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Reasons Why You Should Join a Startup Instead of an MNC

Reasons Why You Should Join a Startup Instead of an MNC

The dream of every graduate is to join an MNC which can offer a good salary. But it is very difficult for them to adjust to their work culture sometimes. Even though an MNC job provides a good salary, job security, good status in society working in an uninteresting environment can be very boring and won’t help you to grow your skills. Doing the same job again and again without any challenges can’t help you to grow. So, it is better to be a part of a startup where you can show some individual talent.

Every startup will be difficult to move on initially. But once you get a chance to take a place in the market then you don’t have to look back. You can grow your talents and business skill by encountering a lot of problems in a start-up business. Also learn a lot of things when taking part in a business startup that has fewer people. Money can’t give you everything. Work satisfaction is also very important when you want to lead a happy life.

Have you thought about being part of a start-up instead of joining an MNC? If yes you must be aware of some best things associated with startups. This article deals with the benefits that you can get from joining an MNC. No need to waste your life in an MNC where nobody values your hard work and time.

Here are Some Advantages You will get from joining a Startup instead of an MNC

  1. More Responsibility

Most startup contains a limited number of employees most probably single digit. When you are someone from that team your responsibilities will be higher. Each of your decision regarding this firm has to take cautiously because a small mistake will cause a huge impact on your business. At the same time if your decision is the right one which can bring benefits to the business your work will be recognized well, and you will get an appraisal from your boss. A single employee will take multiple roles in a startup and have to face a lot of hardship in his journey. Be sure to know about the risks and responsibilities you have to take while joining a startup.

  1. Experience

Getting experience from a large MNC firm is not a big thing. You are only taking part in a single role and will get experience in that role only. But, when to comes to a startup you have to take part in a various decision related to the firm and be in multiple roles also. You will get a lot of experience in handling various situations and issues. This will help you well in the future and this experience cannot get from working in an MNC. You will learn a lot of things other than your job part from a startup and sometimes you may have to manage various departments too. By gaining such experience from a startup you can survive successfully in any working conditions.

  1. Personal Growth

Personal growth is a very good benefit you are going to gain by working in a startup. As a startup is a small establishment you need to taking part in many important decisions making. When you work in an MNC most decisions will be taken as a group. But here individual decision is also required. Build you as a team player and show your individual ability by participating in your company’s growth. Take part in various sections of the company’s operation and grow your personality. This can bring more confidence in you and you can do whatever you want. Even this personal growth can help you to start your own business and make it successful.

  1. Opportunities

Joining a startup will open a door to new opportunities. Even though you won’t get a higher payment like that of MNC and the experience from here can’t match up anywhere else. After getting a good name in the company you will be recognized well and the exposure you get from here will help you to increase your confidence. Get new skills and know well about dealing with various situations will help to improve your personality. After working some years in a startup will help you to work in any environment. With a good work experience from a startup, you will get many interesting opportunities in the future too.

  1. Learn New Things

Learn new things from a startup that you can get from an MNC. Learning is very important to grow when you work somewhere. While working in an MNC you may handle the same type of job without any challenge or change. This situation won’t help to learn anything new because you will be static in that environment. Being in a startup will make you dynamic and help you to learn new things that can be implemented to show your skill and grow the business. You will be closer with founders and this will allow you to learn their approach to various business situations. You can learn how they solve all business issues by finding the correct solution.

  1. Awesome Working Atmosphere

The flexibility of work is a benefit that you can get from startups. You don’t have to follow the tight office hours. Flexible work hours are a plus and you don’t have to wear formal clothes while going to the office. Startups will be more relaxed than an MNC. You will get some spare time without so much work pressure. Enjoy time with your colleagues which is only a small group help you know them well. There will not be any ego between these employees. Co-operation between all employees can help the business to succeed well. This is only possible in a startup business

  1. Self-Sustainability

You will know how to sustain in any conditions after getting the working experience from a startup. You will know the value of hard work, tenacity, creative thinking, and many other qualities. Once you created something on your own by fighting with all the adverse conditions will help to build your self-confidence. In a startup, self-sustainability is very important, and it will like to do or die situation. To withstand such conditions, you need to be confident.  This confidence is very important, and it will help to do anything you want in the future.

  1. Financial Incentives

This is another benefit of startups. Initially, you will get a low salary from a startup. When you work for a large company you won’t get that much benefit from their profit. But when a startup gets a profit they will try to share with their employees too. You will get more incentives and financial benefits than that of working with an MNC. When you join the financial stage of the company will decide what you earn as an incentive. If the company has only a few employees, then the profit will be shared among them and there is a chance of getting a good incentive too. So, we can’t ignore the financial benefits associated with a startup.

  1. Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is a very important factor that leads you to a good life. If someone cannot be happy in their work, then their personal life will be like that only. Startups will help you to gain complete job satisfaction because you will get recognition and appraisal for what you do. In an MNC when you will do something there is only less chance to get it recognized or sometimes you will be popular in your department or section. Another advantage is that you don’t have to play politics in a startup. If the number of employees is less, then there is less chance of ego or professional jealousy. There is no time to think about all those things in a startup other than work.

  1. Be a Part of Something Everything

You will get a feel of being part of something big. In a startup, you need to include in all important matters and you are being part of building a product. So, from design to sales you are a part of that product. Being part of a small startup is something like you are making a big thing from nothing. You are a part of the biggest dream of a group of people at the same age and experience as yours. This is a great feeling and it can only be getting from a startup. This is not a small thing and the feeling you get will be amazing and exciting.

Final Words

Many young talents now don’t want to join an MNC and spend their entire life like a machine. They want to explore the world and enjoy freedom in their working environment. This can only be possible by starting their own business or joining a startup. Starting a business on our own will be riskier because you are the one to take the all-important business. But in a startup, all decisions will be made by discussing mutually with all of the employees and there will be equal responsibility for each and everyone in the company’s growth.

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