Best Ways to Learn Digital Marketing Online

Digital marketing is the future of marketing. Many youngsters already started to look for opportunities to learn digital marketing knowing that this will be the best big thing. The reason for the popularity of digital marketing is due to its power to improve sales, revenue, reach the target audience, and increase conversions. In the current marketing world, more than 90% of roles need to have digital marketing knowledge to succeed well.

Due to its high demand in marketing, everyone started to search for resources to learn digital marketing. It’s a broad topic which keeps changing now and then. Nothing is constant in digital marketing. The trend keeps changing more frequently and one who wants to be a digital marketer should be updated with the new trends to be successful in their field. Various areas of digital marketing range from graphic designing, Search engine optimization, Content creation, web development, and so on.

This article mainly discusses various ways to learn digital marketing online. before moving to the main topic, you need to know why they say digital marketing is one of the best careers one can choose.

Why there is a Demand in Digital Marketing Careers:

If you are looking for a new change in your career digital marketing is a good option. This is one of the most trending and highest paying careers that can give you some work satisfaction

  • First and foremost, digital marketing pays you a good salary. This is a highly demanding job that pays you a good salary. The growth in this career is tremendous. The salary of a typical entry-level digital marketer can range from $50,000-$60000 a year
  • It is easy to catch up on the work because it is a brand-new concept. You don’t have to look decades back to the works of people. Everything is new in this field.
  • There are no specific educational qualification requirements to be a digital marketer. All you need to have id good marketing skills which you can gradually earn from your work experience. If employers see what they are looking for you will get good pay without any specific degrees
  • Being the most demanding field nowadays employers are looking or someone who has good digital marketing skills. People who are currently working in this field does not have enough idea about this marketing

Now you know why digital marketing is considered as one of the best careers someone can choose. Next, you need to know various domains associated with digital marketing

Different Skills under Digital Marketing:

Like we mentioned earlier digital marketing is not a single department. It has many divisions that make the whole process happen. Traditional marketing techniques are outdated, and online contents are the main way to market products nowadays. To make the whole process happen there are many processes that need to be done. Here are some important domains associated with digital marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the optimization of digital content to attract more traffic to a website. This is one of the most important processes of digital marketing. Google is changing its algorithm every year and an SEO expert should be aware of these changes to make appropriate changes in web content. The search engine is mainly aiming to improve the quality of their result and more than 200 changes happen in the algorithm every year. Someone who handles SEO should gather information and make changes to the website for better user experience, gathering leads, and improving conversions. To make a brand look better online SEO is very important

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing is another domain like SEO. Marketers can promote their website online just like advertisements. To improve your website ranking search engine marketing can help marketers. There are various options like PPC (Price per click), Click-through Rate (CTR), paid advertisements, etc. if marketers can do search engine marketing right it can help to grow business by attracting more leads. SEM helps in-:

  1. Improving brand value online
  2. Getting more competition
  3. Grabbing audience attention
  4. Better income
  5. Campaign outcome measurement
  • Content Marketing

Content marketing is a way of promoting contents online to improve marketing. It can be any type of content such as emails, videos, audios, etc. without good content nothing is possible. Content marketing is the base of SEO, social media marketing, or email marketing. Good content is very important to reach up to your targeting audience. If you have good writing skill content marketing can be your area of expertise.

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media is a powerful tool now to promote a business. Most people are active on one or other social media platforms. A business needs social media marketing experts to reach people who are more active in social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Good social media content can help a business to get more followers and improve their online presence. Consumers nowadays only trust a business that has an online presence. A good social media marketer should be able to create good content that can help to gain followers, better conversion rates, improve brand loyalty, etc.

  • Video Marketing

Video marketing is very important to improve online presence. Interactive videos can help a brand to present a brand better. It could be anything like how to do something or live the promotion of an event. Video and audio contents have the potential to gain more audience which can improve the business. Also, it can improve social sharing, credibility, and trust among the audience.

  • Email Marketing

For those who believe that email marketing is outdated the truth is it is not. Email marketing is the process of sending email content to its customers with new offers, updates, and promotions. There are ways to personalize messages based on the audience which can improve its effectiveness. As per reports, this is one of the most effective online marketing domains as of now. Many businesses aggress that sending personalized emails to their customers helps to improve their business. Also, this is one of the cost-effective marketing methods for most of the businesses which produce quick engagement and better result.

