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What are the Key Factors for ASO?

What are the Key Factors for ASO?

App store optimization is something that you cannot ignore while creating new mobile apps. Among billions of mobile app, it is not easy to get enough visibility without any optimization. You might see many articles related to app store optimization tactics. But you cannot find many resources that tell you the fundamentals of app store optimization. We will cover the fundamentals of effective app store optimization strategies that can bring more visibility to your mobile app. 

Why is ASO essential for the growth of your app?

It is always a good option to know the reality and work to achieve a realistic goal. As the competition increases, every publisher is planning on attracting organic traffic optimization to the target audience. There are tools and data sources that the publishers can use to track the result. Benefits of app store optimization include

ASO helps to improve the visibility of your app:

People can’t do anything if they cannot find your mobile app from the app store. So, no matter how well you designed your mobile app, nobody is going to find it until you optimize it for the app store. 

ASO helps you to find high-quality relevant users:

There is no point in adding any keywords that you find unless you can ensure the reach of your app within relevant users. App store optimization should be done by adding relevant keywords. Using these search terms your target audience will find your app from the app store.

ASO helps to get as many organic downloads as possible:

A good ASO can help you to get more organic downloads without spending much money on any other marketing strategies. When people search keywords related to your mobile app, they can find it from the app store through ASO. With regular updating and analysis, you need to include relevant keywords in your mobile app.

ASO increases monetization options and more conversion rate:

There are various ways to monetize your mobile app. If you can improve your app visibility by implementing ASO, you can implement in-app purchases, ads, and subscription models to earn money. 

ASO enables you to reach a global audience:

Making your app available in all regional languages will help you to reach a global audience. Localization will help to improve your app’s reach to a wide range of audiences gets global recognition.

Ranking factors of app store optimization

ASO depends on different factors based on a programmed algorithm. All app stores have an algorithm that determines the ranking of a mobile app. When you develop a quality mobile app,  it is essential to know various factors associated with it. Let’s take a look at all the ranking factors of ASO.

App title is something that gives the first impression about your mobile app. If you can optimize your app title with keywords, it can increase the visibility of your mobile app in the app store. For the apple store, you can only add a maximum of 30 characters, and the play store allows 50 characters. But there is no point in stuffing your app title with keywords. Choose a relevant title that is simple and easily understandable by the audience.

The app description is another factor that lets your app stand out from the competition. You can add keywords to app descriptions to impress users to your mobile app. App store algorithm might not consider app description that much while ranking your mobile app. But users might get a clear picture of your mobile app by adding features, benefits, and more information about your mobile app. You can add up to 252 characters in this part to convince users to download your mobile app. You can do A/B testing to find out suitable words that you need to add to get the best results.

You can add relevant keywords to your app’s metadata. Apple provides you an opportunity to add 100 relevant keywords to your mobile app separated by commas. This feature is only available for IOS apps, and app developers can use any keyword searching app to find out relevant keywords that can rank their app. 

App subtitle is where you can add more keywords. This part will give the app developer more chance to describe your mobile app.

App reviews and ratings are something that let the audience know more about your mobile app. App with a higher rating will have a better ranking. What If you see negative reviews for your mobile app? The best way to handle negative reviews is by replying to them positively. Encourage your customers to put reviews about your mobile app. These reviews will improve the conversion of your app. Paid reviews can make it look spammy sometimes. So, try to get genuine customer reviews and publish them on app stores. An app that performs better will always get positive reviews from its customers.

App downloads are an essential ranking factor for any app store. If you can improve your app downloads, your app’s ranking will increase automatically. Both Apple and Google use the number of app downloads to determine the app ranking of your mobile app. There are various ways to improve your app downloads, such as organic as well as paid downloads. All apps use app previews to increase customer conversion of your mobile app. 


Here are the main factors that affect your app store optimization. If you have a mobile app and want to improve its visibility online, ASO is the best way. All the above factors are essential to improve your app store optimization. Customers always support a mobile app that provides excellent service and a quality user experience. In addition to these factors, you can interact with your customers and give them what they want. You will see better growth in your app downloads automatically. Beyond all these, work on improving your brand image, ratings, reviews, social media presence, and quality of service to see a better result for your app marketing efforts.

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