Nacho Analytics Review – Spy your Competitor Analytics

Everyone wishes to see a deep insight of the things that happen on the internet. When we publish a website, we need to analyze the performance of its contents to see how it works. There are many tools available online to check the performance of contents on the internet. But there is one tool which helps you to accumulate all details related to online contents. That tool is Nacho Analytics which helps to spy competitors. Someone who wishes to get a detailed report on what happens with their content online can use tools like Nacho analytics. Don’t need to be afraid by hearing the name of the tool.

It is very important to analyze the competitors in order to succeed in marketing. Marketers need to know the techniques their competitors are using in order to attract their customers and develop their own new strategies. While analyzing you can find various campaigns and advertisement your competitors are using for their product promotion. How will you know whether these strategies work or not?

Narcho analytics will help you with that. If you are new to this tool it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages the tool have before using it for your business promotion. Today we are going to review about most modern marketing analytics tool called Nacho Analytics.  

Nacho Analytics Review - Spy your Competitor Analytics

What is Nacho Analytics?

Nacho Analytics is an analytical tool developed by SpyFu. It lets you collect detailed analytics data of any website you want. They share complete details about a website without login to their accounts. The technology they use to analyze these details is still remaining unknown. But marketers can use this technology to learn more about their competitor strategies and review it while developing their own strategies.

It is not illegal to sneak into your competitor’s website and checking their strategies. It can help you to learn new things by doing this.

What can you get from Nacho Analytics?

Before using technology, you should have a clear knowledge about the data you can collect from it. Like any other analytics tool, Nacho Analytics works legally to collect various performance data of websites. You will get answers to the questions like

    • What type of contents are most popular on their website?
    • Which landing page of their website works best?
    • What are their strategies to bring more customers?
    • What strategies are they implementing for pricing?
    • What is their best seller?
  • What type of marketing brings more customers to them-email or Facebook marketing?

These are some popular question every marketer will have when they check their competitor’s website. They will get a clear answer to these question without much effort using Nacho Analytics.

How does Nacho Analytics work?

Nacho Analytics is a simple tool any marketers can use. It is easy to operate the tool. You can get every information related to the website in just three steps.

Step1-: Type the name of the website which you want to access. It could be any website

Step 2-: You will get the performance data immediately. The result will show real-time as well as past data of the website you are checking

Step 3-: Create an account in Narcho Analytics to view all these data without any interruption

You can analyze the way you want using filters. You can see the data in a sorted manner by checking the peak traffic time, on-page behavior etc. The platform is pretty flexible to work on for anyone without much technical knowledge. The reports are also very easy to interpret. You can save the websites you want to analyze in the dashboard of the application for easy access. Get a detailed report with referral traffic, bounce rate, Average session duration, number of page views and many more.

Every website will have their own strategies to brand their products. It is a highly competitive area and marketers need to be extra careful while creating new strategies. It should work properly and should also beat their competitor’s strategy. You need to know their strategy before developing your own. For this purpose, you can use Narcho Analytics tool. Just by tracking a website you will get all important information related to their strategies and number of visitors.  

Nacho Analytics Features:

Nacho Analytics has many interesting features. The application lets you track all the data you want to know about other websites. Features of nacho analytics are

    • Campaign management
    • Conversion tracking
    • Track business goals
    • Users interaction tracking
    • Event tracking
    • Heatmaps
    • Multiple site management
  • Report generation

Nacho Analytics is mobile-friendly -: Nacho analytics can be viewed on a mobile device. You can start a free trial version of this app on your mobile device. You will get all type of data, charts and widgets in one place using its powerful interface.

Customization-: Nacho analytics allows you to customize the results as you want to see. It gives access to various types of metrics and you can set the type of data you want y setting up filters. Nacho analytics works better than usual Google Analytics tools in providing you detailed information about a website’s performance.

Get latest data of your competitors-: Get the number of page visitors, number of clicks, downloads and other information related to a website. You can use this tool to get an idea about the factors working for a website’ s success.  

Price details

If you want to get all these features from Nacho Analytics you need to know the price details. The tool is not completely free to use. Here are the price details of Narcho Analytics tool

Basic Plan Nacho Uno starts at $39/month. Using this plan, you can search for details of one website and 2 users can use it at a time. To check the additional website, you need to pay $30/month.

Nachos Grande starts at $79/month when you purchase it annually. Using this plan, you can manage 5 websites at a time with 10 users. To get details of any additional website than the allowed limit, you need to pay $20/month

By paying $115/month you can purchase Nachos Supreme. It lets you analyze 15 websites at a time with permission for 20 users. You need to pay $10/month to check any additional website using this tool

The premium website is another plan for marketers for which you need to pay $99/month. It will show you the data of the top 5000 websites.


There are many questions related to the use of Narcho Analytics. Sometimes marketers are very reluctant to use a new tool. But by knowing each and every detail of the tool you can use it without any doubt.

Is Nacho Analytics tool legal?

Nacho analytics is not an illegal application. It is not hacking anyone’s Google Analytics account or anything to get the data. There is also no need to install any analytics software to make this tool work. So, no need to think that this application is illegal. Nacho analytics works legally without breaking any law

How Nacho Analytics works?

A lot of people opted-in to share their website information with them. The team uses this data and upload into a Google Analytics account. When someone searched details about a website Nacho analytics uses this information’s from Google Analytics account to provide a detailed report.

Will it work with all type of website?

Most suitable answer is Yes and No at the same time. They only share the information of a website that has an active Google Analytics account. If the Google Analytics account is not set up correctly then the information may not be available. While analyzing website it is better to choose a website with at least 1 million-page views to get enough details. Small website may not provide much result.

How accurate is Nacho analytics data?

The software is highly accurate. You can use the data from Nacho analytics in planning and developing new strategies. It offers you real-time result sometimes and after 2-3 hours some other cases. They collect data from actual users and you will get detail information about the sale, traffic, behavior of users and related information through Nacho analytics

What Nacho analytics don’t provide?

One drawback of this app is that it is not providing any mobile data. You cannot get any information about mobile related traffic. So, they provide an estimate about that data which is related to desktop visitor’s behavior.


Nacho Analytics is an interesting tool for marketers. Observe the real-time behavior of website visitors using this tool. This is a tool from the Spyfu team. Spyfu is a similar tool which shows the specific segment of a website’s digital marketing efforts. Measure your own SEO, marketing and other promotional efforts and compare it with your competitors to know the strategies they are using.

Use this tool to measure current marketing trends in your niche in order to develop the right marketing strategy. You can try their trial version before spending money on purchasing a membership to see how it is useful for your online business. It is always better to implement a new tool with your business marketing to get more result.

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