  • Link Building

Link building is an interesting domain that can increase the traffic a website can get. If you want to be a digital marketer learn to build a link to your website. Link building is the process of getting links from content that is similar to your website content. This will help a website to improve more number of traffic and improve its online presence. Other than increasing traffic link building can help a website to get better ranking, increases page domain authority, etc

  • Web Analytics

Web analytics is the process of data analytics that helps a business to know about their customer’s nature. It can help a business to know the kind of customers they have and what they are expecting from your brand. Knowing customers is very important to every business as it can help to improve the quality of the brand. If a business can provide what customers want this can help the business to be successful. Improve the ROI of a business by learning customer data from tracking metrics.

  • Customer Relationship Management

Customers are the backbone of every business. To main a good relationship with customers by developing new strategies is what CRM domain do. Various ways like search engine optimization, social media marketing will help a marketer to maintain a good relationship with customers. This will help every business to have a long-term relationship with customers which will gradually improve the profit of a business.

  • Data Mining 

Data mining is a domain that studies customer behavior. This will help a business to learn about their targeting customers and deliver content based on what they are expecting from a product. Learning customers will also help businesses to develop better marketing campaigns which can improve ROI. 

These are some important domains of digital marketing. This is a broad subject to learn. Everything is new in digital marketing. There is no written rules and regulation which you can learn to be a good digital marketer. One needs to know all the above domains to be a good digital marketer. The next part will give direct answers to your questions.

Best Ways to Learn Digital Marketing Online

Best Ways to Learn Digital Marketing Online

One can learn digital marketing online from various sources. If you are a good learner self-study is a good option. You can learn from experts through various online resources. There is not a college degree that can give you a graduation to be a digital marketer. All you can do is to find various online resources or courses to learn digital marketing. There are so many online resources to help you learn digital marketing

Various resources will help one to learn digital marketing concepts online. Various websites offer a digital marketing course also. It is up to you to choose the best way you can learn digital marketing. Here are some ways one can learn digital marketing on their own.

  • Online Marketing Blogs

There are blogs from experts to help you learn digital marketing. You can find so many blogs with detailed analyses and ways that can help you to learn digital marketing easily. If you want the list of some of the best blogs to look for here is the list

Search engine Journal: Search engine journal is a good resource to learn the digital marketing concept. It has everything about SEO, search engine algorithm and other basic concepts that can help you to know more about digital marketing

Moz Blog: This is another popular blog that can walk you through inbound marketing. It also helps you to learn tips and tricks to optimize a website to improve its ranking.

Quicksprout: Quicksprout is another good online resource that can help one to learn SEO. It has so many blogs which explain about increasing website traffic by improving online contents. This is one of the best sites you can start following to get all new updates to happen in digital marketing

Kissmetrics: Kissmetrics is a blog that mainly handles with data mining topics. If you want to be digital marketing, you need to know about the latest trends that are happening in the digital marketing field. Kissmetrics will give you every new update that can help you to master data mining in an easy manner and to be an effective digital marketing professional

Marketing Land: To learn about every new marketing aspects marketing land will help you. It will publish articles with every new update that is happening in the digital marketing world. If you want to learn these techniques start following this Marketing land

  • Videos

Videos are another way to learn digital marketing. If you are a fan of visual content then the video can help to ease your learning experience. Most of the above websites also publish videos related to their articles to give a visual learning experience. You can follow their channels on YouTube to learn digital marketing through videos.

  • Podcasts

If you don’t want to sit and learn the process start searching for a podcast that leads with digital marketing. These podcasts will help you to understand the concepts. You need to practice your skills to be a better digital marketer. Here are some popular podcasts you can start listening to

  1. Call to Action by Unbounce
  2. The Marketing Companion
  3. Duct tape marketing
  4. Marketing scoop by SEMrush
  5. Pro-blogger Podcast
  • Infographics and slideshows

Pictures can help you to learn some concepts easily. Infographics and slideshows can help you to understand the digital marketing concept easily. It is easy to keep the visual contents in your memory. You can search for images related to digital marketing online. You can prepare what you want to see before starting your search online

  • eBooks

if you are patient and fan of reading books there are many eBooks available online. All marketing experts try to sell their books through your website. Most of them are free and you can download it by following or signing up to their website. Books will help you to learn each concept in detail compared to blogs. Reading books is always will help you to deepen your knowledge of each concept. Some books are free to download and you can buy books from the Amazon store. Here are some good books to check on

