How To Use Quora To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Quora is a very popular Q&A platform that started in 2009. It got popular recently because of its huge fan following and various other benefits associated with it. To promote a website or content many bloggers depend on Quora nowadays. Quora is most popular in the US than in other countries. You can ask any question and get answers to any questions on this platform. This is why now marketers focus on Quora to drive more traffic towards their website.

Benefits of using Quora

Quora is a suitable platform anyone can use to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise about a topic. There are many benefits you will get when using Quora. Get genuine followers who want to get more knowledge from you and help others to solve their problems by answering their questions. Here are the best reasons why Quora got popular as a source of referral traffic

  • Long-term traffic-: Unlike any other platform Quora will help you to get long-term traffic towards your website. If you are answering questions and people likes your answers they can upvote it. When someone searches the best answer for that question your answer will be among them because of the number of upvotes you got for it.
  • Helps to establish your authority-: When you become active in Quora and start answering the question you will get good recognition among users and other bloggers. You will get badges for the top writer if your answers get more viewers. You can see the red badge near the name which means that you are one of the most viewed writers.
  • Chance to get featured-: Many bog websites like Forbes are including the most popular content from Quora on their website. If you get establishes by writing regularly on Quora there is a good chance to get featured in one of those big websites.

Now you got an idea about the benefits Quora can offer you as a writer. Now you should know one more thing before using Quora as a source for referral traffic

  • Your content should be detailed so that users will get a complete and clear knowledge about the topic. Quality content is a good reason for users to follow your website
  • Build your credibility by creating compelling content and make users spend more time with your answers and writings. For that, you need to be very active as a writer and answer any question you know. Your active presence is very important to build credibility among users.

Use Quora to Drive Traffic to Website

Are you ready to use Quora to bring more traffic to your website? Then follow this guide and improve your visibility through this excellent Q/A platform

Start your Quora Account

This is the first step you need to do if you don’t have an account. Complete your profile and select the areas you are interested in. Enter the topics you are interested in. choose topics with more followers. Now you completed the first step. Your aim is to build a good authority over the audience. So, make them believe in you and start using the platform effectively

Create your Blogs

Now you can start blogging on Quora. For that click on your profile and select blog from it. You can start to add the blog name and enter the URL of the topic in it. The topic should be related to your website or the area of interest you entered. You can enter a small description of the blog you are including in the URL. This will give a good idea to the audience about your blog topic

Start Answering

To be active on Quora you can answer any question users ask about. There will be an Answer button above your profile. Select it and you will see the questions related to the topic you entered initially. You can answer those questions if you know the answer. Include genuine answers that can be useful to the audience. Make it simple and easy to understand. Your answer could be like general conversational mode, step-by-step answer, Link of a page where they will get an answer, or else you can include any images that can help users to find out the answer to that particular question.

Start to be active on this platform by participating in discussions to establish your authority in it. The more question you answer the more will be your visibility. Gradually you can build your number of upvotes, shares, and views of your content

Link your Blog

When you find a question related to any of your blogs include the link of it in your answer to get more information about it for users. This is a great way to build your website traffic. Only by including a link, your website will not get enough traffic. You need to answer the question and tell them to visit the link for more information. If users are genuinely searching for the answer they will click on the link and see what is in it.

Remember one thing while using Quora as a traffic building platform. This is a Q&A platform. Not a link-building website So, use it effectively and be confident while sharing your blogs. It should have a relation with the question you answer for. Otherwise, people will lose trust in our answers and they won’t even consider your answers as relevant. Don’t misuse it for building more links or just to increase traffic. Be genuine with readers and give them a proper solution through your answers.

Answer to Most Popular Questions

While you start to answer questions make sure to find questions that have more views and answers. To get more upvotes you need to answer the question properly. It will help you to get more visibility and trust from users. search a question and look for the number of views for that particular question. Answer to the question well to get more upvotes and number of views. Quora usually features top answers on the feed of any topic.

Even though you haven’t got featured the number of upvoted and views will help you to get popular. When you answer on similar topics people will start to notice your answers. If they like your answers they will look for the blog, you handle. Include the blog link with your answers to help people to navigate to your website easily. This will increase your chance to get a good improvement in traffic towards your website.

These are the best strategies to follow when you want to get better traffic from Quora. Analyze your result well using Google analytics after implementing these strategies and get the best result. Compelling headlines and contents are the best way to attract readers to your answer. Optimize your answers by including proper keywords in them.

Tips to Follow while using Quora

Many expert writers believe that Quora can be used effectively as a strong marketing tool for any content. If you can use it properly the result will be amazing. Here are some best tips for you while using this platform

  • It is better to post late at night or early morning on Quora. Most users of Quora live in the US and you will get the greatest number of views while posting this time
  • You can check the trending topic that goes on Quora. It shows trending topics list based on which most discussions are going on in Quora. Take that benefit and start to involve in those discussions
  • Answer differently than others. When everyone says the same thing in answer users may not notice your answer. If you can be different among the crowd they will start to notice you
  • Tag your competitors while writing answers. You can tag the writer who answered just before you by quoting their name.
  • Write daily and be a machine. You will get noticed only if you can spend more time writing on Quora. Answer every question you can and be more popular on this platform.

Final Words

Quora is a very good choice like any other social media platform to get referral traffic towards your website. Anyone with deep knowledge about a topic can be a star on Quora if he can solve other issues by answering their questions.  With millions of followers and a great chance of branding, Quora is one of the top of the list among other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

If you don’t have a Quora account start it immediately. Don’t waste a single chance to spread your website to as many people as possible. Just by answering the question, you can build a good authority among people. So, don’t waste this golden opportunity anymore. Join Quora and get more inbound traffic to our website which is the main aim of every blogger.

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