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7 Things to Optimize to Drive Organic Downloads from ASO

7 Things to Optimize to Drive Organic Downloads from ASO

There are millions of smartphone users all over the world and the number keeps increasing day by day. You can find over 4 million apps on Google play store and apple store. So, if you want your app to get noticed among them good strategic planning is a must. You can increase your organic app downloads by these App Store Optimization tips which will help you acquire free organic downloads by following these 7 steps as given below.

App store optimization is the updates made to your mobile app page to increase its visibility and number of downloads organically. ASO is essential for a mobile app to stand out from its competition. Also, you need to understand that ASO is not a one-time process but an ongoing one. 

7 App Store Optimization Tips To Increase Organic Downloads

App store optimization techniques are not fixed. As the app store algorithm changes, app developers need to change their optimization strategies accordingly. It is not a simple time process. But you will understand the process once you start to implement them in your mobile app. The below tips can take your mobile marketing to the next level easily.

  1. Keyword optimization

Choose the right keywords for your app page to get the result you want. Find out the keywords that your potential customers are searching for and your competitors use on their page. These words are the keywords that you can include on your app page. When you use keywords, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind like

Use any keyword analyzing tool like Google keyword planner to find out the best-performing keywords in your niche. 

  1. Concentrate on app title

Choose a memorable keyword that comes under 25 characters. Your app users should be able to remember your app name immediately. It should be a short name that is related to your niche. You can use a keyword and your company’s name to make your app title. You can search once after finding a suitable title for your app. If you see so many results on the app store, that means the chosen name is not unique. You can also include relevant keywords on the app description page for customers to understand more about your app.

  1. Design compelling icon

Choose an app icon that is easily memorable for your brand. Make it colorful by choosing attractive color combinations. Add screenshots of your mobile app to encourage them to download it. Customers always try to go over the screenshots before downloading. Using color templates also can be helpful to give these screenshots a good appearance.

  1. Add videos

Adding videos on your app page can increase its downloads by 35%. When there are downloads, your app ranking will be better. You can add the app’s most valuable feature on the video to get a better impact. People prefer to search fast and download the mobile app fast. So, adding app videos will help you see a better outcome like good app ranking, an increase in your app downloads, etc. 

  1. Research competitors

Do you best to find all information about your competitors? Find out the number of competitors you have, the similar app on the app store, and how well the category ranks. By finding out this information, you can design a suitable strategy for your app marketing and promotion. Once after adding the mobile app to the app store, you need to consistently monitor its performance. Also, check how your competitor apps perform and the changes they make over a certain amount of time to make it visible. There are competitor analysis tools to find out the keywords they are using.

  1. Build backlinks

Build backlinks for your mobile app to make it more popular online. Make sure to actively link your app page to websites related to it and have good authority. It can be concluded that the quality of backlinks is more valuable than the quality. Backlinks only work if your ASO is up to date.

  1. Drive organic traffic

You need to drive more organic traffic to your mobile app and encourage them to download it. You can design a website for your mobile app and optimize it for SEO. It will help you to drive more organic traffic towards your website. Customers always get an opportunity to download your app without going to the app store. Another option is to use paid advertising to drive organic traffic to your website. 


App store optimization is not an overnight process. If you can spend some time every day on your app store optimization checklist, it can bring you amazing results. Once you are satisfied with the result you get out of these app store optimization techniques, you can concentrate more on advertising and increasing the app’s market share. Share your experience on using the above strategies and how they affected your organic downloads below.

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