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How to Learn Digital Marketing Online for Freshers

How to Learn Digital Marketing Online for Freshers

Are you familiar with the word digital marketing? It is the process of marketing using digital channels such as the internet, social media, email, search engine or through any website.

As the popularity of the internet increases, marketers are finding new ways to reach their consumers and digital marketing is a result of that. Many people think that digital marketing is a profession that needs some special skills. It is partially true.

A person with some marketing skills can be a digital marketer if he can put some extra effort to engage the customers and build brand awareness using digital marketing channels. 

Digital marketing is a very highly demanding profession anyone can choose. Someone with a flare in marketing can choose this as your profession. There are many doubts when you want to be in a new profession.

This is an article which deals with almost everything related to this profession. After reading this you will get a clear idea about a digital marketing career. There are many ways to be a good digital marketer. You can know more about the digital marketing career and some important aspects of it from here.   

This is a profession that can help you to nurture your skills in various areas. If you have some creative ideas and a willingness to learn new things digital marketing will be a good choice for you.

To be a digital marketer you can undergo various training and certification courses. We are going to discuss various aspects of digital marketing and things to know if you want to be a digital marketer.

Do you want to know more about the digital marketing profession?

Let’s check out some important points to be aware of if you want to choose digital marketing as your profession

Who can be a Digital Marketer?

Anyone with some marketing skills can be a digital marketer. All you have to do is to apply some techniques to build brand awareness and make it sell. Your future in digital marketing will depend on the successful accomplishment of your strategies. Digital marketers should write content, report, analyze the marketing trends and develop strategies according to it.  

Anyone with an interest in marketing and a willingness to learn new things can be a digital marketer. Someone who wants to be in this profession should have good writing and communication skills also. There are some particular skills a digital marketer should have and most of them are covered in any digital marketing certification course. 

Anyone with one or two special skills can you help to easily get through the job interview.  All the above skills are very important to know if you want to be a digital marketer. It is not necessary to possess all the above skills as a fresher. Get an idea about some of the above skills so that you can start your career with some basic knowledge about the profession you want to work in. Be a good digital marketer by keeping yourself updated about the latest digital marketing trends and changes. 

Should freshers opt for Digital Marketing Training Online?

Someone with two or more skills in marketing can easily get into a digital marketing job if you are an experienced marketer. But it is not easy if you are fresher.  Most experts advise that it is better to join a certification course and learn more about the industry before you start the profession. It can help you to start your job easily. It is always better to join a job with basic knowledge other than joining without any idea about the industry.  There is much digital marketing training available online. Join into a genuine institute and learn the basics of digital marketing from there. 

DCMA (Digital Marketing Certifies Associate) is a course that can help you to gain expertise in important disciplines of digital marketing like search engine optimization (SEO), Pay per click (PPC), social media, content marketing, and mobile marketing. If you are a starter and want to make your resume look stronger, then getting a certification will be a good idea. There are so many online certification courses available to take your career to the next level. Training offered by experts can help you to familiarize yourself with the latest tools and various functionalities associate with digital marketing. 

Digital Marketing Institute offers you a special program to be an expert in digital marketing. It is a Masters in Digital Marketing. It is a two-It is designed for professionals to be a master in digital marketing methodologies. They designed the program with the help of various popular digital platforms like Google, Facebook, etc. They offer you webinars, online tutorials, study materials, and e-books to help you in learning the whole syllabus. It is one of the most valuable certificates one can earn if you are looking for a bright future in digital marketing.   Other than the Digital marketing institute there are several other sources which you can opt for learning digital marketing course. Here are the top 5 online certification courses a fresher can try

  1. Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing Specialist Master’s Program
  2. Digital marketing nanodegree by Udacity
  3. Digital marketing Specialization by Coursera
  4. SEO Specialist Master’s Program by Simplilearn
  5. Digital Marketing Professional Certification by Wharton

Many other sites are there that offer you a certification course in digital marketing. But the above-listed websites are considered as the most useful digital marketing course. 

The solid result is what matter than certification

There is another aspect to getting certification. Sometimes companies won’t even consider freshers with certification courses. Real-life experience is what matters in digital marketing. It is all about getting positive results for your marketing efforts.  Marketing skill is the main qualification that a digital marketer should have.  

