How to Promote Mobile Apps Online?

Everyone focuses most of their time on creating an excellent mobile app that can be useful to people but not on how to promote mobile apps online. There is no use of creating an excellent app if no one is seeing it. It is very important to focus on the marketing of mobile apps you create if you want to make them visible to a lot of audiences out there. If we open the App store we can find thousands of apps from the same niche.

How can a user identify the best app among them? You have to develop strategies to get attention from current smartphone users to get it noticed. Nowadays users are too smart and they don’t have much attention span. Keep this fact in your mind while developing strategies to try to grab users’ attention within a short time span.

Last year the number of apps in the Android and Google Play store exceeded more than 5 million. Just by publishing your app on the play store, you can’t make it successful. Users are always in search of apps that can make their life easy. Make sure to research well about what users want when you develop an app.

It should be something that stands out with a special feature compared to other apps in the same niche. Just like investing time and money in developing apps, you need to concentrate on developing marketing strategies. We can say that launching a product online is very much similar to online entrepreneurship. Invest your time in developing a long-term strategy that can be helpful for marketing your app.

Marketers are now struggling to market their apps where most users can see. This article will help you to get an overview of marketing mobile apps. Before marketing your mobile apps make sure it has something unique and useful feature that can help the user. Use it as your point for marketing the app to get a great result from your marketing efforts.

Ask these questions to yourself

  • Do you know the users of your app?
  • What apps do they use the most?
  • What value your app can bring to their life?
  • What are the problems it can solve in a user’s life?

If you have answers to these questions you got some interesting facts to promote your app. Here are some proven strategies you can use to promote your mobile app

Effective Strategies to Promote Mobile Apps

 Are you looking for new ways to promote your mobile app? You will get some effective mobile apps marketing strategies from this article.

  • User Research

This process you can start in the early stages of app development. Develop some strategies to find out some existing users of your app or find someone who will be interested in your app. Send them emails about the app you are going to launch and get their feedback of it. Some users won’t even respond to your emails. So, you can provide some rewards for taking part in your feedback surveys.

Including customers in your app development process can help you to promote your app as well as improving the application quality. It is always good to engage your customers as a survey says that if you can ensure 5% customer retention then the profitability of your business will be 75%. Convince your existing customers and make your marketing efforts easy because they can be your app advocates.

  • Choose App Store

It is always important to concentrate on finding the right platform that can help you to publish your app. Most app developers choose Google to play store and Apple store to promote their app. They charge you around $90/month for the distribution of the app. Google play store charge $25 for registration and 30% of the list price for all sales.

You need to stand out among millions of other apps in the Google play store and Apple store. It is always advisable to try out some additional app stores other than these such as GetJar, Amazon Appstore, Appolicious, Windows store, etc. You can also try other app stores for your app promotion such as Xiaomi, Wandoujia, 360-degree mobile assistant, and many more.

  • Use your Website

If you have a website already use it for app promotion. Users who follow your website will get an idea about your mobile app. Most mobile app developers run a website which they use for their product promotion as well as to interact with their customers. Use a blog or website to communicate with users and you also discuss various topics on your niche through that blog. Include your app in your website and encourage your website visitors to download the app using a pop-up or CTA. This can help to increase the number of downloads of your app.

  • Demo Videos

A demo video can have a strong impact on your product promotion. You can show everything related to your application through that video. It can also help users to get an idea about your app and its features. Create a 30-second video that can be helpful in grabbing the attention of your users and publish it on your website or various social media channels. This can increase the popularity of your app and can increase the number of downloads too.

  • QR Code

Adding QR codes within your website can help to target the smartphone generation. Add QR codes to your website, business card, emails, etc. This can help them to easily download the app without going anywhere just by scanning the QR code. It is a good idea to give some interesting offers for those who download the app.

  • Keyword Targeting

This is another important strategy to focus on when you market your mobile app. Search engine optimization is not only for content marketing. You can use highly demanding keywords in your URL such that when a user searches for the best app in your niche yours will get listed. Spend some time researching well using various keyword analyzing tools to find the most appropriate keywords that can be used within your app description. Mobile Dev HQ and SearchMan are the two best tools you can use for SEO optimization.

