10 Ways on How to Improve SEO for your Website

Search engine optimization is a very important term familiar to webmasters. It mainly handles the factors that should present on a website to make it equally acceptable for the machine as well as humans. Google is a very complex search engine among all others. It is trying to improve its services by implementing new algorithms more frequently.

These are mainly introducing to ensure the quality of their search results. You can find so many ways to improve the SEO of a website. Most of them tell you that keywords can make your website to rank higher and attract more traffic. If you do some research on the complexity of the Google algorithm you will understand the fact that keywords are not the only thing that can save your website.

Many factors decide the quality and relevancy of your website content. You cannot ignore these factors if you want to bring your website to the first page of SERP. As you know no one will check the second page of search engine results to find a solution if they can find it from the first page.

Users trust Google and believe in the results they offer. Google doesn’t want to lose this trust from users and that’s why they are trying new ways to implement new algorithms to improve its quality. To make your website more visible and optimize for search engines try following these methods. You can see the change in your website performance while analyzing easily. Let’s check further 10 important ways to improve your website SEO

SEO optimization strategies

A user-friendly website is something that offers better usability. There are many qualities that should be present on a website to improve its usability. If the website is more efficient with good content that improves the knowledge of a user. It should also be void of any 404 errors. Let’s see how you can improve the SEO of your website by implementing some simple methods

  1. Improve page loading speed

Page loading time is a very important factor when it comes to a website.40% of Internet users abandon a website with slow loading. Google also doesn’t support websites that take more time to load their content. It can negatively impact your website ranking and user engagement at the same time. It is recommended to check the loading speed of your website and make sure to fall it below 3 sec. Once users experience something bad from your website they are not going to come back. Survey says that 80% of customers won’t come back to slow websites again. There are many tools like Pingdom to test the loading speed of your website.

You can optimize your website contents also to reduce the loading speed. Try to reduce image size, number of redirects, number of plugins, etc to improve the page loading speed. Image optimization doesn’t mean reducing the quality of your image. But you can try to make it more relevant which can bring more traffic to your website. Try using various techniques that can improve the page loading speed which is one of the important points you need to be remembered while thinking about SEO.

  1. Contents should be relevant, high-quality, and useful

Have you heard the term dwell time before? It is the time users spend on a website. If you haven’t changed anything from the day you build your website it is not a good sign. Try to provide more quality content to your users so that they can spend more time in it. If your articles are valuable with long-form content with around 2500-3000 words users will stay longer on your website. The content you offer should have enough value that users should read the whole and share it across their social media accounts. If your content can provide that value to users it is very useful for your website SEO.

More than 45% of the internet search engine market share is owned by Google and it makes Google one of the most popular search engines. So, you need to create content that can engage the users and please the search engine at the same time. When a user bookmarks your website Google will take it as a symbol of the quality of your website. It can help you to improve the website ranking. Always consider your users and give them what they want through unique quality content.

  1. Long-tail keywords

Even though keyword is not the only way to improve your website SEO it plays an important role in your SEO efforts. Keywords can be found out using a keyword analyzing tool from Google and various sources. Keywords are important terms users insert to find out contents related to your niche. But competition is higher nowadays and including specific keywords cannot help your content always to get listed under top search results.

That’s where you can use a long-tail keyword strategy. Also, the keyword should include the content naturally. Stuffing keywords just to get a good search engine rank may affect your website badly. Google penalizes such websites who stuff keywords just to get listed under the top position of SERP. Avoid such mistakes and focus on a long-tail keyword strategy that can help to improve the conversion rate of your website.

  1. Break up your content with the header tag

Users can spend more time on your website if your content is well-organized. Use a proper header tag which can help to break your content into sections that make it easy to read. It can improve your website more readable to users. WordPress users can easily set up the headers without much effort. While adding headers you can use keywords which can help your content to get ranked for those keywords in the header. Make your website more visible to the audience by arranging its contents in a good way. Small sentences can users concentrate more and easily understand the whole concept easily. Rank higher and get more site traffic by concentrating more on setting p header tag for your website

  1. Broken links

Audit your website for broken links. If your website has any 404 pages or broken links it can affect your website’s reputation. When Google finds out the broken links in a website it considers the website as an old website. It is always better to update your website by auditing it frequently. In addition to broken links, you can also find out so many issues such as loading speed issues, mobile usability, link credibility, and many other SEO factors. Don’t neglect your website with any broken links.

No need to go through all pages of your website manually to find out broken links. There are some tools like the Screaming frog, Google Webmasters tool, etc to find any broken links from your website. All you have to do is to enter your website URL in this tool and it will show you the detailed report regarding your website. Make use of these tools and avoid any broken links that can bring down your website ranking.

  1. include more relevant outbound links

As you know links are very important SEO factors. Quality links are very important to help your website rank higher than the number of links. When you refer websites for content relevant to your topic you can include the links within your content. Internal links to relevant websites may improve your website’s credibility and more users will read them. Google will also get impressed on your website content’s genuine. Concentrate on including better links than a greater number of links. It can help you to improve your SEO efforts and thereby ranking your website.

  1. Mobile optimization

Mobile optimization is considering a very crucial factor that can help your website rank higher. By the year 2015, Google started to penalize a website that is not optimized for mobile users. Most internet users search for a solution from their mobile devices. 77% of people search for everything using their mobile device. If you cannot provide a mobile-optimized website it can affect the user experience and thereby affect the ranking of your website.

  1. Include multimedia

While creating a website you can use various types of content. Articles are not the only type of content to use on your website. Try to incorporate videos, images, and infographics to explain your content well. Images have the power to improve your website SEO. It also helps users to interact with your website. Images can also stay in your memory longer than written content. Videos and other types of content can help to take action on your website. So, if you are looking for new ways to entertain your audience then incorporate various multimedia contents in your website.

  1. Site navigation

You can also help the search engine to crawl your website easily by providing a proper site map. If your website is not organized properly it can affect the indexing of your website contents. If your website is not indexed properly it can affect the ranking of your website also. Un-indexed pages may not be appearing on the search engine result page. You can avoid such a situation by including proper XML maps on your website. There are some tools available for you to create sitemaps that can help search engine crawlers to index your website pages. Google itself offers you the tool for XML sitemap generation. Also, it will help to list your website under the top search engine result based on your content relevancy.

  1. Contact info

It is always better to include a page with contact information on your website. It can help to make your website trustworthy. Users can believe in your website if they can find a contact us page. Users can also interact with your website using the contact information you provide on your website. The contact page also brings more credibility to your website in front of Google. Also, it can help to generate more business, leads, improve customer service, and many more by using the contact us page on your website. Also, improve your website SEO by providing a better user experience.


Search Engine Optimization is a very crucial process that decides a website’s existence and future. In addition to the above options, you can improve social media promotion, improve readability, content arrangement, and many more to improve your SEO. The above points are very important to follow if you are looking for the best ways to improve the ranking of your website.

A better ranking position in Google means more traffic. As the traffic increases your website will be more popular and more conversion. Are you ready to bring your website to the top position? Try the above options and see how it change your website performance.

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