How To Write About Us Content For Website

Do you want to write your website “about us” content? Then, this post will help you to write a persuasive copy of the section. The post will help you to write a best-in-class, persuasive, and attractive “about us” copy to increase the odds of converting more and more website visitors into paying customers. 

However, talking only about your company in the “about us” section won’t serve your purpose. The content must render reasons to visitors why they should rely on your offerings or why they should invest in your product or service.

That means the “about us” section has a huge responsibility to make visitors convinced that your product or service is the best solution to resolve their pain points. Hence, it is time to check out how to write a persuasive, attractive “about us” section for your website. 

How to write about us content for website

About Us Content: Tips to write  

  • Tell your Web Visitors why your brand is the best problem solver for them: 

Many websites prepare the “about us” section’s content by only writing about their brands. However, it may not be a good idea when it comes to conversion. 

Note that the section must be dedicated to displaying your brand as the best problem solver for the pain points of your target audiences. The content should give them valid reasons to get encouraged to make an emotional investment in your offerings. 

The content of the “about us” section should provide the website visitors with sufficient insights into the business and the individuals working behind to solve customers’ pain points. 

  • Do not forget to write about your Brand’s Journey: 

Write a bit about the journey of your business. Add information about your inspiration and vision for starting the business journey. 

Moreover, it is also significant to add content about the unique aspects of your brand. That means you need to include information about why your offerings are the best solution to your target customers’ pain points. 

Do not forget to add your brand beliefs, missions, and values to encourage customers to know more about your offerings and take the desired action. Next, write about the reasons for which your customers should opt for your brand. 

  • Make Your Brand get connected with your Web Visitors Emotionally: 

You must know the importance of keeping website content simple and straightforward with shorter paragraphs. A great way of writing the “about us” section and attracting more and more target customers emotionally is to add a story about your journey. 

Did you know people can relate to stories easily? As a result, most of them are more likely to get converted into customers in less time. 

So, if you have something to tell your audiences, such as your struggles, victories, life challenges, or difficulties, do not hesitate to write about the same. These pieces of information will connect the audiences to your brand emotionally. Before letting people know about your offerings, you must build a good rapport with your website audience. 

  • Add the most important aspects about your brand to the content:

The “about us” section of your website must comprise the aspects that you feel the most important to your business. However, sometimes, it may feel overwhelming to you what to add and what not. 

The solution is quite simple! You just need to find out the aspects that best represent and describe your brand and add the same in a presentable way. 

It is time to talk about some more valuable tips to write the “about us” section of your website:

Note that the following list is not exhaustive, which means you can add more aspects, depending on the industry requirements and your preferences. The points below will help you to write a persuasive copy of the “about us” section. 

  • Add a Unique Value Proposition: 

A USP or Unique Selling Proposition helps your brand to stand out from the rest. Thus, your business can have a prominent presence in the industry. 

Try to write the content of your “about us” section revolving around the USPs. That is how you can convince your audience why they should choose only your brand over the rest. 

For instance, if your products are made of renewable materials, you should add the same to your content as a USP. Do not forget to add how this USP is going to play a significant role for your customers. 

However, it’s not always a cakewalk to figure out the USP of a brand, especially if the business journey has not been started with USPs in mind. 

Are you facing the same situation with your business? Then, you can consult a digital marketing expert to help you out. As a result, you can easily highlight the USP of your brand so that people can understand how your brand is concerned about them. 

  • Try to add the Business Faces to the “About Us” Content: 

Most people are willing to know about the faces behind the brand to determine the authenticity and validity of the business. Hence, if possible, then you should also include the faces of the team members of your brand. Are you a solopreneur? Then, adding a simple profile along with your image should suffice. 

  • Let People Know About Your Brand’s Story: 

You already know the importance of adding the brand’s story or the story of your business journey to the “about us” section. Remember, your story will make your brand unique, as the story is unique in itself. Hence, you must emphasize writing a compelling copy of your brand’s journey. 

If you are already a known name in your industry, then you can add your journey as a series of achievements, according to the timeline. Find out the important events that occurred throughout your business journey and make a compelling copy revolving around the same. 

You can include the following information:

  1. When did you first get the idea to start your business journey?
  2. When you celebrated the first sale in your business? 
  3. When you successfully completed the journey of 100 sales? 
  4. When did you first appoint an employee in your business? 

It’s just an idea to motivate you to add your brand’s story to the “about us” section. You can, however, find out a customized version to create a compelling copy of your business journey. 

Brand storytelling is a powerful tool to share your values with your website audience. Hence, your story must be original and honest regarding your brand and its vision and mission. It must reflect your business goals so that the audience can relate to them and get curious to know more about your offerings. 

However, do not go overboard with your brand storytelling- keep it within 2000 words. It is because the audience will unlikely to read a massive copy of the “about us” content. So, keep it short and straightforward. Do not go for excessive self-praising. And do not write anything out of the topic. 

  • Contribute some content to “behind the scenes”:

Today’s buyers are much more informative and they make buying decisions after many considerations. And knowing about what’s going on behind the scenes is one of the important considerations. 

Many potential buyers want to know about the manufacturing process of the products of a business. In short, they want to know what they are going to purchase with their hard-earned money. 

You can add a couple of images along with brief descriptions about the production process. It will enhance the reliability and authenticity of your brand. Thus, your website audience will have a sort of confidence that they at least know what they are buying. 

Do not forget to add information about the location of your business. In short, try to add as much information as possible about you, your brand, and your team so that people can build trust with your brand.

Along with the office location, you should also add the locations where you ship your products. Thus, people will get some confidence to buy your products. 

  • Adding a CTA is a must:

Have you planned anything about the CTA of your website’s “about us” section? If not, then it is high time to add it. The content must have something to direct your audience to the desired location, such as the newsletter sign-up page or a contact form.

Since the end part of the “about us” section comprises the CTA, you should make it persuasive and attractive as much as possible so that your website visitors take the desired action. 

Let us check out some quick tips below: 

Emphasize the “above the fold” content of your “about us” section, as most website visitors are least interested to scroll down the page and read further. Hence, try to add the most important information at the beginning of the page. 

Do not forget to update your “about us” section from time to time. Many people are interested to go through this segment of a website to know more about the business. Hence, you cannot present an outdated copy to them else it could impact your business reputation. Try to update the segment every six months.

How To Write About Us Page  Content For Website

Wrapping Up 

“About us” content acts as the spokesperson of a brand. Hence, you should leave no stone unturned to make it as compelling as possible. The content must escalate the brand’s reputation, reliability, and authenticity. Moreover, the “about us” content should encourage your target customers to take the desired action. Follow the aforementioned strategies, find out some innovative ways and prepare a persuasive copy that can convert visitors into paying customers. 

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