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LinkedIn is a very popular social media platform that can be used to promote business. Podawaa is a Chrome extension that can be used to improve your reach on LinkedIn. This increases the number of comments and likes on LinkedIn posts in an automated manner. As you all know LinkedIn has a very complex algorithm. If you want to stand out on LinkedIn the reach of your posts is important. We can call Podawaa one of the effective tools to improve LinkedIn engagement.

Many people copy-paste from their blogs on LinkedIn. But the is the topic has nothing new then LinkedIn won’t promote these posts. Like Google LinkedIn algorithm verifies the quality of a post and decides whether to promote them or not. To generate qualified engagements on your posts Podawaa will help you. This tool is designed to make-believe the LinkedIn algorithm that these comments and likes are genuine. Podawaa is very easy to use and all you have to do is download the tool from Chrome. Many businesses successfully used this tool and saw positive results.

Why likes and comments are important to stand out on LinkedIn?

When you post something on LinkedIn the engagement of the post is decided by the number of views, likes, and comments each post is getting. When more people start to respond to your post the reach of your post will be higher. LinkedIn is mainly used by businesses to promote their brand. To reach more visibility for your posts the best way is to increases the engagement of your post.

How Podawaa – LinkedIn Automation Tool works ?

Liked and comments you get should be genuine to get the response you expect for. When you use Podawaa they will generate automated likes and comments on your post. Choose the blog which you want to promote, and the rest of the work will be done by Podawaa.  This tool helps to generate genuine likes and comments on your blog post. This is done with the help of engagement pods. These pods contain people who are genuinely interested in the topics you are dealing. This will be a private group that organizes, and they work on your post.

Engagement pods contain people who are interested in similar topics. They comment and interacts with blogs of people within the group. The LinkedIn algorithm looks for their interaction and if they find your post engaging LinkedIn promotes your blog. This ensures the reach of your post and you will get the response you expect for. Engagement pods are a public or private group.  There will be a group admin who allows people to join the pod.

Podawaa allows you to automate the engagement without any manual process. It helps you to plan your publication to provide engagement from users. The best thing about this tool is that you can choose the comments you want to see on your post which replaces humor behavior. Simply we can call Podawaa an automated pod that helps blogs to improve the engagement within LinkedIn. There are many interesting features you need to know about this tool.

What is a Linkedin Automation Pod?

Manual pods are very popular among LinkedIn users. There are many advantages as well as disadvantages for manual pods. Podawaa is an automated pod that helps to generate comments automatically.  There are many benefits to automatic pods compared to manual engagement pods. Manual pods are slow compared to automatic ones. It can be real if you use tools like Podawaa. Here are some benefits of using automatic pods

  • You can set the frequency of response with the group of people on your engagement pods
  • You can customize the comments you want to post on your blog through pods
  • You can choose who want to engage with your posts while using automatic pods

How to use Podawaa on LinkedIn for Engagement?

Podawaa is a Chrome extension that can be used to automate LinkedIn engagement. It helps to increases the reach of your post by posting thousands of views, comments, and likes. This can change the future of your blog. It has many pods that are designed to interact with your blog.

These are the steps you can follow while using Podawaa

  • Create the post: You can start to create a blog on Podawaa extension. Schedule when you want to publish it on LinkedIn. This is very convenient to do without wasting your time
  • Optimize the post: Next step is to optimize your posts on LinkedIn. Add the automatic link as a comment
  • Choose criteria-: There are 15 predefined criteria from which you can choose one. These criteria decide who is going to comment and like your post. You can choose the group of people from the pods and they will be interacting with your post
  • Select the type of interaction-: Next step is to choose the process. You can select manual or automation from Podawaa. Based on your choice Podawaa will interact with your post.
  • Schedule posts-: You can set a time to publish your posts. Podawaa will automatically publish comments for your posts. It won’t affect your reputation online. Podawaa will post genuine comments replicating human behavior and increase the reach of your posts.

Features of Podawaa – LinkedIn Automation Tool

Podawaa has got many interesting features that can help you to promote your LinkedIn posts.

Personalized audience-: Podawaa has a lot of people who promote your posts. The quality of comments is very important for your post. Podawaa contains a quality audience that can promote your posts. There are 15 criteria from which you can select can choose the audience.

Relevant comments-: LinkedIn works based on a complex algorithm. To integrate with that algorithm Podawaa is designed with a good quality algorithm. The relevance of comments is very important. This algorithm helps you to provide relevant comments for your post. This is very important for LinkedIn to identify the quality of your article.

Customization of comments-: You can customize comments before posting on your blogs. This is only available to the paid plan of Podawaa.

Reuse comments-: Podawaa allows you to recycle comments whenever you want

Reuse comments-: Podawaa allows you to recycle comments whenever you want

Manage pods-: Create public or private pods and choose the people you want to add to pods manually or automatically. Also, you can allow them to like or comment only.

Interact with the audience-: There is a reply to the ‘comment feature’ which can be used to interact with your audience. This is a very interesting feature that allows better engagement.

Save time-: You don’t have to do anything manually here. Podawaa helps you to schedule the comments as you want. Add your comments and automate the process. It makes your job easy.

How can you get into Podawaa?

Podawaa is not released yet. Its beta version is available to download now. You can get this and try it on your blogs. The official release will be happening around September 2020. Right now they are planning to release in Freemium mode. You can use it for free as well as by paying a monthly subscription charge. Standard engagement features can be used with the free version. But the paid version will allow you to use additional features like automatic scheduling, comments customization, etc.

Frequently asked questions

Q-What is Podawaa?

Podawaa is an automatic pod that lets you receive comments, likes, and views on your LinkedIn posts. This can improve the reach of your LinkedIn post

Q-When is the official Podwaa release?

Official Podawaa release will be around September 2020

Q-Is Podawaa free to use?

Podawaa is free to use but with limited features. The paid version of this tool offers more features like automatic scheduling and message customization

Q-How Podawaa increase your blog’s reach?

Podawaa helps to post multiple comments that allow you to improve the reach of your post. It is very important to get a good return on investment. It can be possible by installing Podawaa as a part of your LinkedIn account.

Q-Is it safe to use Podawaa in your LinkedIn account?

Podawaa is completely safe to use with your LinkedIn account. It replaces human behavior but provides quality engagement to your post. LinkedIn does not engage in a false promotion. Using this you can make it genuine. So, yes Podawaa is completely safe to use

Q-Is the beta version free?

Yes, the Beta version is free until it reaches 1000 users. You can start using it immediately to use it for free


More than 2000 people started using Podawaa to upgrade their LinkedIn engagement. Get thousands of likes and comments by using Podawaa in your LinkedIn account. This tool has already received many positive reviews. If you are trying to get a better response for your LinkedIn post uses the best tool like Podawaa.

There are many other tools like Alcapod, Lempod, etc. to promote your post. Podawaa is the most favorite tool among every other automated engagement pod already available in the market. Build your business by choosing the best tool that can efficiently handle responsiveness. Plan your engagement and get a better response from your audience using this tool.

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