How to Start a Blog : Step by Step Guide for Beginners

Blogging is the best way to express what you think about a topic and share your knowledge. That’s is the reason why many people look to Start a Blog to share their expertise and also make money online from blogging.

To start with, let me explain, that there are many types of blogs. Some people write about the personal experience through their blogs and some others use it as a platform to share their knowledge of a topic. blogs can be of various topics such as fashion, health, educational, technical and many more.

We can say that blogging is not only a passion for people. Many people now take it seriously as a profession after the popularity of monetizing options related to it. There are many websites all over the internet which offers an unlimited number of blogs.

How to Start a Blog : Step by Step Guide for Beginners

As the number of blogs increases everyday Google became very strict in judging blogs. They implement new search engine optimization tactics to filter out low-quality blogs.

So, if you are into blogging then concentrate on blog quality. Blogging is not a difficult task if you know well about the steps to do when you want to start it. This is a profession where you don’t have to invest so much money initially. After getting established you can also make money from your blogs through advertising options.

Why blogging?

Blogging is a very good profession to choose. There are many reasons for it

    • Get more knowledge about various topics
    • Increase your self-confidence
    • Make money without much effort
    • Work from your home
    • Enjoy freedom
    • Famous all over the internet
  • Express anything you want freely

Here are some important steps you need to know to start a blog for yourself

    1. Pick a domain name
    1. Choose a blogging platform
    1. Find a good hosting platform
    1. Design your blog
  1. Start blogging

These are some simple 5 step process you can follow to start a blog. Many terms might be new to you. Here I am going to explain about each step and various options available for each of them.

#1. Pick a domain name

The first step while creating your own blog is to choose an appropriate name for your blog. A domain name and domain extension are two essential part every blog need. is an example of your domain. Here blogname is the domain name and .com part is the extension. The domain name should be related to your blog topic. You can buy domain name from websites like Godaddy, Namecheap, Dreamhost, etc are some popular domain name selling sites. You can decide with a domain name and search its availability on any of such domain selling platforms. If the domain name is available, you can buy it from there. Renew your domain name every year to keep it active.

While you look for domain name search the domain extension availability too. There are more than 800 domain extensions available for you to choose from. Among the most popular domain extension is .com. You can search that first and if it is not available then go for other options like .net, .in, .org and many more.  There are some domain extensions which should be avoided because with it your site may look spammy.

Tips to choose a good domain name

    • The name should be simple and easily rememberable
    • Avoid numbers and hyphens in your domain name because with all those characters your domain will look like spammy
    • Choose names related to your niche
  • Avoid extensions such,. rock etc.

Domain names won’t cost much for you. You can get a domain name with extension by paying around $10/year. The price can be varying according to domain name popularity. If you are looking for more popular domain names, then you need to pay more than $10 to get it.

#2. Choose a blogging platform

Next step is to choose a proper blogging platform. If you want to start a blogs there should be a platform for it. There are many blogging platforms available for blogger today. WordPress, Medium, Weebly, Blogger, Tumblr etc are some popular blogging platform. Among them, WordPress is the most popular one with many users all over the world. It has an online as well as offline platforms available. You can choose the best from all the available options to make your blogging work easy. Choose the one you want by knowing more about each of them

WordPress: – WordPress is one of the largest blogging platforms available today. The popularity of this platform is mainly due to the customization it offers to its users.  You can do blogging on the self-hosted platform by downloading their software. Upload blogs to it easily and use plugins to do anything you want with your blogs. Another one is their cloud service where you can put blogs on their website. Here you can’t control your blog because once after published WordPress only can do any changes to your blogs. If you want to start a blog of yourself then go for its self-hosted service by choosing an appropriate domain name and extension.

Tumblr-: Tumblr is another blogging platform which is getting very popular. This is more appropriate for micro-blogging. Writers can publish short notes, articles, quotes etc in this platform. Anyone can publish their blog on this platform with extension. You can use it for free as you want.