  • Social Media

Social media platforms are very useful to promote your application. Create an account for the app on various social media platforms and promote your app using those platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the most popular social media tools to promote your app. Interact with users by creating an interesting post and try to get more followers. As the number of followers increases, it will also help to increase your conversion rate.

  • Facebook Advertisements

Social media is a powerful tool every marketer can use to promote their app. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc offer interesting offers to advertise your apps. You can target a specific group of people who have an interest in your app while advertising. Customization is highly useful and you can use it as a tool to reach an exclusive audience to make them use your app. If you are using Facebook advertisement the cost can be very low if you concentrate on promoting among the audience with similar interest. The main reason is that you can create specific customized ads as per your audience’s interest. So, it is always economical to promote your app among people who have an interest in similar apps.

  • Influencer Marketing

This is another way to ensure the reach of your mobile app. You can find influencers in your niche with many followers. They are people with the skill to influence people’s buying decisions. Their words are very powerful. Use their voice to promote your application and make it popular among their followers. While finding influencers make sure to research well and find someone who has a real interest in promoting genuine apps. There are people out there who will promote any app for money. It is your responsibility to find someone genuine and make them believe in your product. There is always a difference between promoting an app with good knowledge about it and promoting without any idea about the app.

  • Concentrate on App Icon

UI is very important to make an app successful. You must concentrate on creating an eye-catching app icon that is very attractive. You can consider the app icon of some popular apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, The color of the app icon should be unique with a logo icon, a pallet of colors, or a hologram that can reflect your app feature. Make it simple, stylish, and memorable with an attention-grabbing app icon.

  • Rates and Reviews

Rates and reviews are very useful for your app promotion. Most users only download an app after reading positive reviews about it. High rates and reviews can be helpful to market your app easily. The best way to get some reviews is by reaching out to your app users and encouraging them to write a genuine review about the app.

Genuine reviews are really helpful for any app and you can get it by offering some excellent features for your current audience. Reach out to some app reviewers such as AppAdvice, Hongkiat, or The next web, And tell them to review your app. This can increase the popularity of your mobile app and increase its download. Most reviewers look for graphic designs, unique content, loading content, crashes, etc.

  • Add a link to your App in the Email Signature

After creating the app, you can create an email with your app name. Most businesses send an email with their business name with a link to the landing page of their website. Users who receive a weekly or monthly email can get a direct link to your app by incorporating the app name with your email signature. This can increase the lead conversion and number of traffic towards your website.

  • Reach out to App Marketing Agencies

There are various mobile app marketing agencies out there who can help you to promote your mobile app. Appular, Appency and are some of the popular mobile app marketing agencies you can check for. They will help you to develop proper strategies for promoting your mobile app and publish it on various platforms. This can increase the chance of getting your app noticed. If you can spend some money on advisements then this is a good idea to be successful in mobile app marketing.

  • Create an Attractive Landing Page

A landing page is the face of your app. When creating an app make sure to create an attractive landing page with eye-catching images and social sharing buttons. When users see the landing page of an app, they should get attracted to the screenshots of it. The sharing button will help them to directly share the app to any media they want. This will help the app to be popular among people and will also increase the number of downloads automatically.

  • Be Active

If you want to get an identity online then you can increase the number of conversions as well as your website traffic. Comment on blogs and posts related to your niche. When you comment on such blogs make sure to give valuable comments so that people who read your comment cannot forget you. Like this, you can also include a link to your website or app and more traffic towards your website.


Creating an exceptional app should be the primary aim of every app developer. With proper strategies, anyone can make an app noticeable easily. Without a good marketing plan, your app won’t be successful. These are some strategies every marketer should try to make their app visible for as many users as they can. People don’t want to take a chance by downloading unnecessary apps. So, while making an app you have to be clear about your goals.

Create social media pages and a website for your app and promote it through these sources. Every marketer will have a promotional method to promote their apps. I hope these strategies can help you in increasing the number of users for your mobile app. What is your marketing strategy? Tell us more about your successful marketing strategy below in the comment section.

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