How To Find A Good Content Writer Online?

Do you run an online business? Do you have a blog? 

In both cases, content plays a huge role in attracting visitors, increasing traffic, and escalating the sales margin. 

When it comes to an online business, visitors check out the content first and get insights into the brand. Since, content acts as an excellent influencing factor, hiring a best-in-class content writer is mandatory to grow your business or blog. But, how and where you will find a top-notch content writer? 

The post will let you know some easy-to-follow tips. Follow them, and you can expect to find a real content writing expert to add value to your website. 

Which Qualities are essential to check in a content writer before hiring? 

Finding a good content writer is no cakewalk. You must evaluate many factors before assigning projects. Otherwise, you will end up having poor-quality work, which will be a complete waste of your investment. Check for the following qualities in a content writer before making your selection:

  • Communicative: 

Yes! You must check that first! However, it is easy to evaluate once you start interacting with the candidate. 

A top-class writer is a responsive and fast communicator. He/she won’t waste your time. If you find a candidate lacking in responsiveness, do not hire him/her. Otherwise, you will more likely get delayed submission or substandard work. 

  • Having Knowledge in SEO:

Do not forget to ensure whether the candidate is well versed with SEO concepts or not. Since SERP ranking matters a lot for every website or blog, having On-Page optimization knowledge is mandatory for a content writer. However, having knowledge on Of-Page optimization will be an added advantage for you! 

  • Adaptability:

A content writer must work according to the project requirements. Hence, he/she must possess excellent adaptability skills. Hence, you should check if the writer can change the style and tone of writing, as per the niche and need.

  • Superb Research Skills:

Shallow write-ups do not work any longer. Informative articles only get traffic nowadays. Therefore, do not fail to evaluate the research skills of the candidate. Moreover, preciseness is also important to check so that you won’t end up having vague articles. 

  • Editing Skills:

A good writer must know how to edit content to make it appropriate, as per the project requirements. If you need edits in the sample content, ask the candidate to do so. Then, you can evaluate how well the writer has edited the write-up. 

  • Work within Deadline:

It is mandatory to check whether the writer is able to submit articles within the stipulated time or not. You can find it out by assigning a test article to the writer. 

How to ensure if a shortlisted candidate is a good content writer?

Always try to hire a content writer, who has some sort of experience of writing in your niche. If you have any doubts, check out the reviews of the previous employers for a shortlisted candidate. 

If your website audiences are experts, such as entrepreneurs, you have to hire a content writer with entrepreneurial experience. 

Where can you find an ideal content writer for your projects?

You got some insights into how to find out an ideal content writer for your project. Now, the question is where you can find an expert. Let’s unravel it! 

  • Freelancing Platforms: 

Various websites, such as, Fiverr, and Upwork, are available nowadays to act as the bridge between clients and professionals. 

You just need to search for such websites online and follow specific procedures to post your requirements and award the project. 

Do not forget to check out the profiles, clients’ feedback, and previous works (if mentioned) of the shortlisted candidates. 

However, finding a top-notch, experienced content writer from hundreds and thousands of freelancers is a cumbersome task. 

  • Writer Job Boards: 

You can also search for an ideal candidate in different content writing forums, such as Freelance Writers Den, Problogger, LinkedIn groups, Craigslist, etc. Such forums connect employers and professionals. 

However, it is a must to ensure the expertise and experience of a candidate before hiring him/her. You can also ask for previous works from candidates to narrow down your preferences. 

  • Content Marketing Websites: 

Note that content marketing websites are more expensive than the aforementioned options. However, you can expect to hire top-notch writing professionals from these platforms. If you have a high budget, then you can certainly go for content marketing platforms. 

  • Take Referrals: 

Taking referrals is the best option out of the above. Positive feedback acts as a testament to the expertise and experience of a candidate. 

So, if you go for referrals or word of mouth, it will be very rare that you get low-quality work. Hence, when it comes to hiring a content writing expert, you can ask others and hire accordingly. 

What Kind of Writer should you choose for your projects?

If you have a well-established blog and you do not have enough time to write multiple pieces of content (as high-quality content needs a long time to get completed), you should allocate some tasks to an expert. 

However, you must be sure about the type of writer, who will be the most suitable for your projects. Maximum writers do belong to one of the following three categories:

  • Journalists: 

Journalists are trained to precise writing. They always comply with specific rules of ethics in times of writing. Moreover, journalists are outstanding fact-checkers and to-the-point writers. 

