How To Leverage Social Media As A Startup

If you aren’t already leveraging social media tools to your advantage – as a business – what exactly are you waiting for? Social media, ever since its invention has been progressive over the years and with future projections,  it is forecasted to reach 3 billion of users in the nearest future. What does that tell you? It is that goldmine, that should be tapped.

Businesses take on the idea of exploiting social media because of the prospect it holds to enable them to attach a wider reach with their target audience, and it is more essential for a startup to exploit these platforms that guarantee such a privileged advantage to your business. This is why in this article, I will be exposing you to some tips on how to go about leveraging social media as a startup.

Exploit Social Advertising To Your Advantage

In this case, I am referring to paid advertising to drive traffic and spur engagements on your social media handles. These social advertising tools are strategic enough to get the word out to a targeted audience – which is why it is even beneficial because there is a high chance of a user clicking on an ad if there was an interest in such services.

An example of such paid and sponsored advertising medium is Facebook Ad, which costs as low as $0.12 per click, why won’t you invest in such to boost sales. According to the statistics culled from Adstage, it was established that 56% of B2C marketers have indicated that Facebook Ads have helped them generate revenue for their business.

While paid advertising is not limited to Facebook alone, you can enjoy such privilege on other social media platforms too; the main goal is that your start-up is getting that boost it deserves.

Invest In Influencer Marketing On Social Media

Influencer marketing basically involves the use of social media influencers – who wield some power over a certain audience – to initiate strategic marketing.

Statistics, as extracted from The Leverage Way, show that 49% of people rely on influencer recommendations. While these influencers are regular social media users, it doesn’t dispute the fact that they have invested so much in building their brand on social media, which has earned them a large following as a reward. Now you working with influencers will help you reach a newer kind of audience – that holds prospects of becoming prospective clients and customers.

Influencer marketing holds some kind of credibility to the said audience because they trust them and can vouch for whatever the influencers recommend.

The issue oftentimes with influencers marketing on social media is getting the right social media influencer; they are lots of digital tools that help identify and analyze web influencers for you to take your pick; once you can get past this hurdle to get someone that is the right fit, you are sure to enjoy the privileges that are associated with working with an influencer.

Drive More Engagements By Sharing User-Generated Contents

Word of the mouth” is one potent way of advertising particular goods or services; because the customer is sharing his/her own experience with the world and imploring others to give it a try; this sounds genuine and customers are more likely to be swayed by such testimony than the regular way of advertising most companies invest in.

The following statistics as culled from Tintop shows  that:

  • User-generated content is 20% more influential than any other type of media when it comes to influencing Millennial purchases.
  • 64% of customers will not only value online reviews but will actively seek them out before making a purchasing decision.
  • 71% of consumers feel more comfortable buying a product after researching user-generated
  • On-site consumer reviews can increase conversions by 74%.

The aforementioned statistics prove that sharing user-generated content is equally as effective as other strategic means of advertising.

Take the bold step of asking your customers to share their experiences either on their social media handles or to you; suffice to say you shouldn’t share any user-generated content on your social media handles without seeking the consent of the user.

Share Links Of Your Blog Posts To Your Social Media Accounts

Content marketing has proved to gain credence over time as it is efficient in telling the customers what your brand represents with the aid of blog content – these blog contents could be on topics related to your products or services. But most times, these blog posts, as informative as they could be, get few or no clicks because only a few readers get to see them; which is where social media comes into the picture, you can share the links to your blog posts on your social media handles to drive traffic to your blog; that way more people get to read about what your brand represents and probably get convinced enough to patronize you in the nearest future.

Leverage Social Media As A Communication Channel To Promote Customer Service

I think the header explains itself succinctly enough. Most social media platforms have been designed to favor communication between two parties; in this case, most brands on social media use their handles as an easier means of contact in times of need. It is faster and efficient. This way, customers can easily lay complaints by messaging the brands, while the brand will act accordingly to sufficiently provide answers to their questions and satisfy the needs of the customers.

Brands on social media leverage this to score some points on their credibility; which could be a factor of their response rate/speed, efficiency in meeting the needs of customers, etc. – this could even influence others who don’t patronize the brand yet to develop an interest in the brand.

Social media is a tool, only those that have come to the understanding of how to use this tool to their advantage become winners in this game.

How are you using this tool to your advantage? I hope with the aforementioned tips discussed in this article, you have been able to get a clearer picture of how to leverage this tool – social media – to your advantage.

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