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How to Deliver a Brilliant Omnichannel Customer Experience

How to Deliver a Brilliant Omnichannel Customer Experience

Customers are trying to reach the brand in every possible way. The way companies handle customer service has been changed dramatically over the last few years. Unlike a decade back, customers can reach a brand through many ways such as email, phone, live chats, social media channels, fax, and so on.

Even though there are many channels for a brand to reach its customers, it should plan a better strategy to deliver integrated and consistent service quality. Companies that provide customer support through multiple channels are more likely to retain customers than ones with limited channels. Consistent service quality across various social media channels will help a company to maintain its revenue. That is why companies are focusing more on Omnichannel customer service. 

What is omnichannel customer service?

Omni-channel customer service provides a unique brand experience by integrating social, email, text, and instant messaging experiences. Here customers can switch between various channels and experience a better quality of customer service. Omni-channel customer support will allow you to serve your customers in a better way. This way, a brand will be able to build better credibility and a satisfied customer base. 

Why is Omni-channel customer experience essential for your business?

Providing Omni-channel customers experience will help a brand to give a more customized shopping experience. Customers are spending 4% more in-store 10% more on online shopping.  Omni-channel customer experience can provide the following benefits such as. 

Customers can interact with your brand using a personalized shopping experience. Omni-channel customer support will give more ways for customers to interact with a brand. They can ask their questions and find correct solutions through various options like live chats, text messages, social media channels, emails, etc. If you have an online app on which a customer likes a product, they can come in-store and shop that product from the correct section as provided in your app. It will help to bring more conversion by offering a customized better shopping experience in many ways. 

Customer loyalty is something that helps a brand to grow. If you can provide a better customer experience by giving Omni-channel accessibility, it will increase your chance of getting more loyal customers. Customers do not like to be frustrated after sending messages to their favorite brand. Customers are more likely to buy from a brand again if it provides a good quality customer experience. If customers understand how the brand gives them a personalized customer experience, they are more likely to buy from the brand again. 

Beat ways to ensure Omni-channel experience

Omni-channel customer experience plays a fundamental role in retaining customers to a business. 89% of customers expressed their frustration when they have to interact with multiple customer service representatives. The best way to improve your customer service is to implement omnichannel customer service. Here are some brilliant omnichannel service strategies.

  1. Mobile optimization

Mobile is huge nowadays. A business cannot be successful by avoiding mobile optimizations. Most customers use their mobile devices to search or buy something. They expect their brand to be accessible through their mobile device. So, the best way to provide quality customer service is through customer service on a mobile device. But how many businesses are giving priority to mobile users? 90% of customers agree that they are not getting good support from their brand on mobile devices. 

You are losing a great chance to impress customers by ignoring mobile customer service. More than 50% of customers will not choose a business that does not have proper mobile support. You can improve your page loading speed, mobile optimization of your web page, right display, and unhelpful search result. By improving all these factors, you can make your mobile marketing strategy better and provide a quality Omni-channel experience.

  1. Improve social media response 

Social media is something you cannot avoid from your marketing strategy. It can be a great tool to interact with your customers and bring a high customer satisfaction rate. Social listening can improve the level of your customer service. 32% of customers want an answer within 30 mins of asking a question. As per the latest survey, only 8% of businesses respond to customers immediately for a question. 12% of brands do not even respond to customer’s questions on social media. It makes them fall behind the competition. A brand can improve its customer relationship by increasing the speed of response. If they can train your employees to provide real-time solutions on social media platforms that can save you from losing your existing customers. So better provide social media response as fast as possible to retain your current customers. 

  1. Implement self-service

You can provide a better customer experience by providing self-service options. Customers nowadays prefer to find solutions to their questions from the brand’s website. It will enable them to look up an answer and fix a problem rather than waiting to connect with a customer service representative. There are many ways to give a self-service customer experience through FAQs. Customers can find answers to their questions from these FAQs. If they cannot find answers to their queries, they have to talk to a customer service representative. It will also reduce the workload of customer service representatives and provide easy solutions without long waiting time.

  1. Implement texting

SMS is a popular choice to interact with customers. Brands can use SMS to reach out to customers with every question and update. Most businesses use text messages to send reminders, updates, and alerts to their customers. 52% of customers say that they like to receive and send text messages with their favorite brands. 47% of customers agree that by providing text messaging, customers can improve their connection with a brand. More than 90% of customers read a text message 3 mins after receiving it.  So, if you want to increase your Omnichannel experience, then text messaging is the best option to do. 

