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Web hosting is an important part every website owner needs to consider if they want to provide a better-quality website to viewers. The web host is needed for every website to be viewed on the internet. These web host service providers store your website in a server and make it available to users when they search for your website. There are many hosting companies available for you to choose from. But when you pick a web hosting service there are many factors that need to be considered such as price, security, support, etc.

If you have experience running a website you might be aware of many issues such as hacking, slow loading, etc. Many webmasters complain about the lack of protection and slow loading of the website during uptime. If you cannot provide a quality website nobody is going to visit your website. There are many factors that decide the quality of a website. One of the main factors that viewers expect is uninterrupted service. When they want to search for something, it should be available without any problem. This is Where a good Hosting Service can play its role

Introduction to SeekaHost

You might have heard of many web hosting services before. Seekahost is a very trusted web hosting service based in London, UK. The name has been creating a buzz in web hosting services for the last few years. The company was founded in 2000 by SEO expert Fernando Raymond with an aim of providing efficient and affordable personal and business web hosting services. They have managed to achieve a group of loyal customers since then.

Services Seekahost Offers

Seekahost offers you a lot of packages. Webmasters can choose the best plan they want according to their website requirements.

Here are the Services They Offer

  • Personal Webhosting

Personal web hosting packages are suitable for hosting if you own a website. It is suitable for all sizes of the website be it small, medium, and large with a pricing plan for each of them. The lowest price will start at $1.99/month. The small plan allows you to register a single domain, 1GB disk space, and 10GB bandwidth. The medium plan offers you to register 3 domains with 3GB disk space and 30GB Bandwidth. Large plans allow you to register 5 domains with 5GB disk space and 50GB of bandwidth

  • Business Webhosting

This plan is created to help business users in hosting their websites. Seekshost is designed to provide various plans for business owners. There are 4 business web hosting packages. The basic plan starts at $7.99/month using which you can manage up to 5 domains. The standard plan will be $9.99/month which you can use to manage 10 domains at a time. In addition to this standard plan gives you unlimited data transfer and disk space. Premium plans subscribers can access 15 domains at a time by paying $11.99/month. The highest plan in business web hosting is the unlimited plan for which you can pay $13.99/month with unlimited access to domains, data transfer, and disk space.

  • Cheap Webhosting

Cheap web hosting is another service from Seekahost for webmasters who don’t want to spend too much money on this. It is suitable for small websites and blogs. You can choose the best plan according to your blog size. The small plan starts with a charge of $1/month with 500MB disk space and 5GB Bandwidth. For the medium plan, you can pay $5/month and it will give you 1GB disk space and 10GB Bandwidth. By paying $6/month you can subscribe Intermediate plan which offers you 3GB disk space and 30GB data transfer. The advanced plan can give you 7GB disk space and 80GB data transfer and will cost you $10/month.

  • PBN Hosting

PBN hosting is a service specially designed for SEOs. They can run their service securely at an affordable price using this service from Seekahost. PBN hosting consists of various plans such as 5IP PBN hosting which is the cheapest of all plans and starts at $1.1/month. The plan gives you 2GB disk space, 5 unique IPs, and 25GB Data transfer. 10IP PBN hosting is another plan with 5GB disk space, 10 unique IPs, and 50GB data transfer. Like this Seekahost offers you various ranges of PBN services like 20IP PBN, 30IP PBN up to 2000 IP PBN plans.

  • WordPress Hosting

For WordPress users, Seekahost has this special plan. Choosing Seeahost as your WordPress hosting provider will save you time and money. This service ensures complete protection of your website content. Using their Spam assassin program, they eliminate spammy content from your website in order to improve its quality and ranking. Basic($3/month), Standard($5/month), Premium($15/month) and Extreme($25/month) are the 4 plans for WordPress users.

  • SEO-Friendly Hosting

Seekahost also offers another plan for SEO experts which is called SEO hosting. Unlike PBN hosting it provides multiple IPs to host your website. SEO experts can choose different IPs to host their websites. This will help them to bring more credibility to their website in front of the search engine. Basic($25/month), Expert($45/month) and Premium($70/month) plans are there for you to choose from.

Why SeekaHost is better than other Web Hosting services?

Unlike other web hosting company Seekahost offers you customizable plans for various web services. It ensures you high-quality service for a low price.

Here are some best features of Seekahost you need to know

  • Seekahost offers you services for low-price

Seekahost is an affordable web hosting service provider compared to all others. They offer you a wide variety of plans from which one can choose the plan suitable for their website. The price starts at $1.99/month. One can manage a single website or multiple websites without any tension if they have Seekahost as a web hosting service provider.

  • Uses the Latest Technology

Seekahost uses the latest technology to manage web hosting services. They use 4GH Linux hosting which is the latest technology in web hosting.

  • Seekahost is easy to Use

Even if you are new to this business no need to worry about choosing a web hosting service from Seekahost. They offer a web hosting service to more than 50000 customers and all of them will agree with the fact that the service is very simple to use. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use this web hosting service. The site is designed with a simple user interface and you can manage databases, emails, files, and everything from the cPanel.

  • 24×7 Customer Support

This is another specialty of Seekahost. They offer 24×7 customer support and to do that there is a group of experienced support teams. They can help you to resolve any issue with your website without interrupting your service. Also, they offer free configuration support to all their customers through DNS checkups.

  • Better Protection

Seekahost ensures the security of your website and its content. They do regular scanning of your website and their highly secured anti-virus software will help to protect your website from any hackings or attacks.

  • Uptime Guarantee

Seekahost offers you a 100% Uptime guarantee. Most web service providers struggle to provide complete support to their customers during uptime. This may adversely affect the website’s reputation. To avoid this, choose Seekahost as your web hosting provider and see the amazing support they provide you during uptime.

  • Unlimited Data Transfer

Seekahost offers you unlimited bandwidth to their customers. Most web hosting service providers offer you a certain bandwidth and the content of the website may crash if it crosses that bandwidth. If you choose Seekahost you need not be worried about the bandwidth of your website content. Make use of their unlimited bandwidth offer and improve your service quality

  • Offers SSL Certification

SSL certificate is one of the most important deciding factors of a website’s credibility. It is necessary for all the websites nowadays. Seekahost provides free SSL certification with any purchased plan. With this certificate, you can let your customers know that every information they enter such as credit card, personal, or payment details is secure on your website with 256-bit encryption. After getting your domain you can contact them to help with the site’s SSL certification.

Wrapping Up

Seekahost is an excellent web hosting service provider you can choose to host your personal or business website. You can completely trust them while opting for a plan. The price is also affordable and they give you a money-back guarantee if it does not work as expected. Security, quality of service, and affordable plans are the best features to find in Seekahost. Seekahost is designed with special security systems to monitor any suspicious activity that can be happened on your website. This ensures complete protection and a free SSL certificate increases the trustworthiness of it.

Cheap plans are another specialty of this service. Anyone can opt for the plan they need according to their website needs. Also, Seekahost allows you to customize your service as you want. With brilliant technicians to support and better service quality, it stands out in the market among all other service providers. You can completely trust their service and they will protect your website in every aspect.

What else are you expecting from a web hosting service provider? Try their service and experience the best quality web hosting.

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