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How to Use Psychographic Marketing in Online Business

How to Use Psychographic Marketing in Online Business

Marketing is evolving over time. Marketers are finding new ways to reach their targeted audience. As technology develops there are many ways and analyses that can be implemented for marketing. Knowing customers is very important to every business.

Finding a targeted audience is the first and foremost step every marketer will do. After finding the target audience they need to develop strategies suitable for them.

Marketers are trying new ways to analyze customers and psychographic analysis is popular among those methods. But there are many marketers out there who don’t know this type of evaluation.

In this article, you will get an idea of using psychographic information for marketing and how to use this information to improve your business.

What is Psychographic Data?

Psychographics is the study of people’s interests, personalities, values, and attitudes in concurrence with demographics data to build more accurate customer data. This is a psychological approach marketers can use to divide the market and create strategies based on it. Demographics help to find out your targeted customers and psychographic data explains their nature. When you combine both of these elements you will get a complete picture of your ideal customer. Using this information marketers can tailor the campaigns suitable for their customers. 

Types of Psychographic information

There are various types of Psychographic information and the type of information varies according to your business. Here are some types of psychographic information

Activities-: Many businesses don’t need the activities of their customers. Even though the activities of customers are not relevant for every business they can be useful for some of them. It is good to know what your customers care about and how they spend their time.

Interests-: Interest is very useful information to know your customer well. Some people will have shopping interests and some others will have an interest in movies. Marketers usually track the interest of their customers so that they can use it while creating marketing strategies for them.

Opinions and attitudes-: Opinions and attitudes are very important to consider when it comes to psychographic information. Everyone has their own opinion and interest and it is very useful while segmenting your market.

Difference between Demographics and Psychographics

To identify the difference between demographics and psychographics here is a small sample of data for you. When a nutritional product company gets data of a customer it will look like this

Demographic information:

Psychographic information

By comparing both information’s marketers will get a clear picture of the customer. That is the power of psychographic information. It can more insight to customers so that marketers can create strategies suitable for them. 

Why psychographics is important?

Psychographic data will help marketers to analyze how people choose and compare products in their category. This will help you to prioritize your content for them. Also, create personal messages for customers which is very useful for your business. It can also tell you why people should buy your product and will help you to create their personas. All these factors are very useful for your business promotion. 

How to get psychographic data?

Now you got an idea of the term psychographic data. The next question will be about getting the data. How can you get psychographic data? There are various sources that you can use to get this data. 

Many people consider customer interviews as an old method. But it is a very good way to analyze customers and know more about their preferences. You can ask more questions regarding your product and its feedback to your customers. They will be more than happy to provide you their valuable feedbacks. This is one way to get personal with customers and know more about their preferences regarding your product

Another way to get answers from customers regarding your product is through online surveys. This is an inexpensive way to collect more data about customers. There are many online platforms such as SurveyMonkey and Typeform which you can use to get these surveys. Many people don’t have the interest to participate in such surveys. But if you can offer them some incentive, they will take part in it and will give you the feedback. You can use emails, social media, and websites to reach up to your targeted audience.  

Google, Facebook, and many other platforms offer you detailed analytics cheaply. Take advantage of these data and study your targeted audience. All their browsing pattern can tell the whole story about a person. So, make use of these facilities and get the psychographic data you want.

There are many marketing research firms that will help you to collect the data you want. Most marketers prefer this way to earn customer data. They can provide a good report regarding the customers and as a marketer, you don’t have to waste time collecting all this data.

How to use psychographic information?

Now you got the psychographic information of your target audience. The next stage is to use it effectively in marketing. Follow the steps given below and influence your audience

Customer personas are very important to create if you want to use psychographic information. Create more detailed buyers’ personas will help you to create strong marketing campaigns.  

Considering your customer emotions can bring a great advantage to your business. A business that considers the emotions and feedback of customers will always succeed. Considering their emotion will help you to create personalized promotions for them as a marketer. This will improve your product reach also. 

Find social media networks where your customers are more active. This will help to channelize your marketing efforts. Focus on the most popular social media platform so that you won’t waste time and effort without a result. Another way is to focus on creating personalized ads for customers based on their preferences. In Facebook ads, you can customize the advertisement for your audience’s preference. There you can choose the precise interest of the audience and ensure its reach towards the right audience. 

Creating personalized emails can also help to improve business. You can use this psychographic information to analyze a person and send them exclusive offers. Email marketing has a special quality compared to other marketing campaigns. A personalized email means you have a better idea about you what your customers think about and what they want which can be very beneficial in email marketing.

Offline marketing is a great way to reach to improve audience targeting. After getting detailed information about customers you can reach to your targeted audience easily. By identifying valuable customers, you can invite them to events conducted for your customers. This will bring value to your customers and will create a good connection between your business and customers


Just by collecting demographics, every business cannot be successful nowadays. It is very important to go forward with the technology and concepts. Psychographic information is very useful to target your audience and you can easily get that information from various sources.

It is not only used to create personalized messages or targeting their emotion but you will get an idea of the craft to acquire the customers.

Get rid of those guessing games for promotion. Target customers who really want to know about your business or product. This data will help you to attain that clarity.

Know your customer and improve your business promotion. Implement the right strategies that have the potential to make your efforts fruitful.

Are you ready to get some real results? Make use of psychographics and get a better ROI.

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