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Marketing content includes so many tasks. To succeed in content marketing a deep knowledge of some tools is essential. Such tools can make your marketing process easier. As a part of promoting content, you need to upload it onto various platforms. Some marketers also do guest blogging and some other depends on influencers to promote content. In this section, we are talking about some tools that can be helpful in publishing content on popular platforms.

There are many platforms that content marketers can use to promote their content and increase viewership. But, finding the best tool will be a tedious task. If you want to find some best tools to publish your article and get opinions about it from experts such tools can help you. Free tools are there to use for publishing content.

 Check Out Those Tools Here

  1. Expertise Finder

Expertise Finder is a tool you can use to find and assess, individual experts. If you want to get featured on popular media sources such as CNN, BBC, New York Times, Economist or Bloomberg use this tool to connect with those popular media experts using the expertise finder tool.  They can help you to guide you in writing better articles. You can join the site as an academic expert with a suitable title. Use this tool to find or be an expert.

  1. Global Experts

Global Experts is free online software that provides quick analysis and more accurate to journalists about various topics. Global experts handle topics from so many genres. It contains a group of experts from various media and they are ready to analyze or comment on any article. It supports the work of journalists, producers, editors, and more. Use this tool to ensure a better response from your experts which you can use to improve your writing skill.

  1. Smedian

Smedian is a large community of editors and writers who can promote themselves for publications, find editors, and more. Medium is a very popular content management platform any blogger can write on. If you need some suggestions to maintain medium content quality Smedian is a good choice. Use this tool to grow your target audience by introducing it to a new set of audiences. This tool allows you to chat, start a discussion, contribute to publications about you and your company, etc.


Make use of the above tools to promote your content or get expert opinions about it. You can choose a tool as per your requirement. Getting a chance to feature it on a popular platform will increase your chance to be popular.

In the next part, we will discuss tools that can be used to maintain a better copy of your content. Come back and see the list of tools to maintain content quality.

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