How to use Instagram Reels for Online Business

Instagram is a very popular social media platform for business users. They can promote their business and get a good response. More than 25 million companies use Instagram all over the world. This is a new hub for brands that ensure better engagement and loyal brand followers.

In order to compete with TikTok Facebook is adding a new feature called Instagram reels on Instagram. This is a very interesting feature for businesses. If you have a business account on Instagram use this new feature to get a better option to promote your business.

The Instagram reel is a feature where you can create a small video and post it. Most people compare it to Tik Tok where you can record small videos. How can someone use Instagram reels for businesses?

This is what we are going to discuss in this article. Make use of this new feature to promote your business reach. When your followers see your business ad in various ways it is very useful for business growth. You can learn more about Instagram reels from here and make use of them for your business promotion.

Here are the topics we are going to discuss here

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram reels allow you to capture engaging videos from Instagram stories. This feature has been already introduced in few countries such as India, Brazil, Germany, France. Brazil was the first country to introduce this feature. Later they released few additional countries. As you all know Tik Tok is banned in many countries lately. So, many people started to use this new feature to record videos

You can record 15-sec fun videos and post them on your Instagram stories. One can create new reels and share it on Instagram stories, explore feeds, and new reel tab on a profile. Also, it allows you to edit this video with music before posting. You can relate this to Tik Tok if you are familiar with that app.  Instagram is planning a rollout in The United States, Japan, Mexico, UK, and other 50 countries around August.

How to use Instagram Reels for Online Business

Usually, you see Instagram stories of the people you follow. But Instagram reels show you all popular and trending reels to every user. Just like Tik Tok suggestions it shows your content similar to your recent interactions. To do this Instagram tracks the kind of content you are interacting with and your location. They use this while giving you reels suggestions.

Another interesting feature of this Instagram reel is that videos can get a featured badge. This is a secret as of now. They haven’t revealed how someone can get this featured badge to their videos. Featured videos can get more views than other videos on the list. Businesses can use this chance to promote their brand. We can expect an explanation for this. Using a proper hashtag is a way to get featured on Instagram. Watch for this feature when you start to create videos for your business.

There is a collection of audio clips when you start to shoot videos. If you would like to have background music for your videos. other than a cool collection of audio clips Instagram also offers you video editing tools. Using their video countdown timer you can adjust your video playback speed. Choose video clips internally as well as externally and then use Instagram stickers to add text or draw something.

What is the Purpose of Instagram Reels?

Instagram reels are very useful for anyone who want to post small videos. Due to the popularity of Tik Tok, every other social media platform started to being similar features to their applications. As per the report, Tik Tok is the most downloaded app during the 1st quarter of the year. The users of this application were the young generation before but now that got changed. It is popular among all age group and as a result, it is one of the main attraction for businesses to post their advertisement

To compete with Tik Tok Instagram introduced this new feature which they named Instagram reels. Due to the ban on Tik Tok in certain countries, this new feature is helpful for many users. This is not the first time the parent company Facebook introduced something similar to TikTok. They have introduced something called Lasso previously and was not got much popularity. This is another attempt to try something similar to TikTok. Instagram reels just last for 24 hours just like Instagram stories. This is a chance for brands to reflect their value creatively. More than 1 billion people use Instagram and this is a great opportunity for businesses to reach their audience

How to Make Instagram Reels?

The Instagram reel is a new way of adding Instagram stories with 15 sec long videos. The process is very simple. When you open the Instagram camera you will see an option to create Reels now.

How to use Instagram Reels for Online Business

You can choose the background music by tapping on the Audio option. This will show you a wide list of audio collections. The next option of speed helps you to control the speed of the video. It will show you various speed options for you to select.

How to use Instagram Reels for Online Business

Choose the length of the video from the timer option. Set a time up to which you are planning to shoot your video.  With the Boomerang option, you can add more effects to your Instagram video. Also, add AR filters using this feature.

Now start to record the video by pressing on the camera icon or upload from your device. You can also stop and re-record any time like Tik Tok by pressing the hold button. This is also a good feature like Tik Tok. You can re-record multiple times until you are satisfied.

How to use Instagram Reels for Online Business

You can edit the video before posting it on Instagram using their video editing tool.  Before posting make sure to add an interesting thumbnail for your reel. After you finished share it on Instagram stories. You have an option to share it with your stories, explore reels, and the new reel tab on your profile. Let the customers explore your reels

How to use Instagram Reels for your online business?