So, make sure to get some practical experience after getting the certification. Getting a certification course is not at all a bad idea. Make sure to use it properly and practice more with real-life scenarios to be an expert in your field. As an initial step, you can do some homework for a friend of yours who runs a website by creating an effective content marketing strategy. Learn more about the process and implement new strategies to make it successful. Then you will have some real marketing experience to add n your resume other than just a certification course. Practice, Practice, Practice…You will get it.

What’s my view on Google Certification?

Google is the main source of traffic for all digital marketers. So, it is important to master the search engine while you working on it. Google Analytics and Google AdWords are two important services offered by Google. They change their algorithms more often and provide tools for bringing the content to the top. Most marketers depend on Google Analytics and Google AdWords to market their content. 

How many of them know about the Google certification course?  Yes, Google offers a certification program for marketers who want to master the two popular services such as Google AdWords and Google Analytics. This course is designed to help you learn every aspect of both services in detail and will help you to be a better marketer.  Don’t think about the money you have to spend to get certified. It is comparatively less and you can choose any one of them you want according to your professional role. The average cost will be around $100 to take both certifications. 

They offer you full material for learning the process easily. Google always wants to offer better service to its users. You can believe completely in this certification program and take part in it to master Google marketing. There are many benefits associated with Google certification. 

Benefits of Google certification

Improve your competency-: Google Analytics is a very important tool for every marketer. If you can master Google analytics it can help you to use all its features for your marketing strategy. 

Stand out among competitors-: By implementing the same strategy as your competitors no one can win. To be able to stand out among the crowd you should have the ability to create something unique, unlike others. By mastering Google Analytics and AdWords, you will get that skill automatically by knowing all its possibilities.

Impress your customers-: Google AdWords certification will help you to promote your business and direct it in the right way. Impress your customers using correct AdWords and thereby increase your customer base as a result of better ROI.

Get training from Google-: Google will train you about Analytics and AdWords program while you enroll in their certification course. Google is the main source of traffic for every marketer and training from it can help them to improve their strategies for a better ROI. So, you can be easily getting to know about everything related to both of their programs. 

What are the fundamental things a Digital Marketing fresher should know before applying for a job?

Are you looking for a successful career in digital marketing? Then you should know about some fundamental things before applying to a job related to it. We discussed already some skills that a good marketer should possess. In addition to those skills, some basic experience will help you to learn more about the profession you want to be in. Before applying for a job, follow the steps given below

Search engine optimization is a very important term every marketer should know. Google is their main resource to bring a lot of traffic towards their marketing effort. So, it is very important to have a clear idea about everything associated with the search engine. They change their algorithm more often to improve their result quality. If you want to start a career in digital marketing know everything about SEO and various changes happening associated with it. Get an idea about optimizing content for the search engine. Paid Ads and keywords won’t always work in content marketing. Know how to bring organic traffic by optimizing web contents is very important for a digital marketer

Most freshers are coming without any marketing experience. But if you have a previous marketing internship experience it will be very useful to start the career well. You can do some freelancing initially to learn more about the job. It will help you to convince them that you are fit for this position. You can do some research and find out various aspects of digital marketing. Make the interviewer believe in your ability to be a good resource for their firm. 

As we discussed above the knowledge of Google Analytics is very important for a digital marketer. If you don’t have any previous experience in using Google Analytics make sure to get it by creating your website. By running a small blog or website you can learn most concepts in digital marketing easily. Practical knowledge is what makes you a good resource than theoretical knowledge. You can even try to get a Google Analytics certification and improve your knowledge about that tool.

Coding is good knowledge for a digital marketer. As a digital marketer, you may have to do a lot of tasks dealing with HTML coding. If you have basic knowledge of HTML and WordPress it can help you to stand out in the crowd. You don’t have to be an expert in this field to get a job in digital marketing. But the basic knowledge is very helpful for you to flourish in this career. 

Social media is not just for posting your selfies but you can learn more about marketing from there. Digital marketers should be always active on various social media platforms. This is where you can implement a content marketing strategy as a part of product promotion. Learn how brands interact with social media to promote their brand. Be always online and watch out the marketing processes that happen around you. 

