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Are you looking for a tool which can help you to track your website or clients website’s Keywords Ranking?

Well, then read this article to understand the latest real-time keyword ranking tracking tool called Rankz on what does include for you and why you need to use Rankz.io to track your keywords ranking in real-time.

Rankz.io keywords Ranking

Rankz is an SEO automation tool which helps to track real-time rankings for your keyword in desktop and mobile search engine rank pages. In recent times, Google has adopted machine learning and AI in the rendering of its services hence the need for automated SEO activities to match up with these innovations.

Before now, core SEO activities such as keyword tracking and bulk domain name availability where done manually. But with Rankz, these core SEO activities can now be done by AI automatically. This is particularly good because it grants you an edge over your competitors who could be doing traditional optimization.

Rankz.io Review

Rankz.io is the website for accessing the services of Rankz. In this website, technologies and algorithms have been put in place to help you track and suggest relevant keywords that can help drive traffic to your website. Rankz also offers SEO services such as domain availability check and performance tracking.

All of these services are offered with immense speed and less human interference as it is fully automated. It is a paid program that has a demo version that shows prospective users what the product is capable of offering. It is relatively new but at the same time, it is coming in strong because it has been developed by a team with long-term knowledge of SEO. The developers have been in the SEO niche for up to seven years, hence Rankz has a very bright future ahead of it.

It is a good product that is quite easy to use and those of us who have used it, will always have something positive to say about this SEO tool. The tool is worth the monetary requirement from prospective users.

Rankz.io – Target Audience

The Rankz SEO automaton is meant for the optimization of the web page of businesses,  schools, blogs, corporate websites, etc. Hence it is suitable for any business, blogger or corporate organizations hoping to rank better in Search Engine Results. Business websites hoping to tap into the immense benefits of keywords exploitation would be glad at what Rankz can offer.

Features of Rankz.io :

             1. Keywords Ranking Tracking

The importance of keywords in SEO cannot be overemphasized. It is as important as SEO itself. It is SEO. Rankz uses state of the art technology to track a website’s keyword ranking in SERPs.

With this information, it gives suggestions which can improve the keyword ranking of such a website. It is able to do this by monitoring the organic ranking performance of such a website overtime in order to gain insight into the website’s general performance. This way, such a website is better equipped to thrive in the highly competitive SEO battle.

             2. Bulk Domain Name Availability Check

This Rankz’s tool enables you to bulk check through a wide range of domain names you wish to register with the Top Level Domains (TLDs). This tool is quite easy to use and it is fast in its action.

Rankz as a tool will help you locate domain names that have backlinks from higher domains. It also enables the user to locate domain names that share some similarities with his business or brand.

Keywords Ranking

Why Use Rankz.io

  • Rankz is Quick

As a major player in the SEO technology, Rankz has cutting-edge technologies and technical know-how that enables them to attend to major SEO hurdles as fast as possible. This is also done in an automated manner with less human interference. Rankz is one of the fastest automated SEO tools out there.

  • In-depth knowledge of Keywords Ranking SEO

The developers of SEO have been in the SEO business for over 7 years. This means they know where SEO is coming from, what it is presently and where it is heading to in the nearest future.

This means that Rankz as automation tool will take SEO decisions for your based on data gathered over this long period of practice.

  • Proper Utilization of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The Rankz tool has the ability to study your website performance by looking into your KPIs. Based on this data, Rankz adjusts to ensure a robust performance for your web pages.

  • Availability of a Demo that can be tried by prospective users

There is a demo in the Rankz official website rankz.com that enables prospective customers to, first of all, try the application to be sure it’s what they really want before paying for it.

I see this as a sign of confidence in the quality of service offered. I say so because if the services offered by Rankz was not top notch,  a demo version wouldn’t have been made available.

  • Automatic Suggestion of Keywords Ranking

This feature is I feature I personally find very useful. While Rankz helps you in tracking keywords,  it also gives you suggestions that can enable you to explore more keywords that are relevant to your trade and web page.

The SEO tools mentioned above are older than Rankz and more established but they offer essentially the same services as Rankz. Services revolving around keywords and other SEO optimization exercises.

Method of Using Keywords Ranking tracking Tool.

To use the Rankz automation tool, one would be required to create an account with the platform and provide necessary details that the tool will require to perform optimally. The account creation procedure is easy and interactive. And remember it all FREE for 7 Days.

Keywords Ranking


In conclusion, I will say the Rankz tool is an effective one that every business should try because it captures the very core functions required for Keywords Ranking SEO optimization and it does this automatically with little or no human interference.   

Despite the shortcomings as highlighted in the Cons section of this review, my verdict is that Rankz SEO tool,  even as a relatively new tool it has what it takes to help boost the SEO of any website.

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