three times. 

In-app purchases

You can also implement in-app purchases to make the shopping process easy. When implementing this strategy customers won’t have to leave social media sites to make a purchase from your site. use social media sites to provide in-app shopping options to your customers and give them the ability to shop your products from there itself. You also set up option to store the credit card information of the customers to make the process easier.  This is the best strategy to impress impulsive buyers and make more conversions from social media sites. 

Influencer marketing

Influencers are those experts who can convince customers to buy certain products. They are marketing experts with so many followers on social media platforms. Influencer marketing has become one of the effective social media marketing strategies nowadays. Many brands users’ celebrities for their brand endorsement and other use expert marketers in their niche. 92% of customers trust recommendations and 40% of them make purchases purely based on recommendations. On YouTube 86% of most watch’ videos are from influencers. This data itself shows that only 14% of them are the video created by brands. Find an influencer who can proactively promote your brand on social media platforms to get a better growth for your business.

User-generated contents

User-generated content is something using which a brand can generate better credibility within the audience. You can use your brand followers as your brand advocates on social media. Encourage them to create content that can provide a positive impact for your brand on social media. Feature user-generated content on social media platforms to generate more followers and improve your brand engagement on social media platforms. 


Instagram promotion is another marketing strategy for eCommerce sites. Instagram gives you a better opportunity to grow your sale and make more money. Instagram is known to sell visually appealing products and is a great option to sell without spending much money on advertising. You should not post too many product photos on your Instagram feed and ruin your reputation among the audience. 

How eCommerce improve your social media for better sales?

Now you know some best social media options to promote your eCommerce business. Here are some tips that can help you to implement to make your social media promotion better. 


Social media is the best place where you can entertain your customers by responding to your messages instantly. 60% of customers who try to reach your brand on social media expect an immediate reply. 80% of them might not buy a product if you might not reply to your customer questions within an hour. Use robots and chatbots to set up automatic responses to your customers. Be active on social media and implement realistic messaging options such as message automation. 

Mobile-oriented marketing

Always keep mobile marketing in your mind while you try to grow your business. Give preference to the mobile-optimized websites and mobile marketing strategies. 80% of customers love to watch promotional videos from their favorite brands. 75% of mobile traffic will be through videos. So, try to improve your mobile marketing strategies by giving more priority to video marketing for better business opportunities.

Be social

Other than just posting your ads and promotion there are many other things you can do with your social media platforms. Share informative content to your customers regarding your industry in addition to your product promotion. This will create an interest in your page on social media and thereby you can increase the number of followers also. Use 80% of social media time to share informative content on social media and the rest 20% on showcasing your product. 

Track your result

The last and final step is to track the result of your social media campaigns. Without knowing the result there is no point in working on social media promotion. Track your social media campaign result to create effective social media strategies that can improve your sales. The engagement of a business is something that can help to get a better ROI from social media advertising. Based on results you can change the strategies that can give you a better outcome. 


Social media is an inevitable part of everybody’s life. It gives you an opportunity to grow your sale, improve the brand name and to make more followers. Without social media, there will not be any growth in your business nowadays.

Many eCommerce has not seen the full benefits of social media campaigns as they have not used their potential fully. Now you know how to use social media to gain maximum benefits from your social media campaigns. Now you know the benefits of using social media to grow your eCommerce business. Build strong social media support and see how it can bring a huge change to your ROI.

Share your thoughts about social media marketing and how it can be used to bring a better outcomes to your eCommerce marketing efforts. 

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