12 Paid Grammarly Alternatives for Content Writers

Mistakes in content can be the worst nightmare for content creators. Many businesses hire proofreaders to check content accuracy. As the world keeps changing, new technology inventions like online proofreading tools came into the picture. Grammatical accuracy of your content is an important factor that affects your website ranking. Grammarly is a popular proofreading tool available as of now. Using Grammarly, you can check small errors, grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. 

Grammarly shows you a detailed explanation of each error in your content. You can switch between the UK and US English while checking content correctness.

Grammarly is not free to use. They are offering some basic features for free and advanced features are for premium users. Many people trust with Grammarly to proofread their content. The reason behind its popularity is the excellence of the service they provide for customers. There are desktop apps, chrome extensions, and MS Office Add-ins to use while proofreading your content.

Some people complain that Grammarly cannot save documents automatically. For those who want to know other tools to proofread your content, then this article will help you. Here are some paid Grammarly alternatives to check your content precision.

Top 12 Paid Grammarly Alternatives

Many tools are useful to proofread your content. Many of these tools have a free version with basic features and a premium version with advanced features.  


AutoCrit is a self-editing platform to check content accuracy for writers. It has word processing and editing features in addition to grammar and spell checking. The tool will give you step-by-step instructions to modify the content and make writing more attractive to publishers and agents. AutoCrit also stores your content automatically and safely. There is a free version of this tool available with basic features. You can use the advanced features by paying a fee of $30/month. 

Best features-:

  • Fully features an editing suit and word processor
  • No word limits
  • Best spelling and grammar check
  • Access to interactive editing tools like repetitions, readability, and Adverbs
  • Safe online storage of your content
  • Easy to set it up


  • Grammar check is not as effective as Grammarly
  • No mobile app
  • Only supports the English language
  • Expensive premium offer for personal use

Prowriting Aid

ProWriting Aid is a tool for content creators to check grammar and writing style. This tool will give you detailed reports and instructions to improve your writing. The tool has every feature of Grammarly, such as style fixer, faster editor, spelling, and grammar mistake. It also provides you complete security for your content and autosaves it. The tool is not free to use. Basic features are free, and you have to pay to get advanced feature access. Millions of editors, copywriters, professionals, and students use this app to check the accuracy of their content. You can add its extension to Chrome, and its premium version is available for $20/month.

Best features-:

  • Improve the strength and style of your writing
  • Eliminate errors
  • Find the right words to use
  • Integrate the tool with Chrome, Firefox, Outlook, Google Doc, Safari, Open office, etc.
  • Data visualization
  • Customize the tool for your specific needs


  • No mobile application
  • Grammar correction is not as accurate as Grammarly


WhiteSmoke is a proofreading and grammar checking tool for content writers. 

It helps you to correct grammar, punctuation, accuracy, and word choice that you used in your content. WhiteSmoke comes with a translator that can translate 50 languages. It also stores 100+ templates and a huge directory of words. WhiteSmoke uses advanced artificial intelligence for text analysis. The product is based on natural language processing technology. You can use a mobile app or Windows, Mac OS, or any other browser extensions. The basic price starts from $5/month for the web application. Another plan with $6.66/month (premium) and $11.50/ month(business) with advanced features available.

Best features-:

  • Suitable for translation, grammar check, spelling correction, and punctuation
  • AI technology and natural language processing techniques
  • Better user interface
  • Compatible with all kind of OS
  • Best anti-plagiarism tool


  • No free plan
  • 500 credits every month for plagiarism checks


Ginger is a freemium software for grammar editor and spells checker. Writers can use to improve writing style using Ginger software corrections. This tool automatically detects and corrects misused words and grammar issues. You can install the app on your phone, tablet, and desktop and improve your productivity. It also has a plagiarism checker and sentence rephrase features. The tool is suitable for native and non-native English speakers. Improve your language skills using Ginger software’s updated directory. A free version of this tool is available with the basic feature. Premium offer starts from $12.48/month.

Best Features -:

  • Users can integrate it with Chrome, Safari and Firefox OS
  • Best translating feature with 60 language options
  • Excellent Proofreading
  • Rephrase sentence style 
  • Personalized practice sessions


  • Unlimited grammar correction is included with the premium plan
  • Low speed
  • Low-quality translation


PaperRater is an automated tool for proofreading. It comes with all features like plagiarism detection, spelling check, punctuation correction, and many more. PaperRater is designed with artificial intelligence, data mining, machine learning, and natural language processing techniques. It has a huge dictionary of words to helps with word correction. The tool highlights errors and provides an explanation of each error for the improvement of content. Its plagiarism detector searches content against two major search engines such as Google and Bing. Users can use this tool without any signup or login requirements. $11.21/month is the premium charge for PaperRater. 

Best features-:

  • Cloud-based spelling check and grammar correction
  • Perfect for students and content creators
  • Integrated plagiarism checker with the original score
  • Best vocabulary builder
  • 10 plagiarism free for a month


  • Cannot upload the file directly to the tool
  • Unnecessary Ads

Language Tool

The language tool is the same as Grammarly. It helps you to produce error-free content. This is an open-source language application developed by a group of software developers. Language tool supports more than 20 languages such as English, Dutch, French, German, Austrian, Italian, Japanese, Tamil, Persian, and so on. There are mobile apps for Android and IOS users and are compatible with Word, Google Docs, LibreOffice, etc. It also has a forum to discuss helpful content. The premium option is available from $19/month. 