What’s the Salary for Freshers in Digital Marketing?

The salary of a digital marketer will vary depends on their designation. As a fresher, you may have to join as a digital marketing executive, SEO executive, Social media marketing executive, search engine marketing executive, etc. These are some entry-level position which can help your employer to test your potential. Job responsibilities will include some analysis, research, and testing new strategies, etc.  These are the main responsibility most companies give for starters in digital marketing. Salary may vary from company to company. As a digital marketing executive, you can earn Rs. 1,50000 to Rs 2,10000 per year. This is a base salary for a digital marketing executive and can change according to the company you join. 

After a year or two, you can a digital marketing specialist in which you may have to specialize in any digital marketing areas like SEO, SEM (Search engine marketing). You will start earning more after a couple of years and the salary may range up to Rs 3, 12000/ annum. There will be a manager to guide you in your work. The next promotion will be as a Digital marketing manager (Team Leader) and in this position, you can earn around 4 lakh/ annum. From a Manager post, you can grow to Digital marketing analyst for which you can earn up to 6 lakh Rs/annum and them Digital marketing specialist with 6.75 lakh/ annum. Digital marketing is a career that can help you grow and earn money with your skills. 

What resources do I recommend to Freshers for Learning Digital Marketing?

As a fresher, you need to know a little bit about the process going on in digital marketing. The Internet has everything you want to know about this profession. Be up to date about everything related to your career and follow popular marketers on their social media platforms. To be in a good role a knowledge about the basic concept related to digital marketing is very useful. There are many ways through which a fresher can earn some basic experience before going into a fulltime job. Here are some options you can try to get more opportunities as a fresher. Try to follow the methods and see how it can help you to bring a pathbreaking career. 

Knowledge about the industry is very important for you to work smoothly. Get as much as knowledge and be updated about digital marketing from blogs and articles. This is an industry where people love to share their experience and expertise with upcoming aspirants. Get basic knowledge about Topics such as 

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

Search Engine Marketing ( SEM )

Pay Per Click ( PPC )

Social media

Growth Hacking

Email Marketing 

Web Analytics


Voice search


Mobile marketing

Augmented reality

Marketing funnel 

You can find content based on the above topics from various websites such as Medium, Growth Hackers, Search Engine land, Backlinko, Marketing land, Moz, etc. These are some popular websites that mainly deals with marketing topics. Most digital marketers agree with the fact that using any of the above websites to learn more about digital marketing will be beneficial to your profession. Whatever you want to learn about digital marketing, you will get it from Google. These sources are the top sites that can provide the best advice to beginner digital marketing. It is a profession where you have to be updated about everything that happens around you. There will be detailed beginner, intermediate and advanced guides on the topic you want to know about from Google. 

This is another piece of advice for people who want to seek a good career in digital marketing. Starting a blog won’t cost you much and will help you to learn about the process that happens in the industry.  You can learn more about digital marketing and create a blog for others to learn more about it. When you write for a blog your knowledge will also improve.

A blog is solid proof that can help you to portrait your knowledge about the industry and it can help you to get through the interview easily. Implement various content marketing strategies to your blog and see what is working and whatnot.

This can help you to get a clear idea while creating marketing strategies. Keep this point in your mind that creating a blog is not to earn money or build an audience but to increases your knowledge about the industry.

Internships are very good to learn about the industry you want to work in. Initially, you cannot earn the money a digital marketer earns. But the knowledge you get from working on a real-life scenario can help you to build your career on a strong base. Initial challenges are very useful as you move forward because they can help you to learn good lessons. Startups and marketing agencies hire interns by paying a small hourly rate. Some of the internships are unpaid also. But don’t lose your confidence while you work as an intern as this can help you to build a long-lasting career. 

A mentor is someone who is an expert in the profession you want to work in. Choose someone who can guide you well in this profession. You can send an email to them asking about being your mentor. Many experts will support beginners and they are ready to give your career guidance. If they accept you then it can help you to learn more about the career you want to be in. 

