How to Make Every Blog Post You Write a Game Change

Blog writing is an art and anyone can acquire this talent with practice. People want to read interesting blogs and will start to follow the blogger blindly if they like what they write. There are many misconceptions regarding blogging. All of them are not true. People start to write blogs initially as a way to express their ideas. But this is not what the audience wants. They look for solutions on the internet and chooses to follow blogs that can provide them an actual solution. 

Just by expressing your thoughts blogs won’t be attractive and acceptable to the audience. As a writer, you need to know what your audience wants before writing something for them. There is no magic in writing blogs. Anyone with strong command in language can write blogs. But there is an important thing every blogger should keep in mind. Blogs should be useful for others to solve their problems.  Create your own identity as a blogger without the following anyone blindly. These articles will help to know more about creating your blog more attractive to your audience. Let’s discuss further on creating game-changing blogs

What you shouldn’t do in writing Content?

This is an interesting title. But as a blogger, you should always be aware of the things that should not do while you publish your blogs

  • Don’t write content for you

This is an important point to note when you write blogs. If you want to express your thoughts there are many other platforms out there. Don’t choose a blog to express what you want. It should be for others. A good blogger should always know what their readers want and write for them. People won’t read anything from your blogs if you are not focusing on what they want. So, make sure to know what they want before writing blogs.

  • Choose a proper guide

When you search about writing blogs you can find so many articles. If you follow them nothing will happen in your career. Make sure to find a good mentor who can guide you well through your writing. There are many good bloggers whom you admire more. Each one has its own style. Make sure to observe them and start to write in your own style without copying anyone. 

  • Keyword stuffing cannot help you

As we all know search engine optimization is the main thing every writer and marketer will focus on when they post content. Keywords are an important part of SEO. But when you write content with so many keywords without any relevancy it can make your content quality lower. Keyword stuffing cannot help you in any way. Write the facts you want to say about a topic instead of stuffing it with keywords. Google loves content with facts compared to that with keywords. Quality and relevancy of content are very important when it comes to a blog. 

  • Following the trends

There are many benefits to following a trend. At the same time, there are some bad effects too. If someone says that short articles will work more than long-form content them people will start to post short content. No one is ready to do some research and find out the actual facts. This is the wrong approach. Always know the trend and consider what your audience prefers for and do as they like. The audience needs a detailed article that answers their question. Not a small one without enough facts in it. So always know what your audience will work better than blindly following the trend. 

Tips for writing game-changing Blog Content

How to Make Every Blog Post You Write a Game Change

No one can teach you to write a good blog. But some tips are there which you can follow while writing blogs. See how this works for you

  • Write Compelling titles

No matter what your content is the title of it is very important. People only click on an article with an interesting title, featured image, and a short description. While creating a title for your blog research well and write a title that actually reflects your content. It should answer to reader’s query. Keep it simple, powerful, and bold so that audience clicks on it. Include keywords in your title so that it will easily get it listed under the top of the search result.  

  • Content should be relevant

Content should be relevant to the title. The structure of the articles should be simple and short. You can include one point in one paragraph and explain further about it. Include bullet points, snapshots, and data, a reference to the original data, etc to make it more organized. When you choose a topic to try various sources to find popular topics relevant to your niche. Also, it is very useful if you can write a niche-specific topic other than writing about every topic out there. Use powerful words in your articles gain attention from the audience. Readers have a short attention span and if you cannot ensure their attention using words it won’t be successful.

  • Use storytelling method 

Many popular bloggers promote writing content in a storytelling manner. Some readers love to read a blog that explains a complex topic in a simple storytelling mode. It will also help to make the explanation easier to understand when you tell it like a story. Storytelling is a very popular way of explaining something from long back. As a blogger, you should choose a comfortable method to express what you think about and try to explain it in that way.

  • Be sure to stick with the purpose of your blog

When you start to write a blog there is some purpose for it. Most bloggers will lose it on the way towards getting more traffic. But if you want to achieve a good name in the industry make sure to stick with the purpose of a blog. If a blog is not worthy to share there is no use with it. Be sure to create a valuable blog from which the audience can get benefit from. 

  • Social media promotion

When it comes to promoting social media plays a very important role. As a blogger, you must be active on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. Include social media sharing buttons on your page so that people can share it and improve its reach. Promote your blogs well so that more people see them and you get the popularity you want. 

A good Blogger should have the following qualities-:

  • A good blogger should be creative and hardworking
  • Be concise and stick with your blog topic
  • It is good to have some analytical skills to be a good blogger. These data will help them to write good blogs
  • Bloggers should be willing to learn lifelong. Make sure to update yourself to write a good informational blog
  • Bloggers should be patient and wait for good results to come. Also, a blogger should have self-motivation to be successful

Wrapping up

Be ready to start the game-changing blog by applying the above criteria.  Anyone can be successful in blogging if they have a clear goal in their mind. Blogging can be chosen as a profession that can help you to get some money out of it. By effectively handling this profession you will get many benefits as a writer. Search engines cannot survive without good blogs. They always promote good blogs with informative content. Are you ready to write some game-changing blogs? Be sure to try the above tips and see how you can change your writing career using the above tips

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