Hence, if your project calls for precise, fact-based writing, you should start searching for a good journalist. Note that good writing will more likely take your website or blog to the next level.

  • Copywriters:

When it comes to promotional and marketing content writing, you should search for an experienced copywriter. 

In short, copywriters are well familiar with the trends of the marketing domain. Most copywriters are expert bloggers, so they know how to write convincing and alluring pieces of content. 

Moreover, copywriters are well versed with the ins and outs of SEO and web writing. They know how to write SEO-optimized content to escalate the SERP ranking of a website or blog. 

Do your projects call for marketing finesse and business writing? Are you concerned about the SEO ranking of your website? Then, you should hire an experienced copywriter. 

You need to have top-notch content for your business website or blog. However, as a business owner, it may not be possible for you to focus on the content part. Hence, the best solution in this regard is to hire an experienced, dedicated website content or blog writer. 

  • Novelists:

Are your projects about screenwriting or playwriting? Then, you will need to hire an experienced novelist. Novelists write pieces of content as an art and they choose to freelance only to keep continuing their passion. However, finding an experienced novelist as a content writer is difficult. 

Now, based on your project requirements, you need to opt for an experienced writer. However, some other aspects are also needed to be evaluated before finalizing one. 

Some Simple Tips to find out a Good Content Writer 

Have you started an online business? Do you have started a blog? Do you have enough experience in writing? Whether you have or not, the following tips will help you to shortlist a high-quality content writer. 

  • Evaluate the Expertise & Experience: 

Content can change the perception of website visitors and make them curious and enthusiastic about the brand and its products and services. On the other hand, if the content gets unable to create a spark and draw the attention of visitors, the website bounce rate will keep on escalating. 

Hence, do not forget to analyze the writing proficiency and topic expertise of the shortlisted candidates. 

If you find an experienced writer but the person has not worked on your niche before, then you can ask for a small sample. You can also allow some time for that professional to make him/her well familiar with your niche before assigning projects. 

  • Judge the Work History: 

It is also significant to evaluate the performance history of the candidates. Do check the response time of each of the shortlisted candidates. 

If a candidate takes longer to reply, it is better not to consider that person, as delayed project submission could impact your website performance. 

  • Analyze the Knowledge on the Niche of Your Website or Blog: 

Do your projects need technical expertise? Then, you have to hire a subject expert or someone, who has real-life working experience in the technical field. 

Note that expertise and experience are difficult to fake. You can easily spot the differences between an experienced and inexperienced write-up. 

  • Ask for Test Content: 

Note that evaluating the previous works of shortlisted candidates is not enough to finalize your selection. It is essential to ask for a test article to judge the competency, expertise, and experience of the candidates. 

The ultimate goal of website content is to encourage visitors to take by purchasing a product or service from the particular brand. 

Hence, a piece of content should discuss the pain points of target customers and the solution of resolving them in terms of a product or service. So, do not forget to check the persuasiveness of the sample content written by your shortlisted candidate. 

Your website or blog content must be able to create a strong positive impact on visitors. Hence, it is a must to check whether the candidate’s write-up can make a connection with the visitors.

  • Check the Understanding & Clarity about the Work:

Hiring a content writer is not the end of your job. You need to specify your project requirements clearly and resolve their doubts if they have any. 

And then, it is essential to check whether the writer is properly grasping your instructions and implementing them accordingly or not. It will be a deciding factor about the future hiring of that professional for your next projects. 

  • Check Marketing Skills:

If you run an online business, then you must know that today’s buyers are extremely informative. They make buying decisions after comparing many products. So, convincing someone to become a customer of a brand is no longer a cakewalk.

However, high-quality content can still do the magic with its persuasive and convincing power. Therefore, you must check whether your shortlisted candidate is well familiar with marketing tactics or not. 

The candidate must be able to write influencing and convincing content to convert your website visitors into customers. 

The Bottom Line

Selecting an ideal candidate is not easy and it takes much time. If you want to enhance the value of your website and escalate the traffic, then it is a must to opt for only a top-notch content writer. 

You have to make a good collaboration with your writer to have some high-quality articles written for your website or blog. There must not be any communication gap if you are very specific about your project requirements. 

It is time to start searching for a top-notch content writer to take your website’s or blog’s value to the next level! 

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