Attending marketing conferences can help you to connect with many people who are popular in this field. Create a list with the name of attendees and find out what benefits they can give you in your career. Meet powerful people who can help in building your career in digital marketing.

There are so many groups on social media platforms related to digital marketing. You can be a member of some group and know the news about the industry. This is a fast-changing industry and you have to be on top of everything to get your career start successfully. Make sure to have awareness about the latest news and build your knowledge.

This is the next step after getting all these experiences. You can search on various job boards such as LinkedIn, indeed for finding a suitable job for you. There will be many entries level position for you to apply. Apply for a good job and impress the interviewer with your knowledge in digital marketing. Never stop learning because it is a fast-paced environment and you don’t need to fall behind. Ba active and find time to spend digitally every time. Never stop trying to improve your skills to be a good digital marketer. 

Digital marketing is a very interesting career one can choose. If you have some previous marketing experience it is very easy to get into a job. To get that marketing experience the best way is to join as an intern in any digital marketing agency or doing some freelance projects. An Internship is a good way to experience the real digital marketing process as an insider of a company. Freelancing is also a good idea to try if you want to learn more about marketing. Many websites let you do freelance marketing. But to be a freelance marketer you need to have at least 2-3 years of experience. Without professional experience, it is very hard to crack into a freelancer job. 

Most people who do freelancing in digital marketing have previous professional marketing experience. You can find many opportunities for freelancing through social media, freelancing websites and groups. But to get a real experience you may have to work in the industry for at least 2 years. As a fresher it is a very bad idea to look for freelancing opportunity initially, If you have some real proofs like a website or blog that can help you to showcase your working knowledge in marketing then freelancing will work. Otherwise, it is always better for a fresher to look for an internship or a real job to get some experience than looking for a freelancing job. 

What are the basic skills needed to choose Digital Marketing as a career?

Digital marketing is a career that needs to have a lot of skills. Freshers who want to be a digital marketer should focus on improving the following skills

A digital marketer should be able to write blogs. When you write your resume make sure to include the word wrote because a good digital marketer should be a good writer too. He should have to write SEO-optimized content for websites, Website copy, social media updates, and many more. Be sure to have good communication skill and writing skills when you are looking for a good future in digital marketing. While applying for a job you can include one of your writing sample/ cover letters that shows your interest in the company.

Good analytical skill is another skill a digital marketer should possess. By analysis, a digital marketer can optimize a blog post, manage Google AdWords and customize email campaigns, etc.  Optimization, customization, and management are some real skills a digital marketer should know about while looking for a career in marketing. Number plays a very important role in marketing and a marketer should be able to read those numbers and change strategies according to the result. Google certification course will help you to get good analytical skills as they offer a course for the Google Analytics tool. 

A good digital marketer should be able to communicate with anyone easily. Good language control and communication ability make a marketer successful. He/she should be able to communicate with their clients without effort and make them understand their plans and result. Consistent communication is very important when it comes to marketing. You can practice being a good communicator by writing posts on medium, talking to a business owner on the phone, by sending emails to someone you want to meet, etc.

A marketer should be a person who has some creative ideas. It is not easy to stand out among thousands of posts. You should post messages about a product or service and make it receivable by the customers. Your words should reflect the real product and it should make the product campaign or sale should increase. 

Time management is a very important skill a marketer should have. Internet is a very distracting platform and a digital marketer is someone who spends a lot of time online. Make sure to have good time management skills to be a good digital marketer. 

Multitasking is another skill a digital marketer should have. You may have to deal with various digital marketing channels for campaigns and promotions while you are in this role. To be successful as a digital marketer you should be able to manage multiple tasks at a time.

These are some basic skills a digital marketer should have other than technical skills. We already discussed technical skills someone should possess if they are looking for a career in digital marketing. 

What questions are more likely to be asked in a Digital Marketing Interview? 

It is very hard to crack interviews generally. They may ask some questions related to your previous experience or interest in applying for this position. They can judge how passionate you are about this role from your answer itself. To be successful in an interview you need to be prepared about the questions they are going to ask in an interview.

Most questions will be typical but the answers should be unique so that you can impress the interviewer.

