LinkedIn Engagement Pods To Go Viral In LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the fast-growing platforms nowadays. This helps professionals to connect and share their thoughts. LinkedIn mainly connects job seekers and recruiters. Companies post jobs on their page and job seekers can apply to that via LinkedIn.  You can create a free account on LinkedIn and use it like any other social media. Many people use it for only professional purposes. But it can be used to do so many interesting things. You can connect with people, communicate, and share content through LinkedIn

It is not easy to get visibility on LinkedIn unless you satisfy the LinkedIn algorithm. To ensure more reach you should learn how the algorithm works and optimize your content accordingly.  But many people don’t know this fact. You can share any type of content on LinkedIn and make it viral.

Only a few people do this and if this post gets aninitial response LinkedIn boosts these contents to ensure more reach. If you are looking for a new platform to reach the right audience, make use of LinkedIn engagement pods. This article will help you to know more about LinkedIn pods and the way to use it to make your posts viral. Before going to all that you need to know about engagement pods

What are LinkedIn engagement pods?

LinkedIn engagement pods are a small group of people who agrees to share and engage other’s content. Just like the Google Algorithm LinkedIn algorithm verify these contents to see whether they are useful for the audience. This is mainly a group of people and if anyone needs to join a pod need to have approval from that group. Once you got access to the pod you can start sharing interesting content.

LinkedIn Engagement Pods To Go Viral In LinkedIn

If you see the above post, you can see that it has got more than 10000 views and 100+ engagements. You can create pods on any platform like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. It doesn’t have to be on LinkedIn. If you know bloggers who like to have more reach to their content add them to your group. When someone uploads content on their website, they share the same in this group. You can share it if you find it interesting. Once the LinkedIn algorithm finds the post interesting it will boost the contents and ensure to reach more audiences.

LinkedIn engagement pods mainly give the initial support a content need. If the initial response is good LinkedIn does the rest of the work. It checks the quality of the content and interaction at the same time. Before joining any pods, you need to know that if you do not actively participate then they will kick you out. Know the risk before you join any engagement pods. When someone shares a post on this pod make sure to interact with it by sharing or commenting on it. You can expect the same from others when you post something. This is a group of people who mutually helps

Why Use Linkedin Engagement pods?

LinkedIn engagement pods are the best way to make your post viral. This is not an easy task. Pods mainly help you to increases the chance of getting visible online. if you are a member of a pod with 100 professionals you can share any type of content like articles, webinars, case studies, etc. if everyone in that group interacts with your content it will more than enough to be viral.

Once people start to get interact with your content Instagram verifies the content to make sure it is informative and free from any spam. If the content is good LinkedIn will show this to your connections. LinkedIn checks the response from the audience to your post. They use a term called Velocity and this is very important to get more views on LinkedIn. Engagement pods promote your content once it starts to get a good response from your connection.

Do Linkedin engagement pods work?

This is an interesting question. Before learning more about engagement pods you need to learn whether it works for you or not. To know that you need to know the Pros and cons of using engagement pods.


Improves the reach-: If your content is useful the potential of it to reach to as many people as possible is very high. If you are part of an engagement pod with active members’ content you post on the group get an initial response. This can change the future of your content once LinkedIn approves your post and make it visible to your connections.

Networking opportunity-: Joining an engagement pod will help you to grow your network. This is an opportunity to connect with people with similar interests. You can interact with people that match with your interest and help them to be successful by being a part of an engagement pod.

Potential to engage employees-: if you are thinking about a pod for employees that could be a great idea. Group work is always good for a company’s growth and if you can connect employees of the different regions through an engagement pod that would be great.


Risks of considering posts as spam-: Sometimes posts that come through pods are considered as spam. LinkedIn can misread it spam and the positions of your post might get affected by that.

Some contents will not be useful-: some pods just promote content without even looking at whether it is useful or not. We can’t always trust the content that gets promoted by pods. There is a chance that the content has nothing to offer to its audience. So, the risk of sharing worthless contents is higher

Superficial engagement can hurt you-: As we discussed in the previous point sharing content without any value can hurt your credibility. At the same time contents with any blunt comments can’t help you. Commenting on a post for the sake of commenting can’t help anyone. LinkedIn always looks for valuable content with the right engagement.

Time-consuming-: If you want to stay in an engagement pod you have to act. When someone posts content, you need to react instantly. It takes a lot of time to interact with every post. If you are ready to spend much time, then only think about joining an engagement pod. Commitment is very important if you want to be in an engagement pod.

LinkedIn can react-: Everyone considers engagement pod as paid promotion. Facebook hates Instagram pods and they removed some of the pods already. Just like that LinkedIn can also remove the pods if you are not careful while your share posts.

Things to know about Linkedin engagement pods

Keep an eye on algorithm update-: you need to know about the changes happening in their algorithm. They change it frequently and every time the same trick won’t work. So, it is better to know the updates they are making to be successful while using pods.

