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Following the current trend is important in every business. The same happens with content marketing too. If you want to outshine your competitors, it is very essential to follow the current trends and include content based on it. Just like making new customers, it is important to make the existing customers stay with you throughout your journey.  Traveling with current trends can help you to achieve that goal. 

Content marketers, social media specialists, and community managers need some relevant tools to get those trending topics. There are many tools to get an idea about trending topics. If you want to be popular then it is essential to make your website or content up to date.

Here Are Some Tools You Can Use To Get Ideas About The Latest Topics

  • Followerwonk

Followerwonk is a tool that can be used to track your Twitter graph. Analyze you followers and their activities using this tool, connect with influencers, better visualization of analyzing reports. Compare various Twitter accounts, find out most trending posts, track and sort followers easily and give your follower what they want after detailed analysis using Follwerwonk. 

  • Feedly

Feedly is a tool that can be helpful in organizing your content, provides a better reading experience by optimizing content, share any article to social media platforms, find out fresh topics, and more. Also, while using this tool you can integrate it with many business marketing tools like Evernote, Trello, Slack, OneNote 365, and more. Use Feedly for organizing your content and know about new trends that go on various popular platforms. 

  • HubSpot Tools

Hubspot blog ideas generator is very useful for content marketers when they experience an issue in finding new topics. You can enter up to five different nouns to get topic ideas related to it. Enter the noun and click on ‘Give me topic’. You will get a list of related topics to you. This is a free tool and offers you better ideas to create content that can create better inbound traffic. 

  • Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a free tool that can be used effectively to create scholarly articles based on marketing topics. Know about various possibilities to create scholarly content from one place, explore related articles and works, keep up with relevant documents, and many more using this tool. It gives you results after reviewing online academic journals, books, and articles.  

  • Portent

Portent is a tool that works similar to HubSpot’s topic generator. You can enter a keyword or topic idea to get a suitable title for that content that can make it viral. The list contains a title and angle on which you should write the content with an explanation of words uses in the title. Revise the result and create better titles for your content.

  • Content Row

A catchy headline is always important for successful content. Content Row link bait title generator will help you to generate a better title that can improve the number of click baits. Enter the idea on which you need to generate the title and see the result. It will suggest a lot of titles from which you can choose one title suitable for your content. All titles will be very interesting to read. You can choose the best title from it and set it as your content title to make the audience click on it. 

  • is a tool that shows you the top 10 links from Twitter. You can use this service to instantly share those top links on all popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. They collect the links to posts on Twitter and show you those links. Be updated with those new links and share it wherever you want directly from this tool.

  • Alltop

Alltop is a tool that integrates popular news and information from various and shows you a list of them. You can search for a topic and this tool will show you the latest things that happen around the world related to that topic. It collects updates from various sources and keeps everything well organized. 

  • Google Trends

Google trend is a famous tool from Google that offers you trending topics, keywords, and content all around the world. Most people depend on the Google search engine to know about something. Google Trends take the information from the search engine and show you the most popular searches that go on around the world. The result is presented using a colorful diagram that is very simple to interpret. This is a free tool anyone can use to find out more about trending topics. 


Which tool suits your strategy from the above list? Choose a suitable tool and handle it well to analyze the best trending topics and create content based on it. Marketers always need to be alert about changing trends. These tools can help you with it. Try a tool from the above list to find out about current trends and stand out among your competitor. You can see the next article which deals with the tools that can be used for tracking brand mentions. 

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