  1. Pam Diner’s Power of visual storytelling
  2. Pamela Wilson’s Master content marketing
  3. Shama Hyder’s Zen of social media marketing
  4. Art of SEO by Eric Enge, Stephen Spencer, Jessica Strichhiola
  5. Global content marketing by Pam Didner
  • Digital Marketing Courses

You can also enroll in online courses which can help you to learn digital marketing. If you can earn more knowledge from online courses that will help you to be a better marketer. Top 7 online digital marketing courses are

 Google online marketing challenge

For the past 8 years, more than 100K people took this course and completed the course. If you are looking for some real marketing experiment with your learning this is a good choice. The best thing about Google’s marketing course is that it offers training in all digital marketing areas like social media marketing, search engine marketing, display advertisements, etc for completely free. Also, they will challenge you to use $250K worth of ad words over 3 weeks period and the one who completes this task will win price from Google

Word streams PPC university

This is created by Word stream and will help you to learn to utilize PPC marketing effectively. This is a free online course one can take and adjust the course according to their schedule. The course is mobile friendly and can learn it from anywhere you want.

Moz SEO learning course

Moz SEO learning course is a very popular one that helps starters to understand the basic concepts of search engine optimization. This is 3.5 hrs. course and more than 150K people completed this course online. You will receive a certificate upon successful completion of this course which helps you while applying for a job.

Social media quick starter digital marketing source

This is a good resource to learn digital marketing. Social media quick starter mainly helps you to integrate email and social media marketing to take advantage of both channels. It can improve the impact of your digital marketing when incorporating these two powerful options. This is suitable for a beginner in digital marketing to learn to use social media platforms in improving the business. The course contains a lot of examples to help you learn the concept in a better way

The inbound digital marketing course

This is a free online course by Udemy. More than 3000 people already completed this course and earned their badge. This course will help you learn about SEO, content marketing, inbound marketing, social media marketing, etc. You can complete the whole course in 4.5 hrs. you can also see many positive reviews online before enrolling in this course.

Hootsuite Academy

This course will help you to learn advanced marketing strategy, ROI development, social media marketing, and many more. You can also try one of their domain-specific courses such as Google Primer, Twitter flight schools, etc. You will get a certificate after completing their courses

Market Motive – Master’s in Digital Marketing

Deals with email marketing social media marketing, PPC conversion, SEO, and many more. 250+ hours of online classes of each concept and 20+ hands-on digital marketing project to help you understand the concept better

Checklist to become Digital Marketing Expert

Ready to learn-: As the area is rapidly changing you need to open to learning every day.

Be updated-: New things keep happening in the digital marketing industry. Be ready to change your strategy based on new trends to be successful

Keep up good connections-: There new many talented people in marketing. Be sure to catch up with them and maintain a good relationship. You can meet people in marketing seminars and conferences to meet experts in your profession

Know all the terminologies-: As a digital marketer, you need to know about the main terminologies associated with your profession. It includes SEO, SEM, PPC, SERP, etc. before explaining anything you need to understand what it stands for and the basic concept well

Brand yourself-: You can brand yourself online on various platforms. A better online presence will give you more popularity and bring more followers to you.

Know the technology well- It is not easy to succeed in your field without knowing the technology associated with it. knowing HTML, JAVA, UX, UI, and other designing tools to performs better

Get certification-: You can sell yourself to get a better position if you have certification. You will also learn concepts of every domain well when you take a certification course.

Copywriting-: you need to have some copywriting skills to be a good digital marketer. You don’t have to be an expert in copywriting. Try to make good content that can attract your audience and improve business

Better Interaction with customers – Know how to interact with your customers well. Good CRM skill is an essential skill to be a successful digital marketer. Keeping up a good relationship with customers will help you to make your business grow


Anyone can be a digital marketer. But to be a successful digital marketer you need to have good ideas. There are many resources online to learn digital marketing. Important thing is that you need to find the best that suits you.

The best thing about this profession is you can earn more by spending some time online. With good strategies and interaction skills, you can excel in this profession. Be ready to keep up with the changes that happen in the digital marketing world.

Work harder and harder based on your experience to be an expert digital marketer.

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