2 MOST Important Things to Remember for Building A Money-Making Blog

Blogging is not an easy journey, especially when every second person runs a blog or two. Moreover, a new blogger can get into an overwhelming situation when things do not work out, as per the plan for making their blog a Money-Making Blog. 

Do not worry if you are not getting results from your blog. This post will give you some motivation to see things from a different perspective. 

But, first, answer my question. Do you really want to generate revenue from your blog? I can sense, you have said a big yes! 

So, what to do to generate revenue? Give a unique identity to your blog and ensure value to your audiences. Thus, you can expect to run your blog for a long time with tremendous success. 

The Two Most Crucial Aspects to build a Money-Making Blog 

Today, I am going to talk about the two most important aspects to consider if you aim high with your blog’s revenue. 

But, you have to promise yourself that you would implement these strategies otherwise just reading them out. Okay? So, let’s get started! 

#1 Emphasize the Design & Graphic Elements of Your Blog:

Yes! You read it right! The design of your blog is going to be a deciding factor for how much you are going to earn in the coming years. 

You may argue about the importance of content. There is no debate, actually! Content is the king of a blog and it would always be! 

Nevertheless, the first thing that your audiences would encounter in your blog is its layout design. A user-friendly blog with an attractive color scheme and easy-to-read font style can attract anyone. 

The reverse is also true! If the design is not up to the mark, your audiences would click the “back” button faster than you post your next blog. 

The essence is that your blog must be visually appealing. If you are really serious about generating high revenue from your blog, then invest in your blog’s design. 

Another pro tip that you should remember is: never take all responsibilities on your shoulder. When it comes to ensuring an awesome design for your blog, rely only on experts. 

I hope you have crystal-clear goals about your blog in your mind. And I sincerely hope you would like to see your blog thriving with every passing day. 

Hence, if you have not already done something significant for your blog’s design, it is time to take action. 

Render a smooth experience to your audiences once they land your blog. And you can make sure it by sensing their requirements and expectations upfront. 

The point is about the blog’s design. So, I recommend you place everything in your blog that could elevate your audience’s experience. 

The better you can ensure the more inflow of traffic you can expect to get on your website. The further calculation is simple! 

More traffic means more scopes of conversion into paying customers. That would automatically be translated into high revenue and a better sales margin than earlier. 

How to make your blog more pleasant to your audience’s eyes?

I have already recommended you leave the task of the blog’s design in expert hands. But, you can still contribute to making your blog a visual treat for your audiences. 

The web designer knows well what color combinations would go well with your blog. However, you should still research the appropriate color schemes for your blog. 

Then, talk to the designer about the mix and match of colors to come up with a unique variation. However, the chosen scheme must be easy on the eyes and friendly to the text color. 

Note that the same color scheme needs to be maintained in all your future branding endeavors. So, it must best represent the niche of your blog with a personalized touch. 

What is more?

Be picky about each graphic element of your blog. Only consider high-quality images (but take care of your website loading time as well) to be added to each of your articles. I recommend you opt for stock images to make your content stand out in the crowd. 

Consider embedding videos in your articles whenever applicable. Do not use generic videos. If you think you can make some videos, go for it. Otherwise, skip it.

Ensure an incredible visual experience for your audiences, and they would keep coming back to your blog. Moreover, a great design also makes blog posts worth sharing. 

It is time to revamp your blog with unique yet user-friendly design elements! 

#2 Take care of Your Branding:

We all know high-quality content is pivotal to the success of a blog. We are also familiar with the ways of writing informative content. So, I am not going to stretch it further and making it a separate point. 

I want to emphasize branding here. Suppose, you already have great content on your blog, but still it is not getting enough traffic. What went wrong with it? 

Maybe your blog has failed to create a spark in your target audience. A cookie-cutter blog in the ocean of the Internet cannot achieve mind-blowing success.

So, how can you give your blog a unique identity? The answer is branding. 

Consider your blog as a product and keep nurturing it. Build a brand and come up as an influencer in your niche. 

Win the trust of your target audiences and help them to ease their pain points with your knowledge. 

Now, let us check out a step-by-step strategy to help you with your branding:

Define your target audience in the best way possible. Once you are done with it, start researching their preferences and personalities. Knowing about competitors would also help you to grow your blog.

Give your business an easy-to-remember name related to your niche. An intriguing and thought-provoking business name can lead you a long way.

Have a brand message so that people can connect to your blog easily. Spread the message through all your marketing endeavors. 

Get a beautiful logo designed for your blog. A minimalist yet self-explanatory logo works the best. 

Apply all the branding strategies literally everywhere where your business exists online. 

Some More Tips

#1 A successful blogging journey needs patience and perseverance. You need to give it your best shot and hope for the best.

#2 Keep on experimenting with the elements and marketing strategies of your blog. Figure out which strategy works the best in pulling traffic to your website. Keep your blog updated with the latest tools and information. 

#3 Appreciate your readers with freebies. It can be a free PDF or access to exclusive content for a certain time. Leave no stone unturned to value your readers and nothing can ever stop your blog from thriving. 

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, design and branding can take your blog to a new level. Of course, many other determiners are also there to decide the success of a blog. 

However, if your blog is visually appealing and recognized in the industry, success would be yours. 

I assume you have some brilliant content on your blog, and you maintain consistency in publishing new articles. 

I hope you found this post valuable. Do not forget to share your thoughts with us! 

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