Groups with limited members-: When you create or being a part of pods make sure that it has only limited members. There is no use in adding more people to a group. It is hard to maintain a group and if all the members are not active it’s of no use.

Quality is very important-: Quality of content is very important when it comes to sharing. LinkedIn always looks for quality content. When you share content make sure to check the content and decide whether it is valuable to the audience. Comments and likes only matter if the content is good.

Content is everything-: Only informative content can survive the competition even though you get promotions from pods. Quality is very important, and you need to make sure that your content can provide value to your audience. Take your time and create top-notch content to be successful.

Results are short-term -: The result you get from pods are for a short time. You can’t do anything if the audience doesn’t interact with your content once it gets posted on your profile. If your group members are interacting with your content instantly it’s of no use. So, make sure to not waste time when you use pods for content promotion.

How to join LinkedIn Engagement Pods?

Now you know the benefits of joining an engagement pod. But you might be thinking of ways to find out an engagement pod to join. Here are a few options for you to join engagement pod

  • Internet search

You can search on the internet to see pods that let you join. It could be anywhere such as WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. some groups allow anyone interested to join the pod. Find out such pods and be a part of it by sending a request.

  • Create your pod

This is one of the best ways to do if you want to be viral. But before doing that make sure to add people who are interested in this. The reason is that people in your group have to interact within the first 20 mins after your post something. Otherwise, there is no use in creating such pods. Thousands of posts happening in an hour and it is hard to win the competition if you don’t take that seriously. So, when you create a group of 10-25 people make sure they know what they are doing.

  • Promote your pod

If you have a website and want to add more people to a group promote it. If you promote pods on your website people who are interested in doing a serious task will join. As the number of active members increases the chance of getting more exposure is high. Remove members who are not active because there is no use in keeping them in your pods if they are not doing what you want.

  • Paid pods

There are paid engagement pods also where you can join. There are will influential people, and they charge for each interaction or share. If you are active on LinkedIn, they will reach you to join their group. Such groups are available on Telegram and Facebook. If you are interested in doing that feel free to be a part of a paid pod.

Steps you can follow to make your post viral on LinkedIn

  1. Make a good introductory statement

When you post content, you need to concentrate on creating introductory sentences. It could be catchy and clear. Those are the first thing everyone sees before clicking on the post. So, make sure to use catchy headline and introduction because your content needs to get noticed among hundreds of other posts

  1. Make use of engagement pods effectively

It is a very important point to know if you are using engagement pods. Pods mainly contain people with similar interests. You can post your content and let others in the group interact with it. Once it starts to get recognition Instagram will promote your content and the process will become easier.

  1. Create the content on the right topic

You need to create content on right and demanding topics. Just writing on any topic can‘t make your contents viral. You need to know what your audience wants and create useful content based on that topic. You can use keywords to promote your content and explore different themes.

  1. Be active

When you are posting content make sure to interact with your audience. When people post questions or any comments you can interact with them. It is not easy to interact with so many comments at a time. But If you can reply to a few comments and answer their questions that is a very good gesture to get more followers.

  1. Use LinkedIn hashtags

There are hashtags on LinkedIn which will help your post go viral. Research popular hashtags related to your topic. This will help your post to reach the right group of people who are interested in similar content. This can help your content to be viral if it has valuable content.

  1. Use your old posts on LinkedIn

You can use successful content from your blogs and post it on LinkedIn. These contents have a chance of getting viral on LinkedIn. Everyone on LinkedIn might not have seen your post on your blog. If you have interesting content, then the reach of this content is higher.

  1. Publish contents at an optimal time

You should set a time every time to post your content. Find out the time where more people are active and post your content then. According to LinkedIn the best time to post is early morning, lunchtime and evening. Most people are active from Tuesday to Thursday.

  1. Call to Action

Even when you post content on a blog CTA is very important. LinkedIn works the same way. It is good to have a catchy Call to Action in your post. This will let your audience interact with your content and improve its reach. This can make your content viral. You can also direct your audience to your other posts and let them read those contents.


Engagement pods have their benefits. If you can make use of its benefits in a good way your posts can be viral.  But one thing to know while using engagement pod is that this is a short-term option to gain more reach to your posts. This is like a shortcut to get more viewers for your posts. There is no shortcut to success. You need to work hard and create good quality content to be successful. LinkedIn can change their algorithm any time and there is a chance to remove pods just like Facebook and Instagram.  Be mindful of this fact and work towards creating good quality content with knowledgeable content.

The audience is very smart now. They can identify promoted content and genuine content. If you can provide what your audience wants the task of being successful will be very easy. To be more precise when you join a group make sure they only promote good quality content. There is no use in wasting time promoting any content that has no value to its audience. What is your opinion about engagement pods? Are you part of one? If so, tell us your experience with engagement pods

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