5 Fundamentals for a Scientific Approach to Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is going through a drastic change. More than 46% of brands adopted digital marketing strategy in order to improve their business. At the same time, 16% of businesses have not yet considered integrating digital marketing strategies to promote their business.

Consumers are getting smarter day by day. It is not easy to convince them to buy a product. Marketers need to be extra careful when they try to convince people to buy a product because they will search for everything about that product before they buy it.

Digital presence is very important for every brand nowadays. Just by advertising a product cannot be successful. Good planning and execution are required for its success.

If you are into digital marketing make sure to follow every change associated with marketing. It is very important to be smart if you want to take your business to the next level. This is a guide that discusses some fundamentals of digital marketing strategy that you can follow.

These strategies will help you to be in the top position of marketing in the digital medium. A/B testing can also help you in understanding the latest trends and working strategies. 

  • Create a website for users

If you don’t have a website to promote your brand to create one as soon as possible. Get a good web hosting service, choose an effective URL, create useful content, and keep it relevant. For that, you need to conduct research on your targeted audience and know what they want to see on your website. 

Behavioral analysis of customers will help you to create a detailed persona and it can be used while you develop your marketing campaigns. 

Users always like to follow a website that can provide them valuable content. Know their needs before creating content and create content accordingly. The user-centric approach is very essential for every business to be successful. 

Users are always looking for a solution when they search for anything. If you can provide that assurance through your content it can save your business. There are various approaches to digital marketing but a user-centric website is a very important factor to achieve the result you look for. 

  • Create Brand awareness

Once after your website started to be active you need to attract people towards your website to make it successful. There are many ways you can use to create brand awareness. Paid campaigns and advertisements through social media platforms are one of the leading methods marketers use to attract people to a website initially.

There are many tools you can use to manage your advertisement. After using these paid advertisements, it is useful if you can track the result using tools like Wordstream. It can help you to optimize your marketing campaigns to get better output.

Search Engine Optimization is very important when you want to make your campaign notable. There are many tools out there which you can use to optimize your campaigns and advertisement for search engines.

This can help to bring them to limelight easily. The optimization process includes using relevant keywords in your content, getting high-quality backlinks, including relevant title and meta-title, creating the site maps for your website, and so on.

Google Keyword Planner, Moz link explorer, Google analytics, etc are some popular tools that can be used to make your campaign optimized for search engines. 

If your website is build based on the content management system such as WordPress you can download plug-ins, they provide to optimize your webpage. There are many tools available for you to use without paying. So, we can say that search engine optimization is a very important approach you need to follow in your digital marketing strategy to get the result you want. 

  • Social Media Marketing

As you know well social media cannot be ignored in this digital era. The easy way to reach your customers is through social media. Online reviews and social media conversations can take your business to the next level. While you create a social media marketing campaign have a clear purpose and work to achieve it.

Here are some best practices you can follow while marketing through social media

  • Create great resources by activating your profile. Post relevant content for your audience and be active in your account
  • Embed social media sharing buttons in your website so that it will be easy for people to share your content across various social media platforms
  • Post interesting content regularly. Make sure to talk about other things that are not related to your business also through your social media page. Keep in mind not to put spammy contents in your page
  • Listen to what they have to say through your page. This is a good way to connect you’re your customers. Make sure to ask for their feedback through your website so that you can improve your product as they want

Facebook Google+ YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are the most popular social media platform you can use to connect with your customers. There are many other platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr which you can try to promote your business.

Also, it is better to use platforms that can you can manage easily without much effort. Whichever platform you use to be sure to keep it active and engage your audience through your posts

  • UX design of the website

Every website owner creates their website by keeping something in their mind. It could be conversion, registration, entering contact info, and so on. To improve conversion, it is very important to design your website well so that audience will take action when they visit your website.

Don’t just go behind increasing the number of traffic towards your website. There will be some CTA on your website. Just by changing its color or appearance you can bring many people’s attention towards your website and let them do the action. 

While designing your website make sure to keep some important points in your mind

  1.  Create a clear plan to improve the conversion rate on your website
  2. Try A/B testing and make suitable changes according to audience response
  3. Decide what you need to change to be accepted by customers 
  4. Do a thorough analysis to know what really works 
  5. Make suitable changes as per the result

Use a better analytics tool to know what works and whatnot. The analysis is a very important part of every marketing. Without knowing the response from the audience no marketing campaign cannot be improved and make a success

  • Lead Generation (Email Marketing)

Email marketing cannot be ignored if you are looking for a real result. It is still relevant for lead nurturing. But many people use this in the wrong way so that customers started to ignore such spammy emails. It is very important to send them marketing emails without spamming their inbox.

It can be possible if you follow these tips

  • Create a strong subject line. It should be relevant to your business and the words should be catchy. When they read the headline, it should grab their attention and make them read the whole content 
  • Avoid spammy words in your subject line. There are some words that can make your email look spammy one. Avoid words like sale, discount, % Off, reminder, etc to save it from going to spammy mailbox. 
  • End with a proper CTA in your mail. Just like CTAs on the website, it will let the audience do what they want from the mail itself. Make it more compelling with suitable words
  • Be more personal to get attention from people. Just by sending something to improve your sale won’t be effective. If you can make more personalized emails which shows that your care towards your customers can make it more effective than sale emails.

Email marketing is very useful if you want to see some real conversion and increase your website traffic. Keep your customers in mind and create proper emails so that it gives you a successful output. 

Wrapping up

There are many approaches marketers can try in digital marketing. These are some best methods you can follow to see better ROI. Every business is different and the marketing approaches will also be different for each of them. If you can create better strategies using these fundamental marketing approaches then the business will be successful.

No business can withstand in the market without a proper digital marketing strategy.

The best thing about digital marketing strategy is that you can try trial and error by seeing the response of each of your marketing efforts.

Are you ready to try something new in your digital marketing strategy? Try the above approaches and see how it works for your business.

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