There could be knowledge-based questions, personalized questions, and even questions related to your previous experience. Here are some popular interview questions for a digital marketer

Q. Define Digital Marketing?

A. It is the process of reaching out to your customers through various digital marketing channels such as email, mobile devices, and the internet

Q. Why Online marketing is better than offline marketing?

A. Online marketing helps you to track your results using the various online tool available.  We can reach out to a huge audience through various digital channels. Can make corrections anytime when it comes to living campaigns. Less expensive compared to offline marketing methods

Q. What are the popular digital marketing tools?

A. You need to list out some popular digital marketing tools. For example, Google Analytics is one such tool. Other popular tools are Moz, Rankwatch, Stumble Upon, XML sitemap generator, Keyword discovery, Rankwatch, etc are some other popular tools. You can tell some less popular and more popular tools that are useful for a digital marketer. It can help the interviewer to analyze your knowledge about various tools that are popularly used in the industry.

Q. What are the categories of digital marketing?

A. Inbound marketing and Outbound marketing are the two categories and you can explain it briefly

Q. What do you know about Google AdWords?

A. This is one of the very important topics every digital marketer should know about. Pay Per Click is the most successful advertisement type for marketing. By creating Google ads business can display their product advertisement on Google

Q. What are the different ways to increases web traffic?

A. Provide better user experience and building referral links are two popular options for increasing digital marketing

Q. Rate yourself based on your digital marketing knowledge?

A. You can moderately answer by giving a score between 1-10 based on your knowledge in digital marketing. Analyze your knowledge and also think about the knowledge you need to be learned more while answering this question. 

Q. How will you stay updated about digital marketing trends?

A. You can list out some popular digital marketing blogs, books, and websites that deal with the topic. 

Q. Why competitive analysis is important for digital marketing?

A. It is very important to analyze the competition to evaluate their strategies. It can be very helpful in creating your unique selling proposition to attract your targeting customers. 

Q. How can your skill benefit our digital marketing business?

A. You can explain your unique skills and how they can be beneficial for the growth of their business.  

How to stand out in the Digital Marketing Industry as a Fresher? 

To be successful in digital marketing you may need to acquire some basic digital marketing skills. It is not easy to stand out in the crowd without much experience and expertise. Here are some tips for freshers to be successful in their digital marketing career

Unlike theoretical knowledge, you should have some practical knowledge about digital marketing. Acquire the skills of digital marketing and learn more about it while you start working.  It will also help you to evaluate the performance of your marketing strategies and will help to make a successful strategic decision 

As a digital marketer, you should know that conversion is very important when you start marketing campaigns. To make more conversion it is very important to know your audience and create strategies according to marketing trends. Communicate with them through the right channel in the right way by knowing your audience

Digital marketers should possess a lot of skills such as SEO, SEM, Email marketing, etc. Master your knowledge about specific areas in digital marketing which can help you to be successful in your profession. There are various areas that you can try in digital marketing. Find more about the tools that can help be successful in that specific area

Networking is very important in digital marketing. Cross-communication is very important. Make a connection with like-minded people and industry leaders to get feedback about your work. It will help you to handle the profession well and create a connection for your future benefit.

Digital marketing trends change very fast. Digital marketers have to be aware of those changing trends in the market. By next year we can see so many advanced functionalities such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and many more. Be updated and follow blogs and articles that deal with digital marketing to be more updated. Keep on learning new changes in marketing because companies want someone who is very curious about the industry. 

Earning a business degree or a marketing degree is not enough to stand out in the crowd. You have to implement that knowledge into your marketing methods to get it noticed by your customers. Build a personal brand and make adjustments that needed to make it visible to as many people as possible. Build your online presence and create a personal brand that can help you to be successful.


Digital marketing is a desirable career for everyone who wants to be in a creative job. If you are someone who is looking for a changing environment and don’t want t do repetitive tasks every day like other jobs this will the one you are looking for.

Be ready to accept all the new changes and make sure to incorporate them with your marketing strategy to get successful. I hope you got answers to all your questions related to the digital marketing career from this article.

Establish your career in digital marketing and earn the money and reputation you want. Are you ready to start a fresh career? Then go for it. 


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