Instagram reels are a new way to engage customers. Businesses can use this feature wisely to entertain their customers. Many brands already started to explore this new possibility to reach their customers and have been successful already. Here are some interesting ways to reach the audience through Instagram reels

  • Create good quality content to connect with your audience

If you can create genuine high-quality content to connect with your audience, this is the best way. Companied are already using Instagram stories to promote their brands. Videos can make more impact than pictures when it comes to business promotion. If you can create that impact with users, they will start to follow you. Now everyone is going to scroll through Instagram reels, and they will support your business if they can connect with your reels. Be creative and try to show more fun through these Instagram reels you post.

  • Create educational reels

This is another way to promote a business. Many brands already started this way to connect with their audience. You can give tips or tricks to use your brand in various ways while posting reels. Make interesting videos on your brand use and share it with your audience. People always like to try new ways and If you can give them useful suggestions your number of followers will automatically increase. A brand should always give their customers what they want. if they like what you are doing by creating informative content then that will be better for your business growth

  • Showcase your products

When you have an opportunity to showcase your products through a video do that here. Instagram reels allow you to post 15 sec long videos. You can feature your latest collections on these videos. There is no information yet about how the algorithm works yet. But just like you post something on the Instagram story then add the hashtag, and descriptive information to let Instagram know what you are trying to explain.

What Reels can offer for Marketers?

Just like Instagram stories reels are the new way for businesses to interact with their audience. We don’t know how it can positively affect any business. It is at an early stage and not introduced in many countries yet. But, from available reports, Instagram reels could be the future of marketing. The audience interacts with video content that images. This is a great way for businesses to prove their authenticity and transparency by recording some behind scenes, promotional videos etc.

Instagram story is already a powerful marketing tool and many businesses use this to reach their audience. Just like that reels can be a useful tool for marketers. Everyone needs to learn how to use this to promote their business. We cannot ignore even a single chance to reach as many customers as possible.  Customers can interact with your reels and can even follow your brand directly from reels. so, reels can empower your brand in future

Brands that already Started using this Feature

Many brands already started to experiment with this new feature. According to them, the response is great for their customers. Here are a few brands that already used reels successfully

  1. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is a very popular brand they already started implementing Instagram reel on their Insta page. Their videos already became viral with more than 5 million views. They use reels to promote their new collections. They started new campaigns like #LVcruise, #LVcruise bag, etc. Every video is getting a good response from its followers.

  1. Sephora France

Sephora France creates makeup tutorials and product demo for their followers. More than 300K people view their Instagram reels every day. They also promote engagement with the audience by encouraging customers to tag their friends using tags like “ tag your friends with whom you want to shop with”. They got a good response from their followers already through Instagram reels.

  1. My Paris Portrait

This is a travel inspo and they are using Instagram reel to build more followers. They post interesting videos of places that can explore in Paris during the summer.

  1. FastandFoods

Food videos are always engaging. Fastandfood uses this interest to promote its business. They post interesting videos of recipes and promote it all over Paris. This receives a lot of good response from their customers

  1. Junesixtyfive

She is a popular fashion influencer who used Instagram reels to promote brands. She created reels with different outfits which helped to reach 2.1 million views. She keeps creating content by understanding their audience and this led her to success

Future of Instagram Reels

As of now, this is only available in Brazil, India, France, and Germany. But soon Instagram will start to release it to another 50 countries including the United States, UK. When Instagram started back in 2016 there were 150 million users all over the world. Now the number of users is more than double, and businesses can make use of this chance. There is a huge opportunity to grow your business by promoting on Instagram.

Instagram stories already got popular among brands. But in the future, it could be Instagram reels. Businesses should explore this at this point when there is low competition. Instagram also offers you an option to feature your reels and make it visible to more audiences. Influencers already started to use this feature to promote brands. There are many ways to edit your video stickers and GIFs. The audience can also interact with your Instagram reels.

Just like advertising on Instagram stories brands can use reels to advertise their brand in the near future. You can produce creative videos featuring your brand to connect with the audience and get a positive response from them. Just like Tiktok and Instagram stories we can expect an analytic feature in the future. Be creative and reach your customers with interactive videos about your business.


In short, we can say that Instagram reels could be the next best tool to promote your business. If this is already available in your region then start using it now. Don’t delay reaching your audience with creative videos. In this early stage, there won’t be much competition. With more than 500 million users Instagram is standing out among other social media platforms.

So, when you decide to promote your brand on Instagram try creating Instagram reels and see the response of your audience. What do you think about Instagram reels? If you already started using this feature tell us your opinion about this cool Instagram feature.

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