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When you run a website, it is very important to have some designing knowledge. But, people who don’t have technical knowledge can design various aspects of a website with the help of some tools. In my previous article, we discussed some popular tools for auditing. This part deals with some best designing and editing tools.

There are many designing and editing tools available for you to try. The main aim of such tools is to make your job easy. Many free as well as paid tools available for inexperienced designers to design a webpage or create a social campaign. Create world-class designs using some excellent tools without much effort.

Check Out Some Best Designing and Editing Tools From Here

  • Crello

Crello is an easy-to-design tool for creating fabulous designs. It offers you a lot of pre-built templates made by experienced professionals which can be used to customize the design as you want. There are 33 formats and 12000 templates and 240 fonts for you to choose from. Make use of these collections to create an excellent design. Also, you can find images from 65 million image files and stunning animated templates available from Crello.

  • Wix

Wix is a free website that you can use to create your own website. They offer around 500 templates designed by experts from which you can choose one and customize it as you want by just dragging and dropping. Anyone can use this tool to easily design a website without much coding skills.  The best features of this tool include complete freedom in designing, mobile-optimized pages, advanced design features, SEO friendly, unlimited fonts, and media galleries, etc.  It has templates for all types of businesses too.

  • Free Logo Service

Use this tool to generate your business logo easily. All you have to do is to enter the text you want for the logo and see what it offers for you. Free logo service consists of 1000s of editable logos. Select the logo you want and edit it by changing its color, font, text, layout, and format. While you purchase service from this tool you will get 10 different logo files format. You can also request additional formats to use in various social media platforms if you want. Create better logos and business cars to promote your business online as well as offline using free logo service.

  • Animoto

Animoto is a video editing tool that is designed to help in creating beautiful videos. If you are not an expert video editor don’t worry, Use the Animoto tool to edit your videos to add a background song, text, pictures or edit it by changing it color and fonts, etc. Anyone can use it to create amazing videos without much technical knowledge about editing. Also, you can add watermarks, logos, or subtitles while editing your video too using Animoto.

  • Venngage

Vennage is a free infographic maker that can help you to create infographics that people love. We know that including infographics in your content can bring a better result to your content. The audience always loves visual content and can easily interpret any complex thing simply. Without the help of a tool, it is very difficult to make infographics. Vennage will help you to create attractive infographics for your audience by selecting one form of available 100 templates. All of them are customizable as you want. Create beautiful infographics using Vennage and present it well to improve user engagement and better output.

  • Google Fonts

Google font offers you so many fonts for your project design. There are more than 800 fonts available for you to choose from. Search any font by its thickness, slant, and thickness. There are so many categories of fonts. You can filter fonts from Serif, Sans Serif, Handwriting, Monospace, Display, and more.

  • What Font

What font is a font finding tool with a database of more than 450 fonts. You can upload an image and select a font to insert text into it.  There are so many font styles for you to choose from. It also can be used with connected scripts with more than one font for each image. Edit the font by changing its size, color, style, and family. Design your own logo easily using the What font tool.

  • Tiny png

Tiny png is a tool that can help you to compress .png or.jpeg files Optimize 20 MB images to 5MB whenever you want. It is always better to use small files because it loads faster than large files. You can selectively decrease the number of colors in the image and fewer bytes are required to store data. This is what Tiny png does to reduce the file size. You can use these compressed files anywhere you want for free using Tiny png. Use optimized images and make your website load faster.

  • Icon Finder

Are you looking for a good icon design? Then icon finder will be perfect for you. It offers you colored and monochrome icons of more than 60 categories and 12 styles. There are many categories from which you can select a suitable icon. `Photorealistic, 3D, cartoon, hand drew, smooth, badge and more types of images are available in this tool. Use an icon finder to design an icon as you want for free.


Get color palettes that match your image by entering the URL of your picture. Design your own business card, birthday banner, calendars, and printable swiss styles, and more using this tool. You can customize the image by choosing the color you want. This is a good designing tool anyone can use to create their own logos and designs for free.

  • Hubspot Call-to- Action

Hubspot call-to-action is a very popular tool that can be used to create call-to-action. For every website call to action is very important to create customer engagement.  Other than this, CTAs can generate leads, improve social sharing, lead nurturing, and promoting an event. It will provide you with more than 50 customizable templates of call-to-actions you can include in your website. Start creating personalized CTAs and drive more visitors to your website using this tool.

  • Placeit

Placeit is a service that can be used to make mockups, product demo videos, and more. No need to know photoshop to operate this app. Advertise your apps and design in an interesting manner. Just drag and drop the image, link, or screenshot you want and create beautiful images using Placeit. Market anything you want by including images you want because your marketing efforts can take to the next level using this tool.

  • Veed is a simple online video editor. If you want to trim, filter, rotate, crop, add text, draw, and more on your videos and don’t have time or the know-how VEED is the tool designed exactly for that. We think video editing should be easy, simple, and accessible to all.  It is designed for content creators, social publishers, dank memers, and anyone who wants to get involved in making video content.


Get access to a good designing tool and make beautiful designs for your website. Many free tools are there to design websites, logos, campaigns, and many more. But while using them make sure to choose the best considering your requirement. The next article will be dealing with the tools for nurturing leads. You can check it if you want to know about the best tools to do that task.

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