How to Write Amazing Blog Posts That Convert Like Crazy? 

Have you started a blogging journey? Congrats! However, you must think about acquiring traffic to your blog from the very first day. It is the main goal to start a blog, isn’t it? Otherwise, how would it be possible to generate revenue? 

So, what to do to generate traffic? It is very simple! You need to keep posting high-quality, informative articles to your blog. 

In other words, you must ensure to provide value to your audiences to keep them stick to your website. Thus, you can convert your target audiences into paying customers of your business. 

Now, you may wonder how to write amazing blog posts that can get you a high conversion rate? Do not worry! This article would help you out with a step-by-step approach in this regard.

Some Important Aspects to Consider while writing a Blog Post

When it comes to expecting a successful blogging journey, you need to be realistic. That means you have to know the requirements for your target audiences. The following points will help you to compose all your future blog posts:

Most people do not read the whole content of an article. People simply have no time to check line by line, so they just scan through the entire post. 

You have merely two to three seconds to draw the attention of your target audiences. Otherwise, they would leave your site and click on some other websites. 

Moreover, you must give the edge to quality over quantity. A blog cannot be successful with poor-quality content. 

So, if you want to leverage the power of social media marketing campaigns, then you would need to create high-quality content without any fail.

Strategies to write a Blog Post to expect a High Conversion Rate

Let us divide the strategies into two parts. The first part would help you to ensure the groundwork before writing your first blog post. And the second part would be about the tips and tricks to write a persuasive blog post. 

What to do before writing a Blog Post? 

  • Get Familiar with Your Target Audience:

Who are you going to write for? It is for your audiences, right? Hence, it is crucial to get familiar with your target audience before jumping into the first post. 

Once you have known who you are going to target, you have to find out their pain points. 

Note that most people read a blog to get a solution to a specific problem. Hence, you should leave no stone unturned to add a solution to their pain points to your posts. 

Are you not sure about the requirements and expectations of your target audiences? 

Then, you can leverage the power of competitor analysis as well as industry research. 

You can also check out different online forums to know the queries of your target audiences. Thus, you can plan your blog topics accordingly with a viable solution to attract those visitors. 

  • Find out Appropriate Keywords for Your Blog Posts:

Keywords play a vital role when it comes to ranking a website on the SERP. In other words, you must know the search terms that your target audiences enter while searching for some information. 

Many free and paid tools are available to help you find and select appropriate keywords. Of course, you would get additional benefits if you opt for a paid tool. 

You should target long-tail keywords, as they tend to rank better in search engine results

Do not overstuff your content with keywords- it would more harm your website than good. 

Just place the keywords wisely (note that the keywords must go with the flow of your content) in the title, headings, sub-headings, introduction, and conclusion. 

Do not forget to add the keywords throughout the content’s body a couple of times. Also, find out some secondary keywords or LSI (Latent Semantic Index) keywords and sprinkle them throughout your content.

How to write a Compelling Blog Post to get traffic?

  • Start with an Amazing Title:

The title acts as the spokesperson of an article. Most readers click on a website link just by getting attracted by the blog’s title. 

Moreover, a captivating title also increases the odds to get the article shared by audiences. You can also expect to get a high number of likes on social media platforms if your article’s title is attractive.

Keep it short and simple and do not forget to add your primary keyword to make it an SEO-friendly title. 

  • Sub-headings are extremely important:

Do you want your article to sound boring and monotonous to your audiences? Definitely not, right? That is where subheadings come into play to make an article interesting and easy to read. 

Divide your content into a couple of sub-headings. Always put the most important sub-heading at the beginning and the least important at the end. Thus, you can encourage your audiences to read the entire content without skipping a part.

Moreover, you have to divide the sub-headings into small paragraphs. And the paragraphs should have small sentences. 

All of these efforts would help to make the content user-friendly and attractive. Also, you would be able to convey your thoughts with more clarity than otherwise.

Make the Content Suitable for every type of Reader:

  • Introduction:

It is said that the first impression decides everything. And when it comes to an article, the introduction is responsible for creating that impression. 

What to do to grab the audience’s attention and make them stick to the entire content? 

You have to discuss their pain points and an assurance to render a solution in the content. Keep the introduction short and concise. 

  • Conclusion:

The conclusion part should have the essence (in the form of a summary) of the entire content. It is there to help busy readers that just want to get a brief idea about the write-up.

Do not forget to add a “call-to-action” text at the ending to encourage the audience to take the desired action. At least you can request your audiences to leave a comment. 

  • Add an Index to let the audiences know the list of sub-headings

Note that you should aim at making your content as user-friendly as possible. It is a good practice to add an index just before starting the sub-headings. 

Busy readers would find it extremely helpful to find the exact information that they are looking for. 

In other words, you have to make your content a perfect piece of guidance for all types of readers. And it won’t be possible without proper formatting of the content.

  • Do not forget to Add Bullet Points:

Most readers are not interested in or do not have time to read a complete blog post. They just scan through the entire page to find the information they need. 

To help them in doing so, you should highlight the most important information in the content. It is where the importance of bullet points can be realized. 

Try to write the content in a listed format and add bullet points accordingly. Bullet points act as small headlines, so they must be used only with one-line descriptions, not with paragraphs. 

Some Other Tips to Increase the Conversion Rate of Your Blog 

Do not forget to add high-quality images (relevant to your content) to your content. Note that visual content incorporates an additional appeal in an article. 

It would be great if you can add videos to complement your content. As a result, you can expect to increase the interaction and engagement with your audiences, which would be translated into a high conversion rate.

Moreover, you must take care of the SEO of all your content. Otherwise, you cannot expect to escalate the rank of your website in organic search results. Hire a writer to get SEO-optimized articles written for your blog

However, if you want traffic without a delay, then you can leverage the power of search engine marketing. Do not fail to ensure social media marketing for your blog posts to increase the conversion rate. 

Are you extremely serious about converting your site audiences into paying customers? Then, web push notifications can help you a lot. Encourage your audiences to opt-in to the email newsletter so that you can be on their mind with your brand. 

Wrapping Up

Do you think it is an overwhelming process to make a blog post attractive and persuasive? It is not actually! However, once you start executing the strategies, you would develop an idea of how to ensure high conversion. Are you ready to take your blog’s success to the next level? Go for it!

Would you like to add any more points to the above list? Please comment to help other fellow bloggers. Sharing is caring!

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