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Free Tool To Do Your Own Marketing- Audit Your Website

Free Tool To Do Your Own Marketing- Audit Your Website

SEO auditing is the process of analyzing every element of a website. It shows you the reason for sites that won’t generate much traffic or why the lead conversion and sales do not happen with that website. Performing site audits now and then will help to avoid all issues related to your website and make it more acceptable to search engines as well as users. There are many processes associated with SEO auditing. It is very difficult to manage all of them without proper tools. SEO audit tools are designed to perform all SEO auditing of a website and provide you a detailed report after it.

Find more details about auditing tools below

  1. Mixpanel

Mixpanel is a tool that can be used to understand users better. This tool shows the user’s engagement on your website. All analytical data related to user engagement will be useful to take your campaigns to the next level. Use internal and external data and get full details about the user journey. Improve user engagement and learn more things that need to implement to drive more sales and conversions using Mixpanel. The free plan is this tool offers 5 million data points a month, 5 projects, and limited core report. Add up to 3 members to your project using Mixpanel’s free account and explore the tool for better sales.

  1. Similarweb

Similarweb has various modules for each professional. Marketers can use a marketing module that reveals to you about best strategies, ways to build affiliate marketing, methods to enhance the display, and paid search strategies. The research module will help you to do more research about your market and competitors to improve branding. The sales module deals with options you can implement to find qualifies leads and improve the sales opportunity. The investor module aims to track various investment opportunities and emerging marketing trends. Analyze your website well and find out the required changes to be made to take your marketing to the next level.

  1. GTmetrix

Website loading speed is a very important factor to consider nowadays. Users don’t want to waste their time loading a website. GTmetrix is a website that allows you to check the website loading speed and make it load faster. In order, to optimize your website to load faster this tool recommends some changes that can be applied to your website. Know about your website performance well as it is one of the most important ranking factors for search engines. PageSpeed, Yslow score, Recommendations, Page load details, and various analysis options. You can set alerts if your page triggers a certain condition.

  1. Pingdom

Pingdom is a free tool that allows you to check the performance and availability of a website. To provide a better user experience every website should ensure that it loads faster compared to competitor websites. Pingdom is a tool to check the page loading speed of your website and take corrective measures to make it faster if the page loads slower. Use it to analyze the root cause and make it right to improve the better usability of your website. Make sure the availability of your website all over the world with real-time monitoring and setting alerts.

  1. Varvy

Varvy is an SEO tool that measures the speed of a website and makes sure it follows Google guidelines. Enter the website URL to see whether it follows all Google guidelines, reports on Googlebot access, robot.txt file, page loading speed, mobile usability, make pages suitable for users, and many more. Avoid complications that cause due to paid links and ads, block unusual pages, auto-generated pages, broken links, scraped contents, etc. This is a tool with a lot of interesting features. Use Varvy and ensure better usability of your website.

  1. Webpage test

Webpage test is a free tool that makes you measure the loading speed of your website. You can run tests from multiple locations to know the response of your web pages using real browsers and at real user connection speed. You will get a detailed report based on the speed of loading, page size, speed, HTTP requests, and various factors associated with it. You can run simple and advanced tests of your website using this tool.

  1. Website Grader

See the grade of your website based on mobile usability, page loading speed, SEO, and website security using Website Grader and ensure your website quality. This is a free tool anyone can use to get a detailed report on various factors of a website. It crawls your website and checks everything from top to bottom including your website’s title tag and anchor text. The tool is very simple to use to get a complete audit report of your website. Boost your website ranking by using the tips and recommendations from the website grader tool and improve its quality.

  1. Google Developers PageSpeed

Pagespeed is a tool from Google that is designed to analyze the performance of your page for mobile and desktop devices. After analyzing your page this tool assigns you a score. The main feature of this tool is to analyze your website’s loading speed. According to its speed, the tool assigns a score to the webpage from fast, slow, or medium. Get this free tool to improve better usability.

  1. Siteliner

Analyze your entire website and find if there are any broken links, duplicate contents, internal page rank, and more. It crawls a website and gives you a detailed report regarding key elements and features. You can also use it to create the XML map of your web page to make it easy for search engines to crawl your website. it has a free monthly limit of 250 pages and premium service allows to analyze up to 25,000 web pages. No limitation on how often to run the analysis using Siteliner. Make use of its excellent features and make your website error-free.


On-page and off-site SEO auditing is very useful to ensure your website quality. Search engines and users always like websites without any flaws. To ensure that you need to use any of the tools given above and audit your website more often. A fault in a website can happen at any time. To ensure a better website without any errors audit it using a good tool and make it right. The next section will be dealing with tools that can be useful for designing and editing.


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