How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Are you looking for effective ways o drive more traffic to your website? Social media is the best way to drive more traffic to the website. There are various platforms that you can use to drive more inbound traffic. Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Pinterest, etc are some of the popular platforms which you can use. Marketers are using new strategies to use such platforms to drive more traffic. But some of them are less explored by marketers because of some limitations.

Pinterest is a popular platform for business promotions. More than 150 million people use this all over the world. Marketers are exploring new platforms to promote their brand. It has many attractive elements businesses can utilize well to drive more traffic towards your website. Pinterest is the best platform to increase brand awareness among users, increase site traffic, increase followers, promote more sales. Introduce your content to a new set of audiences and make them your fan. If they like your content they will start to follow you.

Here are the reasons why Pinterest gets more popular as a marketing platform

  • A pin is more than 100 times powerful than a tweet
  • Pinterest is one of the largest websites that can drive more traffic towards your website.
  • Each pin can drive 2-page visits and 6-page views to your website
  • A pin lasts one week in Pinterest when compared to 24 minutes of twitter and 90 minutes of Facebook
  • User engagement is very high in this platform
  • It helps to integrate your various social media platform
  • Pins will help you more inbound links

Do you want to drive more traffic to your website? If yes, then read more to know various options to promote your business and increase the number of followers through Pinterest marketing. Are you new to Pinterest?

Here is the complete guide for you to use Pinterest to drive more traffic towards your website

  1. Create a Business Account

When you want to use Pinterest for business personal account won’t work. Create a Pinterest business account by signing up for free. After creating your account and verifying it you will get access to many features such as Pinterest Analytics, rich pins, article pins, Pinterest guides, video library, tools and many more.

Pinterest Analytics gives you a detailed analysis report of your pin performance. By getting this information you can improve your marketing strategy on Pinterest.

Rich pins are more powerful than standard pins. There are different categories of rich pins such as movies, products, articles, app, places, and more. You can add a direct link to your website on such pins and engage users to visit your website.

If you are new to this platform uses their guide to learn more about using this platform. They offer a video tutorial and guides to help with your process.

  1. Generate your Board

Every account on Pinterest will have a board where they can accumulate all their posts. It will have a name, description, and category about which you are posting content. You can create a title that related to your business and content. Also, while adding descriptions make it simple and interpretable to users. while adding contents in Pinterest make sure to have the following qualities

  • Post pins that can be helpful to the audience. While posting makes it easy for users to find your pin. It should be more engaging to get the result you want
  • You can add a small description of the pin. It will be easy for users to interpret what you are trying to share through your pins
  • You can use words that can connect with the audience well for a better result
  • Add a call to action in the description to make them engage. It could be like to read more, click on the link to finds more information, etc.
  • Add suitable keywords with your description to make it easily noticeable. You can add 200 words in the description. Make use of this part and promote your pins well.

These are some important points to know while you start to use your Pinterest business account

  1. Post at the Right Time

Timing is very important if you are looking for a real result. You should schedule a time every day to post content on your Pinterest account. Do your research and find out the peak time where most users check their Pinterest account. You should do research on your targeted audience and find out the best time to post content.

According to a survey, Saturday morning is the best time to post on Pinterest. If you are dealing with fashion and beauty-related accounts, then Friday evening will be more suitable. Avoid posting on working hours. Choose early morning or late nights to post your pins.

You will get all details about the peak time where most of the audience becomes active from Pinterest Analytics. Follow it well and ensure maximum outcome from your posts. Also, avoid over-posting content on your board. It should be like weekly once or twice. Give your audience time to see your pins.

Only 17% of visitors check this site daily. More than 52% audience visits Pinterest weekly once. One more point to remember while using Pinterest is that you can pin interesting contents relate to your business in here other than posting your own pins. It will make the audience more interesting to follow your account.

  1. Include Attractive Images

Post attractive images within your pins so that most of the audience will start to notice your account. Optimize your pins with the right size of images with the best quality to ensure maximum engagement. Here are the rules to follow while you include images

Images should be of the right size

Many users visit their Pinterest accounts from their mobile devices. So, the size of the image is very important to follow. Vertical images are best than horizontal ones. Follow the ratio of 2:3 or 4:5 to ensure the perfect size of your Pinterest image. We can say that the longer the pin the better it will be in terms of acceptability.

Attractive Images

Pins with better images will work better because many people will click on a pin by seeing the clarity and beauty of an image. It is better to avoid the human face to get 23% more repins. Check out some points while choosing images

  • Images should be light to be more acceptable
  • Images should have good vibrant colors to get more attention from the audience
  • Contrasting images works more
  • Add pin it button with images so that people will share it among their contacts

According to Pinterest, all images should have high resolution with good graphics. Also, it should be simple with a focused theme. You can also keep the branding and logo to a minimal level and concentrate on pins

Add Text within your Image

You can add text within your image to draw more audience attention. Make it more professional by adding a small description of the image to make it clearer to the audience. Image editing tools like Picmonkey, Canva will help you to edit any image you want. While adding text there are various fonts from which you can select the font you want. Google Font will help you to choose a proper font from available from it.

  1. Join Group Boards

There are group boards on Pinterest where you can join. It could be groups related to your niche. While posting in such groups your pin will get more viewers from that particular group and you can be very popular among them. Joining the community board is the best way to grow your follower base.

You can find such groups from Pinboard. Type the keyword and you can see all the results of communities related to your niche. Some groups could be closed and some others are open. You can check the type of group from the instruction itself before joining it. Or else you can create a board and invite other bloggers to it. This is a good strategy to get more traffic towards your website easily.

  1. Analysis

The final step is to analyze your result. After implementing strategies, it is very important to measure its result to work everything properly. You can use analytical tools from Pinterest to measure the result of your Pinterest account performance. Use this chance to compare your result with your competitor and make your result better. Analysis and implementation are very vital for your business growth.

Final Words

Pinterest is a great platform in which marketers can use to drive more traffic towards their website. while they post anything to make sure to have a description of the image and your website address. This will help them to visit your website whenever they want to know more about your business.

Follow all the above steps and see how it impacts your website’s traffic growth. You can be successful if you are ready to take the risk by implementing new strategies more often. Ready to accept so many followers by using Pinterest effectively and be successful.

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