  1. Live chats

Live chats on your brand website are a popular form of communication. Customers love to interact with their brand and receive a response as fast as possible. 63% of customers will revisit a brand website if there are offering live chats to their customers. More than 40% of customers expect their favorite brand to answer their questions instantly. If the brand offers a correct and immediate solution to their customer’s questions can win their trust. Having a constant interaction with customers can reduce bounce rate and allows the customer service reps to upsell their clients. So, the best way to boost your brand sale and improve customer experience is by providing quality customer support. 

  1. Use emails to interact with customers

Emails are still an option to reach out to customers.  Emails are known as one of the most expensive customer marketing strategies with an effectiveness of 56%. Emails give a better opportunity for a brand to provide a secure platform to send a branded message. Customers nowadays prefer to send emails to the brand regarding any issues associated with it. Answer customer’s questions to retain them within your brand. If you can answer their questions right away, they will know that you are taking care of customer’s questions.

Tips to provide the best Omni-channel customer experience?

Customers expect quality customer service from their favorite brand. It is an essential marketing strategy that can give a significant opportunity to engage and convert. Here are some top marketing strategies you can follow to provide the best Omni-channel customer experience.

  1. Understand your customers

If you want to expand your marketing, it is essential to know what your customers want. You can define your target audience based on various criteria like age, interest, hobbies, geographical location, etc. Defining your customers like this will help you to provide more customized marketing strategies that can give your better ROI. Without a buyer persona, it is hard to stand out from the competition and create a more optimized marketing strategy. 

  1. Map your buyer’s journey

You need to check the way customers interact with your brand. By tracking this journey, you can easily define how and where to implement this omnichannel customer experience. While doing this, you might see neglected shopping carts, and in that case, you can remind your customers regarding that. So this is an essential step that gives you a clear idea of what you should be doing to improve the customer experience. 

  1. Clear pricing and effortless navigation

First and foremost, the quality of a brand should be the clear display of the price tag. Customers do not want a brand to deceive them with wring price tag. Whatever offer you are providing should be displayed for a better shopping experience. Your website should be navigable and show the products to the customers clearly.

  1. Make it more accessible

Make your brand more accessible by registering it everywhere. Customers need to see your brand name wherever you go. You need to register your brand on Google My business and all local directories to make it visible online. Help customers find your brand easily without searching much. 

  1. Make their shopping easy

Customers love to shop from a brand that provides them easy access to their website. You can make tier shopping easy by adding suitable features to your website. Ensure to sync the shopping cart and wish list of customers to their account and make sure that it is accessible everywhere. 

  1. Fast and free shipping

Customers love to get something free from their brand. You can attract more customers to your brand by providing a free and fast shipping experience. You can give a good shopping experience by providing a next-day shipping option and free of cost. It will attract more customers to your brand and improve their shopping experience. 

  1. Easy returns

If you want to give a better shopping experience,  you need to make the return process easy. Customers will support a brand that provides them easy shopping and return options. Display your return policy within your website for transparency. An easy return policy will encourage customers to buy from your brand and improve your sale. 

  1. Make your website mobile-friendly

A mobile-friendly website is something that can help with your brand popularity. When you manage a business, mobile accessibility is something necessary to mark your name online nowadays. Customers always use their mobile devices for shopping, and if your brand can provide that access, customers will surely love to follow your brand. 

Examples of brands that incorporated Omni-channel customer experience

Here are some popular brands that implemented an Omni-channel customer experience to interact with your customers. 

Disney-: Disney is a big brand that provides an Omni-channel customer experience. They are ready to provide solutions to their customers on any channel. Disney’s Magic band is an example of such a feature. Disney uses all data from the Magic band for targeted remarketing and improves the in-park experience. 

Starbucks-: Starbucks is an international brand that provides an Omni-channel experience through their Starbuck card. Starbucks card is like a loyalty program which gives access to reward point. The brand links the Starbuck card with all the platforms like mobile app, in-store, and websites. Customers can access their points from anywhere and use them whenever they want through this easy.

Amazon-: This is a brand that offers the ultimate shopping experience to its customers. Amazon helps their customers to shop for their products and seek in-store advice at the same time. They are trying to reach out to their customers on various platforms to ensure an Omni-channel customer experience. 

Final words

Omni-channel customer experience is something that can help you to improve your business marketing. It is the best solution for businesses who want to grow from their current status. Also, do not forget to give a human touch to everything. It can provide a chance for the brand to connect with its customers. A brand that can provide a better customer solution can always win their heart and grow their business. Be honest and try to find the right solution to your customers for a successful result while implementing an omnichannel experience.

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