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Brands are always conscious of their popularity among users. Some brands advertise to ensure more reach and some others will be a part of some popular events or campaigns. But when it comes to measuring brand mentions manual process is very tedious. With the help of a good tool, you can easily measure the reach of your product and reputation.

Tracking brand mention is a very good idea that can lead to honest feedback, reputation management, objective insight, and know what others think about your brand. As social media is the main source of promotions most brands want to track their mentions across various social media platforms. There are many be mentions on various social media platforms about your brand.

Here are Some Suitable Tools That any Marketer Can use to Track Their Brand Mentions Online.

  1. Mention

Mention is a tool that lets you monitor brand mentions from millions of sources from 42 languages. You can ensure to stay on top of all brands by tracking the result from all social media networks, news, and other sources. Track your teams’ actions, share alerts and assign group tasks for your team through this Mention tool. They offer a 14-day free trial program for you to try this app.

  1. Awario

Use Awario, one of the best brand monitoring tools which shows the detailed result of brand mentions on various platforms. Monitor millions of sources and track your brand reputation and feedbacks using Awario. This is a paid tool that offers a 14-day free trial. You will get results of the brand mention within a few seconds you start your tracking. The tool is very useful and easy too. All you have to do is to signup to its account and enter the keyword you want to search. You will get complete details of your brand mention instantly.

  1. Google Alerts

Google alerts can be used to know about some interesting new content, mentions of your brand, competitors, and industry leaders. You can set alerts when any mention happens related to your brand. It will send you an email notification while anything like this happens. Anyone can use this free tool to effectively manage their brand promotions. Google alerts are very suitable for beginners because of the easiness of operation.

  1. Union Metrics

This tool mainly handles Twitter mentions. Get a quick snapshot of any Twitter account hashtag or keyword reach using Union Metrics. Use it for profile analysis, keyword monitoring, competitive analysis, campaign reports, research, and more using this tool. It is a tool that combines social intelligence, influencer discovery, and enables customers to meet next-generation marketing challenges. Give more importance to social analysis and improve your brand reach well.


Brand mention tracking will help you to measure the reputation and reach of a brand. Marketers should invest some time in tracking this to know the brand’s popularity. Those are some excellent tools that can be used to track brand mention effectively. Try a tool and see how your customers accept your brand.

Now we discussed some popular tools that can be used to automate your marketing process. Find a suitable tool for you from each category and try it to know the difference. Do you know any free marketing tools that work better than the above list? Comment us below.

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