How To Earn Money Online By Writing Articles In The USA

Do you want to make a living and earn money online by writing articles online? Yes? If you are passionate and determined enough, it can prove to be an excellent, profitable business opportunity for you. 

Ever since the notion came out that content matters a lot for a website reputation, the search for proficient writers has been escalated. That means some great opportunities are waiting for you if you have a solid grasp of writing. 

However, first, you should know a few strategies that would help you to start your journey as a professional content writer online. Just keep improving your skills and expertise to expect to bag loads and loads of projects. 

How to Generate Income by Writing Articles Online?

Whether you are living in the USA or some other countries, the following strategies should help you a lot. Note that there may be many writing opportunities available online, but you have to choose the most suitable options for you. 

  • Search for Writing Opportunities in Job Boards: 

If you have required the skills, expertise, and experience in content writing, you can register on different job boards, such as FlexJobs, BloggingPro, WeWorkRemotely, ProBlogger Job Board, Freelance Writers Den, Upwork, etc. 

Since many applicants apply for the same project, you must have strategies to stand out in the crowd. Send a customized or job-specific application along with sample write-ups to the client to increase your chances to get hired. 

Once you complete a writing project successfully, you can expect to earn money. Keep up top-notch performance in job boards, and positive reviews would encourage more and more clients to work with you. 

  • Start Writing Content for Blogs, Journals, and Magazines:

A website needs to keep on posting content to survive in the tough competition online irrespective of the niche. 

Despite there is no dearth of content online, most websites would keep looking for experienced content writers in the coming days as well. Therefore, as a content writer, you should start seeking writing opportunities in magazines, blogs, and journals. 

Some popular websites in this regard include Listverse, Contena, FreelancerCareers, HubPages, Metro Parent, InstantShift, The Dollar Stretcher, etc. 

Some popular magazines to find paid writing opportunities include Earth Island Journal, AMC Outdoors Magazine, Early American Life, The American Gardener, The American Scholar, Boys’ Life, The Sun Magazine, Longreads, One Story, and so on. 

Don’t forget to go through the guidelines in detail before choosing to work with any of the websites or magazines. 

In short, famous blogs, journals, and magazines are always in need of best-in-class content. Even many websites and magazines are ready to pay a handsome amount to top-notch content writers. 

That means there is no dearth of golden opportunities for you if your expertise and experience match with employers’. 

Hence, start searching for popular publications today! If they need a sample, then leave no stone unturned to submit a best-in-class write-up. But, you cannot expect success overnight. It would take some time to make a name and reputation as a popular content writer in the industry. 

How about becoming a Kindle Author?

The mode of book reading has also become digitized nowadays. So, why don’t you take this advantage to grow as a writer? 

Did you know 1,600 indie authors are generating income of $25K or higher from Amazon book sales? Even 1,000 of them published their first book in 3 years or less. These pieces of data are enough to encourage you to start a journey as a Kindle author. 

In short, the popularity of self-published books is on the rise. Hence, a well-written book can earn a handsome amount of money for the author. 

However, success and profit in this journey call for proper planning before writing a unique something. You have to write for specific target audiences instead of focusing on audiences in general. 

Try to choose a niche, which already has demand and popularity from readers in the market. You can follow your passion when it comes to choosing the niche, but it is a must to analyze the market first. As a writer, your main goal is to make readers read your content, isn’t it? 

Note that you have to be consistent with your work and produce some best-in-class content as a Kindle author. 

Become a Blogger and opt for Monetization:

If you don’t want to write for other websites or blogs, then you can think about starting a blogging career

Some people think blogging to be an extremely easy career since no one is there to dictate any terms, conditions, or deadlines. 

However, blogging calls for consistent work and immense patience. That means you have to keep on working on your blog for some time before expecting to earn something. It is a good idea to start blogging as a side hustle while keeping on working for other websites and blogs. 

As a blogger, you have to be a subject matter expert in the niche you are going to write about. Moreover, blogging is not only about writing articles but also knowing about the ranking criteria in search engines

You have to be well-versed with content marketing, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, analytics, and so on. In other words, making a blog successful and maintaining the success needs a lot of hard work. Of course, all hard work and consistent effort in the right direction would pay off really well in the long term

Start Your Journey as a Prolific Copywriter:

Copywriting is another popular option for writing online to generate revenue. It is about writing a piece of content to inspire target audiences to take the desired action. Many companies are in search of top-notch copywriters to escalate their sales margins. 

However, copywriting needs some understanding of persuasive writing to convince audiences to become paying customers. That means you must have conversational skills in your writing to attract more and more target customers to the brand you are writing for. 

Some popular websites to find copywriting jobs include FlexJobs, Contena, ProBlogger, CreativeJobs Central, ClearVoice, SolidGigs, and so on. 

Generate Revenue by Working for Businesses looking for Content: 

Content marketing is booming nowadays by leaps and bounds. That is why more and more companies have started looking for professional content writers. 

A business needs to keep on posting case studies, articles, and so on to survive in the competitive market space. That means you can start searching for opportunities to start or boost your writing career online. 

However, if you are a beginner, then you should have the patience to bag highly-paying projects. Since there is no dearth of experienced content writers in the industry, perseverance, and dedication are a must to achieve tremendous success in this field. 

In short, a brilliant track record must be there to validate and authenticate your expertise as a content writer. Moreover, you would need a writing portfolio comprising your content writing skills. As you would grow in your career, your portfolio would get stronger and more attractive. 

Are you a Beginner in the Content Writing Journey? 

It is sometimes difficult for a fresher to find out the desired opportunity, as most employers search for only experienced content writers. Hence, you have to gather experience by writing free of cost (or unpaid content writing) for various blogs. 

As a result, you could expect to get exposure in the industry via the author bio or a byline. It would give momentum in your writing career and help you to bag paid projects from more and more employers. 

Find out a few niches that you are interested in writing on. Next, analyze the demand and popularity of each of the shortlisted niches and pick the most demanding one. Blogging is no less than operating a small writing business that has a great potential for success and revenue generation. However, you have to be ready to devote your time and effort to your blog. 

You have to be aware of the risks associated with the blogging career so that you can take your preparation upfront. Actually, blogging and a start-up share almost the same types of risks. 

For instance, a search engine can modify its algorithm or affiliate fees may be lowered by some affiliate marketing websites in the future. 

That means you must have multiple plans ready in the pipeline so that you can run your blogging journey smoothly. 

It’s time to choose your options 

The main goal of this article was to present a few ways to help you become a paid content writer online. 

Nonetheless, it is your responsibility to opt for the most suitable options for you to grow your career. 

If you are passionate about writing, strive hard to get your first client. Give it your best shot and you would get momentum in your writing career. 

Just remember, opportunities are almost endless for a top-notch content writer online. So, hone your writing skills, work hard, and take your career to the next level. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

It is time to start analyzing and applying the aforementioned strategies. Next, start working to gain experience to bag more and more projects. 

All the very best!

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