Best features-:

  • Add-ons for Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Word, Libre Office
  • Proofreading engine of more than 1700 patterns for error detection
  • Translate over 20 languages
  • Correct multiple language grammar
  • Third-party integration and browser extension


  • No desktop version
  • Lack of plagiarism checker

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway is a popular application that can be used instead of Grammarly. This tool is designed to check spelling errors and punctuation. It targets long sentences, wrong adverb usage, and complicated words. The tool is designed with the latest artificial intelligence technology. Hemingway can help you to make your content bold and clear. It has two main functions such as write and edit. You can write directly on the tool and then click on edit to make any updates. The basic features of this tool are completely free to use and advanced features are only for premium users. Premium options start from $19.99/month. 

Best features-:

  • Easy user interface
  • No internet connection requirement
  • Improves readability
  • A detailed explanation of errors
  • Helps to break the large sentence into small part to improve readability
  • One-click integration with WordPress and Medium


  • Grammar suggestions are not accurate as Grammarly


JetPack is a WordPress plugin that can be used to edit your content before posting on WordPress. You can update the text real-time right from the WordPress interface. The tool is designed to autosave your content for 30 days. When you search for issues the tool with highlight errors with different colored icons and problems within your content. The plugin comes with three plans such as personal, premium, professional. Charges for each plan are $3.50, $9, $29/month respectively.

Best features-:

  • Stores data for 30 days
  • Colored markups to highlight issues
  • You can use the tool to find out spelling errors and grammar issues 
  • Proofreading function 
  • custom image gallery to upload images and pictures to your post


  • Lack of plagiarism checker
  • Accuracy issues

Linguix Grammar checking and Writing assistant

Linguix grammar checking and writing assistant is a good replacement for Grammarly. It will highlight all the typos and grammar mistakes in your content. Also, it gives a detailed explanation of errors and alternate suggestions. You can set the module to notify your biggest errors vocabulary size, text volume, repeating errors, and so on using this tool. There is a free trial available with basic features and you can pay $8/month to get advanced features. 

Best features-:

  • Support Android, IOS devices
  • Advanced grammar checking features
  • Vast functionalities


  • The free trial only with limited functionality
  • Not as accurate as Grammarly

Fiverr Proofreading and Editing Services

This is also a good replacement for the Grammarly tool. They offer advanced proofreading features with more accurate results. There are various plans available based on your requirement. You don’t have to hire a proofreader to verify content accuracy anymore if you can use this online service. The tool is compatible with IOS, Android. Fiverr proofreading service is only good for instant spelling checks and grammar corrections. It is hard to wait for the verdict from an unprofessional proofreader which you can get while using this tool. The price of premium plans varies according to the coach you are selecting. 

Best features-: 

  • Best proofreading options
  • Good for spell check and grammar correction
  • Extension available for IOS and Android devices
  • Easy user interface
  • Free to use basic features


  • It is hard to understand the editor quality unless you find the right one
  • No fixed rate 

After the deadline

After the deadline is a good choice for personal use. You can copy and paste your content to this tool and see the accuracy. The tool will highlight issues associates with your content such as grammar mistakes, spelling issues, punctuation problems, and other styling issues. This is mainly used to check WordPress contents. There are other language options available such as Spanish, Portuguese, and German. The service is free for personal users and you have to pay for premium services. 

Best features-:

  • Free for personal use
  • Multiple language options
  • Easy to use
  • Easily install for WordPress 


  • Limited features
  • You have to click on each error individually click on the drop-down to know more
  • Max count of words that can be checked at a time is 200

SpellCheck Plus

SpellCheck Plus is another proofreading tool to check the Grammar accuracy of your content. This is a free grammar checking tool that shows errors associated with your content. Be it spelling errors, grammar issues, punctuation mistakes, etc. this will also show you the complicated language you use, redundant words that can be avoided from your content, etc. By avoiding all these issues, you can make your content error-free. You can check 2000 words at a time while using a free version. Premium version will give you advanced features and you have to pay $19.99/month.

Best features-:

  • Find and replace
  • Insert special character
  • Grammar check, spelling check, and punctuation
  • Free version
  • Translation option
  • Vocabulary tool for Mandarin English, French and Spanish


  • Lacks advanced features
  • The free version only allows checking the specific word count


Grammarly holds a special place among writers because of its advanced features. They keep updating their features more frequently to provide a better user experience. It is hard to find another tool that offers the best service like Grammarly. Still, you can try the above tools and see how that works for you.

You can use the basic features of these tools for free. To get advanced features and make your writing error-free, you have to pay for premium service. The requirement of advanced features depends on your professional type. Most commonly, businesses and professional writing services pay for proofreading tools.

If you are using proofreading tools for personal services, basic features are more than enough. If you are familiar with any other tools that offer better services than Grammarly, share them with us here.

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