Blogger-: Blogger is a very good platform for bloggers who pursue it as a hobby. This is a free platform to publish your blogs. Anyone can use it using their Google account. Blogger is almost the same as the WordPress platform and is easy to use too. But here also you cannot control your content once after publishing it.

I recommend you use WordPress as your blogging platform. Here are the reasons

    • Easy to use
    • More than 30% of websites that exists now built on the WordPress platform
    • It offers highly customizable options using themes, plugins etc
    • Manages well with any level of traffic
  • Anyone can interact with you easily, commenting and sharing will be easier using the WordPress platform 

#3. Find a good Hosting platform

This is the next important factor you need to have in order to build your website. a hosting platform acts as a support to your website. every website needs to have a web hosting platform which supports it in every condition. Many websites offer you webs hosting service. Some of them offer both domain name and web hosting services. You can choose a good web hosting platform with the following qualities

How to choose a good web hosting service

    • First, you need to consider the money you need to spend on a good web hosting service
    • Speed is very important for a hosting service. The website should load faster at various traffic conditions
    • A good hosting service should provide complete customer care whenever needed
  • Being supportive at downtime is very important if you are looking for a good web hosting service.

These are the four qualities you need to look in web hosting service. There are many services and most of them will cost you at least $10/year Bluehost, Dreamhost, Hostgator, A2 hosting, SiteGround etc. After getting a good web hosting service you can register your domain name on it. After registering your blog, you can start using it properly.  Bluehost is the top services available for WordPress users. Plans start at $3.99/month. This is a reliable and affordable plan for starters. As your blog gets popular you can change your plan accordingly later.

#4. Design your blog

After completing all the above steps, you can go to the registration part. If you are good at designing a website, do it yourself. Otherwise get help from a good professional web designer to design your website. designing part is very important for every website. If you are using WordPress for blogging this part will be easy. There are many free plugins available to help you to start a blog. There are many themes available for you to design your blog. Choose your favorite themes to use on your website and complete this part easily. That’s why most beginners prefer WordPress for blogging.

#5. Start blogging

Start posting on your blog after doing all the required steps. This is the most important part to be done most carefully. You need to find a good topic and write compelling contents about it. By creating impressive contents, you can get attention from Google as well as users to make your blog popular. WordPress offers you step by step guide on uploading contents on your blog. After uploading blog make it optimized for search engine and users. choose topics carefully, market your contents in the right way and be successful in what you do.

Some tools that can help with you in blogging

When you do blog, there are many tools that you can use to make it more acceptable to people. Here are some additional tools that can help you to start a blog.

Readability test tool-: This is a tool used for finding out the readability of a blog. It shows the quality of your blog and its readability using various colors. If it is green, then your blog is completely readable. If it is between yellow or orange, then you need to make it more readable to the audience

Google keyword planner-: You need to include keywords in your content in order to bring it to the top position in your SERP. Google keyword planner is a free tool you can try to find out the top keywords related to your website. use them to start a blog and get good rank and more traffic towards your blog.

Blog topic generator-: If you are looking for some new content ideas try this tool. Enter the keyword related to your niche or a specific topic. then it will show you the popular contents on that niche with their headlines

Grammarly-: it is very important to create content without any grammatical errors. Grammarly is a good tool which you can use to create content without any spelling or grammatical errors. Grammarly is the best tool ever to get contents without errors even though there are many alternatives for Grammarly.

Final words

These are the important steps you can follow to start a blog.  Spend money carefully initially because blogging is an area where you can’t make money easily without establishing. Take appropriate actions to make your blog popular and attract as many people towards your website as possible. Follow the above steps properly to create a good blog and publish your own creation in it in a timely manner. Make it active and engaging so that users will follow your blogs genuinely. Get a good rank and monetize your blog to start earning money. Get ready to start your own blog and be popular.

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