Free Tools To Do Your Own Marketing- Send Email

Email management is a very important part of digital marketing. This is known as a cost-effective method for all marketing campaigns. It is very difficult to manage everything manually using normal mail. Sometimes when you spend so many emails it may end up in spam emails. So here we will discuss the free tools which can help you to send emails better.

A better mail management service enables you to create engaging mail, manage contacts, track the performance segment users into a group, and many more. These tools will allow you to manage everything perfectly.

Check Out Some Best Tools to Send Email for Online Business 

  1. Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp was one of the largest marketing platforms for small to large online retailers. Create a better email marketing campaign to introduce a product, sell it, or share something important related to your business using Mail Chimp and engage customers by building a brand.  Other than creating email marketing campaigns this tool allows you to create landing pages, pop-up forms, and automating marketing emails, etc. You will also get customized tips from them about improving your business well using the best email marketing tool.

  1. Send Grid

Send Grid is a good email management tool every marketer can use to improve their email marketing campaigns. It comes with many features such as contact manager, list segmentation, template segmentation, surveys, autoresponder, A/B split testing, RSS feed integration, and more features. Many popular brands like Airbnb, Pandora, Hubspot etc. Try it and get as many followers as you can using an email marketing service.

  1. Bee Free

Beefree is a tool that enables you to design emails quickly. It offers you a lot of templates from which users can choose one and create beautiful emails using Beefree. Drag and drop technology allows users to customize their emails as they want, be a designer and move text and images in and out, retouch margins, buttons and paddings, and more. The best thing about Beefree tool is that you can create mobile-friendly campaigns easily without much technical knowledge. Without knowing HTML Beefree lets you create any campaign by mainly focusing on its content. It offers a 30-day free trial to users who want to try the effectiveness of this tool.

  1. Never Bounce

Never Bounce is a tool that can be used for email verification and cleaning service. There may be many invalid or temporary email addresses that are useless for your email campaign. So, use the Never Bounce tool to upload all your email lists and download the cleanup list of emails to use for your campaigns to get maximum output. No need to waste your time by sending emails to those fake email addresses and make sure to use genuine email addresses to use for campaigns.

  1. Mail Tester

Mail Tester is a similar tool to Never Bounce. It is used to check whether an email address is valid or not. You can enter an email address and it undergoes a lot of processes and finds out whether it is genuine or not. Various checks include syntax checks, DNS lookup, SMPT verification, etc. If an email address clears all those tests, then it will be a genuine email address. Marketing professionals, IT professionals, various business organizations use mail tester. Get spam as sass in the score, recommendations, broken link alerts, authentication status, and blacklist status.

  1. Streak

Streak is a good mail management tool that enables you to manage sales and customer relationships inside Gmail. It is a CRM for Gmail that lets you manage the sales without going anywhere from your inbox. Integrate this tool with Gmail and no need to switch back and forth from Gmail to other tools to manage our campaign. You can manage more than 200 tracked emails per month using this free tool. Streak is a highly customizable tool with many interesting features and can be used for sales, recruiting, and customer service. You can install the browser extension of this tool and use it from your mobile device easily.

  1. Hubspot

Hubspot’s email signature generator is a popular tool you can use to generate a neat email signature with your company logo and social media icons. You can design your email by entering signature, social links and customize everything. There are 8 themes available in this from which you can select one and design your email accordingly. The personalized signature can be very effective for business because it can build trust with the audience. The tool is completely free to use.

  1. Putsmail

Putsmail is a tool that can be used to test your HTML emails by viewing them from your inbox. This tool allows you to enter the HTML email and see it before sending it to your recipients. At a time, you can enter the mail address of 10 recipients at a time. Enter the subject line and then HTML to send it to users via Putsmail. This is a free tool that anyone can use to perform a quick test for newsletters and templates.

  1. Wpforms

Wpform offers you a constant contact email list with built-in integration. Create a custom newsletter sign-up form using their page builder with a drag and drop feature. Create the form as you want and make it as simple or complex as you wish. Use their pre-built templates to create sign-up forms, request a quote form, contact form, WordPress user registration form, and much more. With WPForms and their constant contact feature to build more email lists and get the maximum results out of your marketing efforts.

  1. Share Link Generator

Share link generator is a tool that you can use to generate links from various social media and send it to mail directly within one click. It works well with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, email. Enter the required text, image or Twitter and click on create link button. Select ‘mail to’ and use it for your email marketing campaigns.

  1. Fresh Mail

Fresh mail is a tool that allows users to automate their email campaigns and manage it effectively. Manage subscribers and get reports using Fresh mail and improve business campaigns. You can create lead nurturing programs, e-learning courses, and many more using Fresh mail. Optimize email marketing, free spam test, A/B testing, geo-targeting, improve user engagement using personalized emails, and more. They offer 24×7 customer service to all its customers and improve productivity. Upload 100,000 email addresses and send up to 1000 emails/day. They offer a free 30-day trial program too.


Manage your email marketing campaign better to be more effective. Customers always support personalized emails and tools like these will help you to so that. Most of them offer you a free trial period. You can check them before finalizing one and see how effective they can be in making your marketing efforts successful. In the next section, we can discuss tools that are useful in auditing your website.

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