How To Promote Mobile Apps Online ?

promoteMobile Apps Online

Launching a Mobile App and not sure How to Market Mobile Apps Online ? In this article I have shared my experience on How to Promote Mobile Apps Online.

There’s a time when any of the industry needs to promote itself virtually. After so many of years sustaining in the market, there comes a time when it has to cope with the technological advancements. Industries create their websites for general people telling them about itself, but is it enough? No. After doing some research in your industry, you will realize that you need something more than this.

Since you have to grab the attention of the smartphone oriented generation, you have to promote mobile apps to get them to use your mobile app but how? Attracting customers is really important and a tricky thing in business. First, you have to target the group of people and then you have to convince them to choose your product ( to use your mobile app).

But it is not as easy as it seems because there are over 2.5 millions apps in app stores so if you are hoping that it is easy that people will magically migrate to your app then wake up! Competition is so fierce. There is always a need to make strategies in business whenever you are experimenting something new. Before launching you app, think. Make an app user acquisition strategy. Be careful about the do’s and don’ts.

Here are some of the ideas that will be beneficial to Promote Mobile Apps.

  • Define your app. It is one of the most important step to promote your product that you should introduce it simply and clearly to the people. Introduction should not be lengthy otherwise it will bore people while it should be short like one sentence is enough to describe your app to people. Instagram, tinder are the best examples of this as they clearly define these apps usingst a sentence that what they are all about. 
  • It should be useful to people. Every customer is rational and hence prefer only those goods and services which benefits them. So it should be kept in mind that your app should be needed and wanted by people otherwise they aren’t going to be interested. Your app should be containing something different than your website otherwise there will be no new customers attracted towards it. Also, your app should be creative and expressive so that many of people gets attracted.
  • Social media is the most effective strategy to attract as many people as we want to. Also, it is one of the easiest way of promotion but we have to be wise while advertising on social media. It allows you to target people specifically by demographics and interests. There are two ways to connect to people via social media- organic and paid. Organic is about creating a page or an account over the media and start following the target audience. Paid  is about putting some amount of money behind your app that will boost your discoverability and get more people flocking to your app.
  • Mobile app marketing agencies can be used as a means. They provide best assistance in the publicity of your mobile app. AdActs, AppVersal, Bidsopt are some of them.
  • Website. You always need an online presence of your app for conformity. Websites ensure general people that you have really invested in this as business and then they will take as a real deal. Your app should be well defined on your site not somewhere in the corner but throughout the site.
  • Public relations are important. For the promotion of any good or service it is must to maintain good relations with general public. But it actually is not confined to only general public but it is about press media. A company while promoting its app should organize press meetings, host a launch party and other attractive actions that will tell more about its app to people.
  • Search ads have been seen as very effective medium of promote mobile apps. Also, it has been observed as one of the straight forward way. It is introduced by Apple with the iOS 10, qs a form of paid advertisement in the appstore. Whenever the user search for any app there will be suggestion of your app popping on the screen so there are high chances of user using your app.

Final Thoughts

Treat your app promotion as the promotion of any traditional product. You have to focus over its acceptability, its demand by the people, its need to the people, its quality for sure, and most importantly, its uniqueness from those of competitors. You can’t just push your app out in market, you have to make proper strategies and plans that you are going to adapt for its marketing to promote mobile apps.

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