5 Best Online Business Ideas for Kids

Did you just raise an eyebrow at the sight of this topic? Don’t be like that, adults aren’t the only ones that have the monopoly of working and earning online, Kids can/do start an online business. It may surprise you to know that kids are gradually finding their place in the labor market; it shouldn’t come as a surprise though as kids, like adults, have the capability of rendering services that are worth paying for, and here are the best Online Business Ideas for Kids.

Gone are those days where kids are only left out to eat and watch cartoons, these days, kids are becoming more conscious of their talents and skills at an early age and are enthusiastic about monetizing them. 

Here are the best online business ideas for kids:

  • Becoming a YouTuber

One online personality that comes to mind at the thought of this business idea is Emmanuella, the face of Mark Angel comedy. You can go check her out if you had no idea about her prior to your reading this article. This youngster has over a million YouTube subscribers and gets as much as a million views within a week of posting a comedy skit. She is a comedienne, making people laugh is what she does for a living. Currently, she is 8 years old and her net worth is over $70,000. That wouldn’t have been possible if she didn’t discover her talent on time and chose to monetize it.

The entertainment industry is one industry that is big enough to accommodate all. So what’s that talent you’ve discovered in your kids that you feel people would love to see? It could be dancing, drawing, singing, or like the case study above, cracking jokes; find ways to help them hone their talent, get a good camera, open up a YouTube channel and start; with consistency and patience, your kid will end up being a brand and sooner or later, there will be money to show for it.

  • Selling of Products Online

You might have discovered that your child has a knack for buying and selling, that’s your cue to encourage him/her to get into it fully and make some cash. The products could be clothes, make-up kits, gadgets, etc. Though for most e-commerce platforms, only individuals above 18 are eligible to open an online shop; there are still some that still accept kids under 18. You could as well encourage them to use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to advertise and sell their products as those under 18 are eligible to have an account.

It’s quite easier and cost-effective to manage the business online as you don’t have to spend any cost in securing an online shop and also there are social media management tools that can help them create leads within a short period of time at almost little or no cost.

So do you think your kid has the intrinsic entrepreneurial ability to start up and manage an online business? Why not encourage them today to start up something, you will be grateful in the later years for making that decision.

  • Babysitting and Dog-walking

Some kids are naturally sucker for babies and dogs; hence, it comes naturally for them to tend to babies and kids when they sight one. Most parents and dog owners are too busy to have time to care for their dogs and babies, which results to them embracing the idea of outsourcing the services to those that are passionate and skilled enough for the job – and these people can be kids or teenagers too.

 Once you have discovered that your child is quite passionate about babysitting or dog-walking, you just have to encourage them to offer to care for babies and dogs of neighbors for free so that they can gain the required experience before getting paid for this service. 

Once you are sure that they can handle the job on their own, you can now give them the liberty to take up babysitting and dog sitting jobs

A site like www.sittercity.com has created an environment where there is a pool of pet sitters and baby sitters to pick from; thereby,  making it easy to hire the right personnel for the job.

  • Online Tutoring

Yes, kids can be tutors too. Their age mates can be having issues understanding a particular subject, it could be mathematics, physics or any other subject in particular; and your kid can simply offer to teach them at a fee – if they understand the subject well enough to teach it.

It could as well be a skill: baking, drawing, singing, etc. Encourage them to take up more advanced courses, so they can be confident enough to teach people. 

Technology has made it easy to go through with this as it is now possible to teach electronically via video calls, conference calls, social media group chat, etc. So they don’t have to meet with their students physically as the classes can be held online.

This is a trusted way your kid can make money online, you just have to make sure they are skilled and knowledgeable enough to teach.

  • Laundry Service

Yes, you read that right, Laundry. There are quite a number of people that are too busy with their daily activities to have time to do their laundry, these people are willing to pay anyone that offers to take that load off their shoulders – without minding if the individual is a kid or not.

So, if your child has a knack for doing the laundry and is good at it, they can as well make money out of it by offering to do the laundry for others.

With social media platforms available, they can advertise their services and get clients that are willing to pay for such service.

So there you have it, best online business ideas for your kids. So if you are among those with the archaic orientation that kids can’t work and make money online, I hope this article has done justice in educating you on the job opportunities that are available for kids. One thing to note is that you have to make sure it is something they are passionate about and not something that is imposed on them because you feel it is more profitable.

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